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Don't tell the WDW board of directors, but even with the new prices I think it's a great deal. The key is to save up ALOT for your first trip and buy 8-10 day non expire tickets. Then plan two 4-5 day trips or three 3-4 day trips. For $35-$45 per person per day you get a WHOLE DAY of fun, entertainment, parades, shows, and maybe a little education. When I compare this to Major League ball park tickets, concert tickets, or show tickets - events that only last a few hours, I think you get alot of bang for your buck.
-- Anne H
Blandford, Ma

My personal favorite spot is the Backlot Express at MGM. If you aren't going at a peak lunch time, it is usually not too crowded in certain spots here and you've got the TV theme music going in the background. I also think many people fail to see the great themeing in this counter service restaurant. It is very well done.
-- Jonathan C.

One of my favorite places to relax and people watch at the Magic Kingdom are the rocking chairs on the porch of the Hall of Presidents. I think many people are unsure if you can sit on them, but you sure can! We usually get an ice coffee at Sleepy Hallow and rock away, waving at the adults and kids who pass by, and they often wave back. Sometimes they come over and talk to us, and they take a picture of us in the chairs with our camera, and we take a picture of them in the chairs with their camera, and it's such a great way to create and enjoy the Magic with other guests in the park before continuing on our way.
-- Henry B.
Carrollton, GA.

Hi Guys, I wanted to weigh-in on my favorite places to sit and relax at the Walt Disney World parks. EPCOT: In the back of the France pavilion outside the bakery enjoying a pastry of my choice. Sitting there with a great tasting pastry is very relaxing and a good way to take a break from the main path along World Showcase. Magic Kingdom: Sitting in front of Exposition Hall at night and watching the park empty after Wishes. Instead of fighting the crowds out to the parking lot, the monorail, or the boat launches I enjoy waiting until most of the traffic has cleared before I make my way back to my resort hotel. Animal Kingdom: Iýve actually found a new spot that is quite comfortable and shaded. There are a group of benches as you walk into Asia near Expedition Everest. Not only is this a good spot to relax, but also provides a nice view of Expedition Everest when the tea train goes down the 80Ft. drop out of the mountain. Hearing the riders scream provides a great theme park atmosphere and something we are not use to hearing at Animal Kingdom. Disney MGM Studios: I really enjoy sitting and relaxing in the Millionaire attraction. I could sit and play that attraction all day; however, since it will be closing soon Iýll have to find a new spot. Iým really enjoying the podcasts.
-- Aaron
, Indiana

I'm sure this will be mentioned but I love the walkway that goes between Toontown and Tomorrowland! Also, the walkway between the Crystal Palace area and the back of Liberty Square is quiet, but I recently noticed it is a near a smoking area! In Epcot, I love the quiet area behind the perfume shop in France, sometimes Belle is there for autographs.
-- Ellen H.

Hi there! I have two favorite spots! The first is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority! Yes, it is a ride but is also a nice break on a hectic fast paced day. No matter what the crowdýs are like you can always get on in under a minute or two, and then once on you are treated to a leisurely trip around some of the Magic Kingdomýs most interesting scenery. Worried about taking a spin on Space Mountain? The TTA takes you right through the attraction so you can see (albeit in the dark!) and here whatýs happening inside the silver edifice. Also you can catch a glimpse of Walt Disneyýs vision for EPCOT! Those are just a few of the sights on your peaceful journey. Now what makes this a favorite for me? When you round the last bend and are headed back to the loading station your ride doesnýt have to end! I have yet to be refused a second, third or even fourth time around. If anything I find that the Cast Members at the TTA respond very well to anyone who is enthusiastic about their oft overlooked attraction. So if the hustle and bustle of a hot park day has you wishing for some peace, this is the way to go! My second spot is Animal Kingdom. If you grab lunch at the always delicious Flame Tree BBQ you can walk down a path to some waterside seating, if you keep going however you will get even closer to the water and find yourself in a secluded Oasis with a perfect view of Expedition Everest. On even the busiest days I have found seating down in this area. One day last year while it was torrentially raining I sat and watched the vehicles take test runs on Everest while listening to the entire performance of Tarzan as the music from the Theater in Wild carried across the water. Now this will change with Tarzanýs exit, but I still bet you will find no better place to rest your feet a spell and take in the majesty of the Animal Kingdom. Thanks!
-- Mike G.

As Atlantic Canadians, our family is not able to travel to "The World" as often as we would like - ordinarily, we travel south every two years (where at least one of us - the mother (me!) - would like to visit at least twice a year!). Anyway, while we love the bustle of the "thrill type" rides and the excitement of the shows, parades and crowds, we have a couple of places we like to go when we need to get away from it all for a few minutes - to rest, or decompress. Here are a couple of our favorite 'out of the way' (translation: ordinarily more restful and quiet, no matter what the time of year and the crowd level) spots: * the Mexican pavillion and its "the river of time" ride at Epcot - so restful, and cool; * upstairs at The Columbia Harbour House for a meal or a snack (we've never found it very crowded, no matter what time of year or day we've eaten there); * also at the Magic Kingdom, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority - even on a hot day, you will be cooled off by the breezes as you speed along the track of this ride - and it's never very crowded;
-- Janice W.

My favorite out of the way spots are: In the MK, the little street to the right off of Main St. (I call it Side St. USA) there are tables and chairs. I like to get a little something at the bakery & listen to the piano lessons and the kids taking tap - they never seem to get any better. In the AK there is a similar spot in the outdoor seating area of the Tusker House, all the way in the back. They always seem to be doing dishes in the room above, and a few always break.
-- Donna K.

My favorite out of the way spot is the small children's play area inside the Mission Space pavilion in Epcot. DH and DS love that ride, DD is too small and I am too scared to ride, but she can play in there the entire time they wait on line and ride. The play area and the computer games areas are great. And it's nice and cool inside.
-- Jennifer G.
Wellington, FL

My all-time favorite out-of-the-way spot at a Disney Theme Park has to be the little area behind Ye Oleý Christmas Shoppe. Itýs quiet, shaded and fresh. It really makes me feel like Iým in a special place. I always love that Americana feel!
-- Sunny C.

I think some of the best spot are not that ýout of the wayý. Have you thought about all the walking paths around the resorts? The design must have been inspired by someone needing a moment with themselves, to reflect on what they see as each turn shows you something else. Taking the long road sometimes provides many untold benefits. In retrospect maybe just putting yourself on one of the many benches that Disney generously provides in some of the most uncommon places is enough to get the same desired effect. Slow down and make time to explore the quite side of Disney, and if you donýt, at least admire it as you go buy.
-- Dave

Down main street just before the bakery is an alcove with lots of potted plants and some tables. There is usually never anyone there. Its nice to grab a table, get some nice bakery treats, and people watch first thing in the morning.
-- Michelle

Hi, my favorite out of the way spot at Magic Kingdom is the secluded dock on Tom Sawyer Island just to the left of Fort Sam Clemons. Last time I was there, there were two rocking chairs set up and it overlooked Big Thunder Mountain. In fact, people on the ride thought we were probably audio animatronic...so we waved to spread some good cheer. It's usually overlooked since the path forks, and most people head right into the fort, but for a little out of the way place to sit and relax for a few minutes, we head left down to the dock. At EPCOT the only out of the way place I know of is the covered benches over by the now-closed Wonders of Life pavillion. Since it's closed, NO ONE goes over into that area so it's nice and quiet and a perfect place to have a cigarette. (oh the irony of that in front of the pavillion) Having a nice shaded area to sit down outside at is really nice too! MGM and Animal Kingdom...don't know. I don't spend much time in either park. I go in, ride a few rides, and then I'm outta there!
-- Allison

I hope it is OK that this is at a resort, not a park: because my absolute favorite out-of-the-way spot is that wonderful riverside path between POR and French Quarter. It makes for a quiet, relaxing walk whether it is early morning or sundown. You really feel like you have been transported to a slower paced, more peaceful place!!!!
-- Darlene D.

We found our favorite out of the way spot on my daughter's first trip to WDW. She was 2 years old and, obviously, was very fond of Toontown. We were heading back for a last run through Mickey's Country House before leaving the park. When we got there, UGH!, it was already closed for the evening. Needless to say, the tears started. We settled her down by telling her that Mickey had to leave his house to go and shoot fireworks for her to watch. Well, we headed over to the train station at Toontown and that was stopped for the evening, too. A CM there told us that the area by the train station was a great place to watch fireworks. Well, we decided to stay there and were the ONLY PEOPLE in Toontown. We got a private fireworks viewing and my daughter truly though that Mickey had shot fireworks "just for me". We enjoy going back there to see Wishes for a great memory.
-- Jaye M.
Jackson, MS

Hello there! I am responding to your request for Out-of-the-way spots at WDW that I read on your blog this morning! I have quite a few: MK Town Square Exposition Hall- The last few trips, every time my husband and I ventured into this place, it was completely empty! We were able to get some great photo ops with the character scene cut-outs and watch some old Mickey Mouse movie clips with the entire theater to ourselves! Columbia Harbor House- We enjoy getting a delicious, quick, and cheap meal here on our trips and have always found the upstairs to be quite empty! It seems most guests aren't even aware there is an upstairs! What better way to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet while having both a view of Liberty Square and Fantasyland! Epcot France- We've always found if you head to the right of the shops if you are facing France in World Showcase there is a quiet empty nook and on more than one occasion we've found Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty by herself (with the exception of her handler). Another great photo op! Canada- Another great, less visited spot is up the stairs, beyond the buildings and shops towards the falls. There are a few benches overlooking the falls and it's always quiet peaceful and uncrowded to sit here and relax and listen and watch the waterfalls and enjoy the architecture.
-- Danielle F.

A spot I really enjoy in the Magic Kingdom for a rest is the area by the Barber Shop and Fire Station. The crowds don't usually get heavy in that area and you can usually sit down and people watch.
-- Jennifer L.
Weston, WI

A spot that I really enjoy to sit in is on the path that leads behind Cinderellaýs Castle. There is an indentation in the walk way that hosts a wishing well. It is a great place to stop and sit and watch the crowds down below the castle.
-- Jennifer L.
Weston, WI

1) We enjoy the rocking chairs at Aunt Polly's on Tom Sawyer's island, especially when the snack bar is closed. You have a great view of the crowds passing by in Frontierland and Liberty Square so it is a great place to people watch...from a little bit of a distance. The moat usually has egrets or ducks in it and that makes for a nice relaxing view. It is usually shady so if it is hot, you get a break, and there isn't a lot of people around, so you get a break from the crowd. Just a nice little escape!
2) On the walkway between Toontown and Tomorrowland there are benches. If you go up the walkway a bit from Toontown but stop before you leave in front of where the train engine stops, you get a great view of the train when it pulls into the station. Also, when they let out steam from the engine, it is an interesting place to view that from. It makes a lot of noise!...but it is neat to see. Great pictures from this spot of the train engine, and not a lot of foot traffic. Most people get off the train and go up to Toontown, not left to the walkway.
3) The very back of the train. Sometimes they ask you to ride standing up on the very back where the conductor rides and the kids get to make announcements. It is an interesting perspective to see where you have been on the train, and to see the whole 180 degree view of above, left, right and in front of you. When you ride on the very back, standing up, you feel like you are the only one on the train, too.
4) The bricked trail that leads in front of the MK monorail station, all the way to the end towards the Grand Floridian. The trail initiates in front of the resort monorail entrance, pass the motor boat launches, and it winds to a dead end. It is lighted and has benches. Just a very nice view of the lagoon and Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts. Nice place to watch the water pagent too. It is beautiful at night, and not many people use it. I guess because it goes nowhere!
5) If you go into Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, face the far right counter service area, and go to the right as far as you can go through the seating area, the seating area at the very end is usually empty. For years, that has been a meeting place for our groups, and the nap spot for when the kids were young. The long benches make great nap areas for kids (or adults!), and the table area is large so you can spread out when you have lots of food and people, and 99% of the time it is empty. There is NO traffic because it is at the end of the seating area and people have to turn left before they get there to go to the restroom area. You have a nice view of the castle out the window. It is very cool in the summer too! You can step right out to the balcony and get a distant view of the parade or an even better view of the castle. There is plenty of room for even double strollers to be pushed up to the tables without blocking any paths. It tends to be quieter than most of the counter service eating places because not a lot of people are in the table area.
We are going to Disney World in October so it would be great to have the dining certificate!!! Hope we win!! Thanks for your time!

-- N/A
Cary, NC

Thank you for letting me tell you my favorite out-of-the-way spot at a Disney Theme Park. I really did not have to think about this much when I read your topic this spot came right to my mind. My spot is in the Magic Kingdom and it is right when you come out of the Disney Christmas Shoppe the back way. It is nice and shady and has the perfect stone wall that you can just sit down and take it easy. There are all trees around that also make it a nice shady spot and there is NEVER anyone else around which I do not understand. I first found my spot when I was on a special tour of the Magic Kingdom and our tour guides took our small group back there. We just thought it was a good place to rest for awhile and get away from it all and there were right, but then all of the sudden Peter Pan jumps out!! We were all thrilled beyond words. Not only do I like to go back to my spot because it is quiet and out of the way , but when I am there I always think about that special day whe n Peter Pan appeared. Thank you for letting me share, and when you get to the Magic Kingdom do go and check out my favorite out-of-the- way spot behind the Christmas Shoppe. :)
-- Susan H.
Rural Hall, NC

My favorite out of the way place in Walt Disney World isn't too "out of the way" but it sure is peacefull and a welcome respite from the hot Flordia Sun. My spot is located inside the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot. After entering the main courtyard, to the right of the stairs you walk down into the Marketplace is a bench. This bench provids a nice view of the hustle and bustle of the Mexican Pavilion. It is nice to watch the shoppers and gaze up at the peacefull (albeit false) night sky. What really makes this bench something special it is in the direct line of the Most Powerfull air conditioning vent in WDW (in my opinion). The cool air blasts you as you relax, listen the to ambient noise of the pavillion and get recharged for what great adventure you want to take on next. That is my favorite out of the way spot in Walt Disney World! BTW -- Guys I LOVE the roundtable discussions the are wonderful and your information is far more indepth than any other podcast out there DO NOT ABANDON THE CONCEPT. The roundtables have been great and look forward to the next one.
-- Shawn O.
Buffalo, NY

My favorite spot is watching wishes from the poly. We never stay at this resort but there is nothing better then dinner at Ohana or Kona, getting dessert to go, and heading out to the beach area. There are several hammocks to relax in while you watch wishes across the lagoon. Very Romantic!
-- Melissa
, Massachusetts

While at WDW for my sister's wedding at WL, my fiance and I went to scope out a nice place for our upcoming "Fairy Tale Wedding". We found most of the locations with out any problem, but searched and searched for the Wedding Gazebo at Disney's Yacht Club Resort. After finally asking a CM, we found the perfect and most romanticly charming out-of-the-way spot for us. The gazebo is now a "must visit" for our returning trips, and we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary in a room overlooking "our" gazebo. Very few people visit the gazebo aside from wedding parties....making it the perfect spot for a quick smooch!
-- Susan M.
Brownsburg, IN

. . . is the upstairs dining area of Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom. Great when you just need a break from it all! If it's not a meal time, we buy a few beverages and head upstairs, where we sit by a window to people-watch and recharge our batteries for a half hour or so.
-- Linda R.
Easton, PA.

My familys favorite out of the way spot in Magic Kingdom is Columbia Harbor House. We like to have lunch there and go upstairs and sit. There is hardly anyone up there and you can look out the windows and watch people in Fantasyland. It's cool and not crowded. Love all the information you guys give each week. We are currently planning out next trip for Oct. of 2006. Thanks
-- Julie B.
Decatur, Illinois

First Aid!! When I was pregnant and deathly ill with our son, I discovered that the wonderful dreammakers who staff each of the first aids welcome moms-to-be into their nice cool dark inner sanctums, give them a pillow, a blankie, a bed, and some water, and let you take a save-your-life-and your-trip nap. My second favorite out of the way spot is at the night-viewing place on Arusha Savanna at AKL. We spent several peaceful interludes there, chatting with the CM from South Africa. A few other hardy souls found the spot too, but we had it all to ourselves for a surprising amount of time. Our third favorite out of the way spot is in the Stave Church in Norway. It's a replica of the famous Gol Stave church, and has a dandy display on Vikings inside. We were in there for almost 40 minutes during a busy, hot summer day and had it to ourselves.
-- Erin S.

We love to walk along the pathway that leads from Toontown into Tomorrowland along the railroad tracks. It's quiet and not many people know it's there. I especially love to walk it at night when Tomorrowland looks so futuristic and dark. It really transports you from the cartooned Toontown into the futuristic Tomorrowland.
-- Susan S.

Our favorite out-of-the-way spot is Epcot's United Kingdom's hidden gardens. We have visited many times and each time we are amazed at how relaxing a break it is. We love hear the band play in the gazebo-style bandstand, and occasionally we see Alice come out and visit. We always find a place to sit, and when it's time for that afternoon snack we get an order of "Chips" from Rose and Crown Pub and find a bench. It's the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle and recharge your batteries.
-- George and Tracy M.
Odenton, Maryland

My two out of the way quiet spots are both smoking areas. The first is in Animal Kingdom between Africa and Asia, it has tables and chairs and even a stream and water fall. The second is in World Showcase in Epcot in China by the pond and stream across from the Reflections of China hall. It seems strange but some of the prettiest and quietest places are the smoking spots.
-- Merrily W.
Farmington, MN.

Howdy! In the Magic Kingdom at WDW, two rocking chairs that sit on the porch by the Hall of Presidents building in Liberty Square. Very little traffic in the area yet you can see the Liberty Bell and the main walkway - fascinating to just observe people. There is usually a nice breeze that flows through a passageway heading to the Castle. We always stop here to rest and reflect and simply enjoy the magic! Regards,
-- Jim S.

I love when we are in Magic Kingdom we go for a walk on the path back behind the Tomorrowland Speedway starts near Spacemountain. It takes you to the railroad in toontown. There are park benches and hardly anyone ever uses it so no crowds!! We always use it at least once to take the train around. It is a great way to destress from the crowds. LOVE IT!!
-- Susan K.

My husband and I visit WDW twice a year. One of our favorite out-of-the ways spots is the Columbia Harbour House's upstairs room that goes over the walkway between Fantasy Land and Liberty Square. It is usually quiet and uncrowded. We try to have lunch there once or twice a visit. It is wonderful to sit up there and watch the other guests walk by. Sometimes we go there later in the day and watch the parade.
-- Darlene H.
Coldwater, MI

Actually, we have several favorites. In Epcot's World Showcase we pick up a snack at the Boulangerie in France then take a walk through the alley beside the perfume shop across the way.There is a garden there we we have met Princess Aurelia (sleeping beauty) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast). There is a waterfall in back of the Totem poles in Canada on the way to the O Canada movie. A lot of people skip the movie so they don't go back there to explore. In MK we like to walk from the Toon town train station to Tomorrowland along a path in back of the rides. We usually have the area to ourselves instead of fighting the crowds in Toon town. We enjoy going to the campfire sing along at Fort Wilderness campground and making smores The little movie theatre in the back of the film store next to Tony's on Main St in MK is fun and always seems to be empty. In Animal Kingdom the trail with the Tigers in Asia is cool. At MGM we like to go to the artists studio and create a sketch and see the art work. Have a magical day!
-- Diane

On Tom Sawyer island there is a little cabin with a porch. It has a couple of chairs and a checkerboard with playing pieces set up. We enjoyed a quiet hour there one afternoon while my husband and son played a game of checkers. There wasn't anyone around and it was quite relaxing.
-- The Parkers

Our out-of-the-way-spot is the Uzima Savannah at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We discovered this less-crowded savannah on our 2004 stay at the resort. Even though it is close to the busy pool it is relatively quiet and there are never large groups of people streaming through like at Arkusha Rock. There is always a large, more visible selection of animals there and we usually have the cast member guide all to ourselves. Along with spending most of our resort stay visiting the Uzima savannah each night, we've made an evening stop on our last three trips to relax and enjoy the sunset over the spectacular plant life and grazing animals. We took my mom there on our last trip in June because her favorite park is Animal Kingdom and we did not get to see many of the animals on our safari, even though it was in the early morning. She took more pictures of the animals at AKL than at Animal Kingdom. We also learned more about the habits of the animals and some words in Swahili from the helpful guide we, again, had all to ourselves. Our hidden Walt Disney World sweet spot allows us to escape to the beautiful savannahs in Africa without actually traveling there, get a relaxing break from the theme park crowds, and enjoy the wonder of Walt's animal kingdom dream in real life.
-- Kassi

My husband and I love the Fountain View Cafe. It is right in the middle of everything but you feel like you are in the most secluded spot! Many of the times we have visited, we have been the only ones in the cafe. It is great to look out at the fountains and watch the people pass by. And of course there are all those great desserts!

I have a spot I'd like to share at Animal Kingdom that I really like. If you cross the bridge into Africa and just as you're entering the village, turn right as though you are going to Asia and walk only a dozen or so steps and turn left into a marvelous little enclosed courtyard with tables, chairs, shade and the most amazing tree. This courtyard has been empty several times I have been there. There are two entrances to this courtyard and this area has nearby restaurants and restrooms. It is a great place to wait for the afternoon parade and a great place to sit down with a cold drink and listen to all the sounds of the village, but still feel secluded. Enjoy all!
-- Doris L.
Clarksburg, WV

For several years we have gone to Fort Wilderness and stayed in those peaceful cabins. My favorite thing to do at the end of a long day is to go to the trading post grocery near Bay Lake. We buy a drink and snacks and sit on the porch and people watch or read the newspaper and/or enjoy one of floridas short sporadic rain falls and just wind down. Believe it or not this IS one of my very favorite spots in the whole world. And it doesn't hurt that I can also shop there.
-- Melissa S.
Conover, NC

One of my favorite out of the way places is the walk down to the circle vision film in the Canadian pavilion at Epcot. Although its not to out of the way a lot of people donýt take the time to look at the gardens and overall beauty of the area. The waterfalls and plant life make it a nice change from the hussel and bussel of the rest of the park. Thanks and keep up the good work. You keep talking and I will keep listening.
-- Bill F.
New England ,

if you continue past splash mountain to an area that appears to be the end of the world, there is a little secluded area with benches, and it has plenty of room for strollers or wheel chairs. it is a little fragrant at some times, for reasons that i will not mention. but, it is very quite and peacefull.
-- anne
woodstock, ga

The BEST out of the way spot???? Wilderness Lodge, up on the third floor by the fireplace. Great place to read, talk or cuddle!
-- Jenn W
Orlando, FL

My fave out of-the-way spot is in World Showcase, many spots actually, including UK, USA, Canada. where I sit near Spaceship Earth to watch IllumiNations!
-- Tiff
Erie, IL

-- larry Cooper
Boston, MA

-- LARRY Cooper
Boston, MA

Hi! I won one of the Sound Off contests for my ideas on "if I ran WDW, what changes would I make". I was e-mailed saying that I would get a $25 Dinsney Dining certificate. So I e-mailed back my mailing address and I have not seen anything in the mail. I was really hoping to receive it soon since my next WDW trip is 41 days away. Please, if it has not already been sent off, PLEASE send it to me. I greatly appreciate the prize! :o) Thanks so much for all that you do! The DIS is the best Disney board ever!!! *~Amber~*
-- Amber Phelps
Virginia Beach, VA

-- Larry COoper
BOston, MA

My favorite quiet spot is the rocking chairs on tom sawyers island overlooking the river and big thunder mountain. They are hidden well and are down the hill close to the fort. Another way to get away from the crowds is to rent a mouse boat on the main lake. Theyre pretty cheap, and even cheaper with an annual pass.
-- Maura

My favorite out of the way and peaceful spots in MK are the wishing well, hidden on the path to the right of the castle, and the boat dock/gazebo between the castle and tomorrow land (Thatýs where I proposed to my wife).
-- Rick
Jericho, NY

-- Larry cooper
Boston, MA

-- none NONE
None, MA

My favorite out of the way spot is the train-like ride at Tomorrow Land in the Magic Kingdom. The one that tours you through the ideas of what the future may look like, etc. It's really a good opportunity to take a break.
-- Sarah S
Chattanooga, TN

-- Jorge GOnzales

-- JORGE Gonzales
Boston, MA

quick question largest quantity of people in magic kingdom in the busyess day of the year i went on new years 2008 and there was a lot of people thank-you
-- carol gagne
laval, quebec

i have a few out the way spots at the magic kingdom i like sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the porch near tonys place and up near the railroad station i get a good view of main st and all the people the little park in the middle of main st is nice. at epcot i like sitting in the little park in england or in paris at one of the cafes.hollywood studios right out on hollywood and vine i like the entertainment i love it all!!!
-- michelle willey
dedham, massachusetts


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