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How Much is Too Much?

(8/7/06) - They did it again. For the second time this year, Disney increased the price of their tickets. If you just returned from Disney World, would you have been willing to pay more? Was it priced right or was it already overpriced?  Will this increase make you reconsider postponing or shortening your next trip? A new topic will be released every Monday.
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How Much is Too Much?
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Although this is a HUGE increase with respect to the CPI -- tickets should be $49-53 if compared to the CPI of the early '90s, and $58 if compared to 2003),I don't have a major problem with price increases, at least not yet, as long as it is mostly used for important things like keeping qualified and happy workers from leaving for jobs elsewhere. As long as most of it goes to maintaining/improving safety, service, and fun, and NOT to stockholders, I see no problem. But the important question is: what is the 15-20% (v. historical prices)increase going to fund?
-- Burke
Chattanooga, TN

Several years ago, close to five in fact, I was told by a WDW transportation bus driver that Disney continually increases the price of tickets for a less than obvious reason. Its not to increase profit because disney makes enough profit on souvineers and food alone to run the park and then some. He said it was to DECREASE attendance. The easiest way to discourage overcrowding is to increase the cost of getting in. This leads me to wonder why disney doesn't offer discounts on tickets during "off-season" times and I've come to the consclusion that its to prevent consumers from purchasing them during off season and using them during busier times of the year. Instead disney offers free dining and deep discounts on rooms. It really makes sense. I don't necessarily believe this is the "best" solution and its not ethical but it is a way to detour crowds nonetheless. However, those of us determined to go to disney will go regardless of the cost. And I count myself among those that will pay most any price. In the long run it will just mean we will make fewer trips and other sacrifices (such as staying off property). I've loved disney since I was knee-high and I can't imagine NOT having another WDW trip to look foward to.
-- Shannon
Milton, FL

Let's all face it a trip to Walt Disney World is expensive-- very expensive. However, it is a place that has something to appeal to all ages. Those as young as 2 and as old as 102 find it entertaining. It's also a place, which there seems to be less and less of these days, that is suitable for the entire family. You don't have to worry about leaving the kids behind (which you have to do at any casino vacation)--yet there ARE things to do without the kids. In addition to this disney provides such a great amount of education for all ages that is never even imagined. So do I think the price is too high? No, they do a great job working to make the vacation affordable for all spending types (from budget to extravagence) and I have no plans to quit going due to some price changes. In my opinion price changes are going to happen to some extent anywhere just to keep things going.
-- Rhongepooh
Tylertown, Mississippi

I personally think that all amusement park/theme park destinations are overpriced. Sure there are people out there that can "afford any price", but that's not the target market for family parks. Middle class families are. Cedar Point made the decision this year to lower its prices by $5 a ticket. It's not much, but they realize that the customers are their bottom line. And working in customer service myself $5 is $5 it makes a difference. I wish Disney would realize this too. As far as whether it will affect me personally has yet to be seen. This year I purchased at Annual Pass in January, because we had plans on visiting "the world" three times this year. We usually go once a year in January for a week, and the various price increases are starting to cut down on our plans. I'm sure we are not alone. Last thing I wanted to say... if Walt Disney realized that his parks were charging almost $70 a day to visit he would not have any part of it. He made money, but he still cared about his guests enough not to gouge them to death. -Proud to call home the same city that Walt Disney once did, Kansas City, MO.
-- Jennifer Lovesee-Mast
Independence, MO

Two thoughts 1)Compared to other forms of entertainment, Disney is still worth every penny. Movies: At $10 for a 1.5 hour movie, I would spend $60 for a whole day of movies. So comparatively for the variety of experiences enjoyed at Disney, Disney is a much better deal. Major League Sports: Again, for 2-3 hours of entertainment at prices that vary depending on the sport from $25 to $60, Disney far exceeds in terms of value even with current price increases. When taking advantage of the Ticket Your Way prices, Disney is a phenonminal deal when compared to other forms of entertainment. 2) Disney provides an unparralled environment for cleanliness, friendliness, creativity. My expectations are high when it comes to Disney. I am most willing to pay a little more for this level of consistent fantasy.
-- Mary Ellen Gies
Canton, MI

I think Disney is really taking advantage of us with this latest increase. Twice in one year...that's just ridiculous! We have a visit scheduled for early October using our Annual Passes one last time before they expire. If we didn't already have them, we probably wouldn't go. I wish Disney would have at least released some type of statement giving a reason for the increase (ie: to continue Magical Express, pay for new attractions, etc.). Let's just hope they don't raise ticket prices again next year.
-- Lisa B.
Vancouver, WA

It's a bit much! I realize the cost of everything keeps going up but salaries are not. I think they are going to end up hurting themselves in the end. Once a year is fine people expect that, more than once a year shame on them for not forcasting better on their costs.
-- Carolyn
Levittown, PA

I realize that raising the prices could place a financial hardship on lots of families: however, with the cost of most everything on the rise, we must understand that it is costing Disney more money to operate all of the rides, the free transportation provided for all of the resort guests (which by the way is one of the BEST), and all other aspects of running the themeparks which I am sure we are not aware of. There was an article in our local paper stating that rising fuel costs are causing food prices to escalate. Disney, after all is a vacation experience, one that my family treasures & compared to the cost of Cedar Point or Kings Island, I think it is quite the bargain. TC
-- TC
Proctorville, Ohio

The increased in ticket costs of the last few years has made us second guess our DVC purchase. We will go again because we own DVC, but future trips will probably be like our most recent one. One day at the Disney parks commando style, visiting all our favorites in one day, the rest of the week at the resort hanging out, then the following week at much more affordable Universal.
-- Holly
Columbus, OH

Of course it's overpriced, but it's Disney right? The average family with their 2.5 kids cannot afford Disney, at least not a great Disney vacation without a lot of planning and saving. I think that a lot of people will opt to cut their visits by a day or so, and stay off propery to help save money. It takes a very long time to save for a Disney vacation, and then they raise prices and it takes even longer. It wouldn't be so bad if they would have more coupon codes for staying on property. Back in 2005 we stayed at Port Orleans for about $8.00 a night more than we were going to pay for POP Century. But now coupon codes are far and few between. Am I planning a trip? Yes of course, but I bought a 10 day pass last trip and have 5 days left. I still have to buy my husbands and my daughter's friends, but my daughter and I are taken care of. I guess you just have to juggle even more, pay for the fridge and eat sandwiches, take a toaster and have pop tarts(we did that the last 2 trips). Those of us who are obsessed with the World will go reguardless of prices.
-- gemini1029
Fort Madison, Ia

It's ridiculous.Disney raises their prices on tickets and deletes nearly every restaraunt in Epcot and Downtown Disney from it's dining plan for next year. Gee kind of makes me think Disney wants to drain my pockets as quickly as possible while offering as little as humanly possible in the way of value and quality. We have been visiting DW every year for the past 20 years and we love it but next year I think I will look elsewhere to find better value for my dollar.
-- Tina H
Halethorpe, Md

We live in florida and have seasonal passes. We probably will not renew. It is getting more and more expensive to go. I do not think disney is worth 70 dollars for a day!! That is absolutely crazy. I know that the price of gas is increasing forcing everyone to raise their prices, but when is it going to stop. Families only have so much money to spend and when their money only goes so far they will take their hard earned cash to where they are going to get the most bang for their buck!! We love going to Disney and try to go once a month because we live very close but we can get better prices at universal studios and busch gardens!! They have rides and such. It may be different but we can only shell out so much and not go broke!
-- Rina
Tampa, Fl

They did it again and WE'LL DO IT AGAIN! Disney raises their prices, but we will still continue to visit. Maybe 2x per year will be 1x per year. Maybe 7 days will now be 5 days or for those who stay 5 they might only stay 4 but we will definitely be back. Its also the thrill of the hunt to get a good deal at Disney and that seems to be be what drives many on Disboards. Bottom line~ We Love the Magic!
-- Chris Cagnassola
Howell, NJ

I am a 16 year old girl who has never been to Disney World. I am trying to save up 3,000 + to go, and everytime I've been almost there, the price have gone up! I'm getting really fed up with this and to think that maybe ten years ago, it's half of what it is now!
-- Lisa R.
Highland, IN

I truely believe that they need to hire someone to run the Disney corporation that has a heart AND a business-like mind. What happen to all of the magic? They are raising costs to go there, and slashing the paychecks to the many cast members who work there, and make Disney what it is!
-- Ashley M
Birdsboro, PA

I had just talked to a CM when booking my hotel room a few weeks ago and he mentioned to me to buy my tickets before 2007 to get the 2006 prices. He did not tell me they were going up in price in 2 weeks! I missed buying my tickets by 2 days! It's our first trip to WDW next year and it will probably be our last.
-- Debbie
La Mirada, Calif

Yes the ticket increase defintely has us reconsidering visiting so often. We are Disney Vacation Club members and have travelled to The World approximately 3 times a year. We alternate between using annual passes with park hoppers to get the most out of our tickets. With the prices increasing not once but twice this year we will most likely travel in blocks just using the annual pass to coner a few trips. For example our last trip was in May 2006 so instead of going every few months like we have in the past we will let year lapse and start fresh with a season pass in May 2007 normally after a pass expires we would do smaller trips with a park hopper. It is getting ridiculous to justify spending so much on a few days. So we will be taking year breaks in between season passes before revisiting. We will vacation somewhere else on the years off.
-- Stephanie Volpe
holbrook, new york

I think Disney does a fantastic job of keep everything neat, clean, orderly, available, fun, etc. And with the increase in gas prices, things get more expensive for them too. So I can understand why they needed to increase prices again, but it will surely make me rethink going there any time soon. Andrea
-- offermom
Greenacres, FL

The cost of going to Disney will always be (for us)relevant to what we are willing to pay to have a joyful vacation. So, no, the increased cost will not deter us from returning. Mostly because the few extra bucks that we will spend on tickets or package would likely have been spent on souvenirs or snacks at WDW anyway.
-- Shelly Simmons
Wooster, Ohio

It is already toooo much money. We have old hopper tickets that we bought 2 years ago. We purchased 7 day hoppers before the new magic your way tickets came out. We only go to WDW 1 day out of 10 and hop between parks. We are spending more time enjoying the florida sun, than at WDW. By the way, we have 4 days and 3 options left on our 7 day hoppers.
-- mainelyj
, Maine

Walt Disney never wanted the Parks to cost more than an average family could afford to pay. I feel that the prices are now to that point. I was shocked on Sunday, to see that Disney was having another price Increase for 2006. The parks are full, the Hotels are full, the restaurants are full. Disney has been creative in filling up the slower seasons. Surely profits are up, which is good, but they are going to hurt themselves if they don't put a hold on the ticket prices! Disney has raised the room prices, AGAIN. How much is enough?
-- kimberh
Goose creek, sc

Yes, WDW is more $ than an average amusement park, but you get what you pay for. Years ago it was cheaper to buy an annual pass than it was buy an 8 day pass. With the way they price multiple days it is a GREAT deal. To increase our pass from a 7 to 8 day pass this last June, it cost us less than $8 a person for the extra day!! You CAN'T beat that. SO, WE WILL BE SAVING TO RETURN JUNE 2007. The MAGIC is worth a little sacrafice throughout the year!! Don't worry Mickey... We've been there, Done that and WE ARE GOING BACK!!
-- Laura
Baltimore, Maryland

Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times. EVERYTHING is going up, from gas to the grocery store. Gas prices (in part) forces everyone to raise prices, and the buck gets passed to us, the consumer. That aside, Disney is the most Magical Place on Earth. Can you really put a price on that? I literally dream of Disney World, and sharing the magic with my family. I don't mind paying more, as long as the QUALITY (especially in the area of service) continues to improve and to keep that high Disney standard that we have all come to know, love and expect.
-- ?DreamsRMadeof
Superior Twp, MI

Raising prices two times is one year is a bit ridiculous. With the economy the way it is, gas prices soaring and people having less money to use on non-necessities it seems to not make sense. BUT, when you look at the costs for amusement parks n general and compare the overall value for the price of admission I still think WDW is a better value than most parks. Unfortunately Disney is already overpriced for my family of five. I can't afford to stay in the hotels on-site that can accomomadate five people, meals can become a big dran on the budget and park passes are steep for small children unless you are bringing babies into the park.
-- Nancy Murray
Buffalo, New York

Disney must be hating the gas prices like we all are these days. I'm sure if you multiply and increase is gasoline to how many buses, shuttles, rides and so forth use it. The cost must be passed on and guess who eats it? Us, the consumer in everyway. I also forgot to mentioned the cost of goods to supply all the resorts, parks, etc must be increasing to because of the transportation of those goods by carriers. The carriers are probably charging extra to cover gas cost to deliver the goods. Twice a year seems a bit much, I could handle once a year. We are traveling in October/November and renting a car. We have no problem with the price increase. I would be willing to pay more, just because it is Disney. I might not say the same if it was another theme park though. No offense Universal or SeaWorld. You guys have good parks too. =)
-- bfrosty
Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

I think it's still a great value. Concerts can cost nearly 3-4 times as much sometimes and it's only a 2 hour event! Even children's concerts cost $25 - 70 per ticket. Disney will always be a good value to us. Since our daughter was bor 3 years ago, we have yet to find another place that we'll all enjoy. The happiness I see in my daughter's eyes makes it all worth it!
-- Winnie Ling Luper
Piscataway, NJ

$71 for a one day ticket with no hopping? Are you kidding me?? By raising ticket prices for the second time this year, Disney is saying that their stategy of choking the competition and keeping you at Disney isn't working quite as well as they'd like. Raising the 1 day price to over $71 will force more people to buy multiple day passes (at a lower per day cost) and thus will keep people from the "Those which must not be named" parks. As much as I love Disney, that is a shame because the other parks do have great things to offer. If you are like me and go to Disney every year, my advice is to buy the 10 day, no expiration, hopper, plus options tickets (from a reputable seller found on the DIS, NOT from Disney). Even with the price increases, the per day cost is still around $45 per day for an adult and $40 per day for a child. And that is not even taking into account your 6 plus options! You can hop, and more importantly it never expires. While the initial outlay for these passes is substantial, Disney won't be able to dictate your vacations. You go where you want, when you want, and at a per day price that is REASONABLE. And best of all, you can use the unused days on a future trip. In fact the next time you go to Disney it will seem cheaper because you'll already have the passes!
-- Jay Colbert
North Reading, MA

Ticket prices have gone up 22% since early 2004 according to the Orlando Sentinel and I don't believe the prices are justified. I have only been going to WDW faithfully for about 3 years now. I have to admit the sheer size of the resort and how I felt transported to another world enamored me. The theeming of the hotels and the courtesy extended by the staff was inspiring; it seemed like a utopia where the troubles of the outside world disappeared. With future visits the sheen of it all began to wear thin, I still found the parks intreauging as we had annual passes and explored at a leisurely pace always leaving something for ýnext timeý, but now I began to notice the touch of grey beyond the silver lining. The parks were filled with rude and obnoxious people who would trample anyone who got in their way, screeming parents who only caused their children to cry louder, forigeners who were either ignorant of common courtesy or putting on an act and relying on their ethnicity to keep them safe. In no way am I saying that I am better than any of these people, I am sure I have quirks that go unnoticed by me but rile someone else. Everyone is entitled to a piece of the Magic, but with the climbing prices that piece is going to be smaller for many people and they are going to try to fit a weeks vacation into 4 days, which in my opinion will only add to the rude behavior. Iým sure I will return to WDW, but maybe not so often, and definitely not during peak seasons. I just hope that when I have children of my own I can afford enough of the Magic to see the joy in their eyes that their mother saw in mine the first time I stepped foot into the Magic Kingdom at age 25.
-- Sean
Troy, NY

How much is too much? Twice in one year.I just purchased 10 day MYW tickets for our upcoming trip instead of the annual passes that we had planned on buying. We love Disney and will continue to visit,but with the cost of a day in a Disney theme park we'll be doing much more relaxing at the pool!
-- Christine F.
Charlton, MA

What a kick in the teeth this news is. Inflated gas prices, air fares and now admission costs. Plus Disney just decided to start hacking away at the list of restaurants on the Disney Dining Plan. Could we possibly get any less with more. Walt had built these parks so that families had someplace that they could go and enjoy spending time together. Unfortunately, Disney is becoming a destination for the haves and have-nots.
-- Tim T.
Tonawanda, New York

Naturally, I would like to see a decrease in ticket prices rather than an increase. The rational side of me knows that Disney increasing its' prices is inevitable. They are undertaking many changes from here on out. They are rehabbimg the castle facade, changing a parade, adding new attractions and rides.I'm sure there is more. It makes me feel better about paying higher prices to know that Disney is improving and upkeeping its' parks. If on my return trip I was to find dirty parks, run down resorts and shabby ride upkeep, I would be upset. But as we are talking about Disney, I don't think this will ever happen. SO let's take the price increase as the cost of vacationing in what for me really is the happiest place on earth.
-- Angela
Staten Island, NY

In my opinion, a disney vacation is barely within reach of most middle-income families already. It's interesting that Disney would raise prices in an economy where they say they are concerned about the increased fuel prices. A couple dollars might not seem like much to the Disney executives but all of the press attention of the recent price hike is likely to hurt rather than help Disney's bottom line.
-- Mike Papuga
Elyria, Ohio

You can never put a price on the magic you get when you go to a Disney theme park. It may take a little extra monetary planning, but a Disney experience is unforgettable and worth every penny. Disney is one of those things in life that you should just splurge and do at least once. . . your family will thank you!! :)
-- h.lynne
grand rapids, mi

I honestly believe the price for the hopper passes over 5 days is reasonable. Disney World is a very unique place, and the 'parks' are magical. If you really think about the transportation that is included, the fireworks, parades, shows, not to mention the joy of the characters, the prices are not bad.(again over 5-6 days). If you want to go to Disney World for a short trip, forget it!
-- Suew718
Pittsburgh, PA

Disney is pricing themselves right out of the water. I love Disney as much as everyone else and have usually gone 2-3 times a year but they are getting to expensive to visit.
-- carol sherman
north kingstown, rhode island

I know Disney have just put up their prices in the US up by 6.3% but the prices herre in the UK haven't changed at all - they have been updated but they haven't changed. Ordering tickets direct from disney is still way cheaper than ordering them via a travel agent. I know the dollar is strong against the pound which is good for us but I don't understand the reason for the difference. 14 days unlimited access for adults is ý170 for 2006 and ý180 for 2007. This is cheaper than it was earlier in the year - go figure!! Maybe this is the one time it pays to live in the UK!!!
-- Jan Turnbull
Washington, UK, Tyne and Wear

Unfortunately, the price of Disney tickets is sort of like the price of gas for me right now. Where I live, gas is priced at $3.09. That's outrageous. I could probably cut back on my driving a bit but I haven't done it yet because I don't want to. I will probably keep paying Disney's price because I love going there. Of course, if something would happen and I didn't have a job tomorrow, bye-bye Disney. But, alas, I would still need to keep paying for that overpriced gasoline!!
-- Cameo
Mandan, ND


with all of the price increases that the orlando area is doing (WDW-Sea World-Universal) and people keep coming they will push the prices up. i know that Six Flags inc lowered there prices as did a few other smaller theme parks. im not saying Disney is competing for your money but with all the free stuff they are giving away to get that dollar is haed to keep the parks full year round. in the past 3 years disney has increased the single daily ticket price. but to get the better deal you need to stay at WDW more days. yes you save on ticket prices but you spend more for food,drinks and other goodies. i just hope disney doesn't up there prices toooo high
-- John R
Mount Washington, Kentucky

Any explanations along with the increase? Hurrianes, major decrease in attendance, they have to increase the addmission price every time mars, jupiter, and the earth aline!! We pay more for disney because we love the total package it offers. It seems reasonable that Disney would increase their prices once a year~a second time within the same year feels like they are trying to line some pockets with my hard earned vacation dollers.
-- Jill Lambert
Toledo, Ohio

Although it's never fun seeing a price increae, I have always felt that when I go to Disney World that I get more than my money's worth. Where in the world could you ever go for 5 days and pay just $261.00 for non-stop fun and entertainment? Having said that, I do not have any children that I bring along. I am sure when you're paying for 3 or 4 children it's tougher.
-- Kathy OConnell
Quincy, MA

I can't imagine how Walt Disney World could need those extra tickets dollars again so soon. We are a family of five so it already costs us a fortune to visit Disney World. We can't take advantage of the $1500 value resort deals because we have more than 4 people. Now they want even more just for the tickets. My oldest daughter is almost 9 and we still haven't visited due to the huge expense. We are set to come down in May 2007, but we must pinch every penny between now and then. So here Disney goes again....taking even more pennies....jerks.
-- Wendy Cugliotta
Malvern, PA

We splurged on our July trip and thought we were OK since we paid dining, tickets and room in advance. But we still got bit in the behind when we got our bill for photos and souvenirs, etc. If we go next year we will either make it a shorter trip and add a couple of days at Universal (the family has been begging to check it out anyhow) or downgrade from a deluxe to Port Orlenas, since there are 5 of us. We either have to cut costs or only go every other year. It's not that the ticket price jump "broke the camel's back", but families of 5 get hit harder in ways that families of 4 or less do not when it comes to lodging.
-- Robin
Perrysburg, OH

Since my family comes from across the US, we are expecting a large sticker price for all travel arrangements. I think for the average person, a single day admission ticket is not purchased. When you look at the daily price of say, a 10 day ticket, it is really not that much, around $20 a day. You can't get into any other theme parks for that price. I am not shocked by the increase at all. Disney is a business. They are in business to make a profit. Most Disney goers are on vacation. Unless it increased dramatically in a short period of time, I don't think it will change most vacation plans, maybe set it back a month or two, to save up the extra funds, but to totally cancel over $50, I don't think so. That said, I hope that they stop to think that although they will still get people into the gates, they may see an increase in the length of time it takes a family to return to Disney.
-- Alissa D
Spokane, WA

The price increase is ridiculous. Over the past five years, Disney has revamped its packages (& ticket prices) many times. It used to be a GREAT deal (although a stretch for a single mom) but at least there were perks (character breakfast included without dining pkg, free putt-putt or a meal at Planet Hollywood, pins & lanyards). Now we are paying a lot more and getting a lot less. As a single mom, this makes going to Disney almost impossible. We have been planning on going next year for almost a year now (takes a long time to save) but this will (sadly) probably be our last trip. Disney needs to keep in mind that not everyone is making tons of money. There are still plenty of us out here who have to scrimp and save in order to take a vacation. Having to bring & eat PB&J every day for lunch while on vaation doesn't make for much of a vacation.
-- Tammy
Germantown, MD

We last visited in December 2005. While prices have gone up twice since then, I have to remind myself that Disney is a business. If you take a Disney bus or boat, it is using fuel - and the costs keep going up. It's completely worth it to me, especially if we stay 5+ days.
-- WDWBetsy
, IN

Ahh, ticket increases. Here's the thing. People AREN't going to stop going to Disney World. So Disney can raise their prices to whatever they want. EVERYTHING is increasing in the world today, so Disney is just an addition. But why is a week long trip to Disney World cheaper today than it was years ago!? It's true. We used to go with my family and buy Hopper Tickets at that point they were maybe $45 each per day, but they were $45 a day for how many days you were there. 8 days X $45 =$360! I love the fact that Disney now has "the longer you stay the cheaper it gets" thing. The same 8 days tickets now cost about $250. Disney is always coming out with discounts, free dining, codes to use for discounts on rooms, etc... So Price increase or not, it's Disney and the highest quality out there that's all that matters!!
-- Jamie
Staten Island, NY

I really don't have much issue with Disney raising its prices. It may be twice in one year, however many things raise their prices multiple times a year and people consider it to be part of every day life. Take gas for example. Gas prices fluctuate like crazy and the prices have risen so many times that it far outnumbers the cost of the amount Disney has raised their prices. Some people might scoff at gas prices, but they continue to pay them without giving it any further thought...they merely wait for the next increase. Another part of the problem is that people expect the have a top notch Disney experience, but only expect to pay a minimum amount and they don't want a price increase. These same people expect the park to be continuously updated with ride refurbishments and new rides. That cannot feasibly happen if prices always remain the same. A guest cannot reasonably expect bigger and better changes if they never want the price to increase. Disney is not the most expensive vacation destination, by far. People pay that and more to travel to various destinations around the country and around the world. Disney can be very affordable if one is willing to take the necessary steps or Disney can be as expensive as you want it to be. Disney has made that very flexible for their guests and it has opened their door to a world of options. So a price increase of only $8 in a year is hardly something to be up in arms about when a local amusement park can raise their admission prices that amount, if not higher, on a yearly basis. But ultimately, people will continue to pay whatever Disney charges. It IS Disney, after all.
-- Mary
Louisville, KY

Let's face it. Disney is a business. Businesses exist to turn a profit. Any business will charge as much for their services as the consumers will allow. How do we allow it? By continuing to purchase the product or service. If I believe a product or service is severely overpriced I, as a consumer, have the option to choose not to purchase that particular product or service. When enough consumers choose not to purchase due to pricing, companies typically lower prices to attract customers. Supply and demand, folks. This world of ours has worked this way from the beginning of time. I see no reason to expect things to change now. And I see no reason to hold Disney to a higher standard than other corporations. Let them charge what they will. It's up to us whether to continue to patronize Disney.
-- INGal
Evansville, IN

Is Disney too expensive? The answer is relative - there will be many who say yes and many who will say no. It all depends on what you have set as your Disney expectations. For our family, Disney is an expensive vacation, but we think that it is worth the cost. It has been a long time since my wife and I, in our pre-child years, were there ('98) - and we have been anxiously awaiting a time to return with kids. This is that year. We knew it wouldn't be cheap, but we found ways to keep costs manageable. We are staying at a value resort, going off-season, flying from a U.S. airport rather than directly from Canada and taking advantage of a Disney promotion (Free Dining). Even with booking two value resort rooms (for sanity) the whole vacation (including spending money) comes to less than $2,800 U.S. for a week long stay. So, why is this worth the cost for us? Our experiences in '98 made us know that we wanted to bring our kids. Every experience we had with CM's, rides, dining, etc. was fantastic. I hadn't been to Disney since I was a kid and it was my wife's first time - we were Disney novices, and we made some mistakes - many our own fault. But the CM's fixed them for us, at no extra cost. My wife also has a food allergy, and after many horror stories of dining out we expected the worst at Disney only to experience the very best. When dining at the MK Castle, a chef came to our table to ensure that my wife could have the dish she wanted. So, bottom line (for us) is this. Yes, Disney is expensive - BUT, if you get the kind of service that Disney is capable of providing, it is well worth the price.
-- G. Morgan
London, Ontario

No. The fire hike will not make me shorten my next vacation, but it will effect me getting into my "Disney Zone" when I do go. I still think that the packages are a great deal, especially for vacationers coming by plane. Being able to have a week-long vacation and not worrying about rental car, gas prices or any transportation is a big relief.
-- Matthew Murray
Brighton, MA

I don't understand why Disney chose to raise their ticket prices again. They just raised them in January! I believe that Walt wanted a place where children and their parents could get away from the "real world" and enjoy being a family. Unfortunately, the "real world" (higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher ticket prices) continues to come to Disney and almost makes an affordable Walt Disney World vacation impossible to plan.
-- Thad
, Ohio

I think that's it is crazy that they are increasing the prices on tickets. Althoough i am not surprised because nothing ever stays the same prices these days.I am thinking about going back to disney in the spring. I hope that in the future that Disney will reconsider about making their prices higher and are willing to change them to the oringal price. Thank you
-- Gina
bayside, Ny

We feel reasonably well informed about prices after traveling to WDW for 30 some years and while I'm not usually this open about my spending, I think it's pertinent to the discussion. Our habit had been to travel once (maybe twice) a year. Last year we felt Disney offered some true deals with the Disney Dining Card and the discount for DVC'ers on the Annual Pass. (Sorry we don't care for the dining plan.) So last year we happily gave the Mouse about $13,000 of our entertainment dollars. This year we find it hard to justify the jump not only in ticket prices but airline tickets. In addition, it's just not as much fun to eat in Disney restaurants anymore with the sameness of the menus and it's very difficult to get ressies. Sorry for getting off topic but our answer to "How much is too much?" is that, in our case, it's been reached. No trips this year or next and, of course, we're not happy. Perhaps Mickey will miss us...not!
-- Peepster
Madison, Wisconsin

Although i am lucky and as of right now its just my wife and i that are traveling to disney. looking at the numbers that it cost for a family to travel to the world is absoutely unreal. altough disney offers so much in the packages its gettng to a point where i cant count on going every year anymore.with all of this i still would not turn my back on disney. i will continue to go just not as much as i used to. Love the podcast, you keep making them and i will keep listening.
-- Bill Fulkerson
melrose, ma

Oh and by the way, Disney's revenue's are up 12 percent and their profits 39 percent. So why the increase? Board members have to eat tuna out the can this last quarter? Thanks for sticking it to all of us working stiffs!
-- Tim T.
Tonawanda, New York

Have you guys looked at the prices at other places? I looked up Six Flags over Georgia which does not provide NEAR the quality Disney does. Adult one day admission is $49.99. Not too bad, but then... thier version of fast pass costs $25 for the first person on a device and $15 for each additional person. And for that you don't get a time like Disney, you get a "Spot" held in line. In other words when you show up if the line is an hour long you are told to come back in an hour. And if your family wants to split up you need a device for each group. Lines at this Six Flags are horrid with lots of unsupervised kids so I know I would want this feature. So for me to have a day at an amusement park is going to cost almost $75. A park that tends to be on the dirty size, has youth groups that make those "infamous" Brazilian Tour Groups look model citizens and has a great view of I-20 from it's rides. Not much magic there. I would rather spend a little more and have a quality product provided.
-- CarolA
Atlanta, GA

First, times are questionable to take a trip at all, let alone to WDW. Having said that, My family has been 2 times in the last year and considering going in November. With the latest price increases and getting less for that money, I am really questioning going and spending 2-4,000 at WDW...not to mention 1,000 for airfare! I am also a Disney stock holder, and I want the company to do well, but not at the expense of the customer!
-- Bruce Evans
Tucson, AZ

I arrived in Disney World on August 6 for a short trip and was "surprised" with a price increase. Had I know ahead of time I would have most likely changed my choice of resorts from a deluxe to a moderate. I am an annual passholder and the price on those is already outrageous - but I did have my mom traveling with me who had to buy a 2-day parkhopper - why is there no discount for senior citizens. I will not be renewing my annual pass when it expires so the luxuary of visiting Disney World 4 or 5 times a year will be a "thing of the past".
-- CindyJ
Birmingham, AL

I know that our next trip to Disney will be the last one for awhile. I love Disney but it is just getting too expensive. We have 3 on our family and are not always able to stay on property so between park admission and parking, it gets very expensive. I think Disney is starting to price themselves too high that the average perason cannot afford to go to Disney anymore. I doubt if that is what Walt wanted and wanted Disney to be an enjoyable family experience.
-- Colleen
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Well the Mouse for the second time this year has us digging deeper into our pockets for a trip to Disney. I truly feel this is to offset the free dining. Many people had bought the one day basic pass in order to get the "Free Dining" and were planning to upgrade the passes for people in their parties that didn't have annual passes when they arrive at Disney. Well low and behold right before the "Free Dining" guests start to arrive, Disney has raised their ticket prices. I for one will rethink my plans for next year. The increase in ticket prices coupled with the room rate increases has made me feel that Disney has gone too far. What used to be Lagoon-view at certain resorts has now been split into Lagoon and Park views, of course at an extra charge for the Park-view. As long as people keep going to Disney, Disney will continue to keep charging us more. I guess gone are the days of a family of four going to Disney for a week for under $1500.
-- Lyn
Stratford, NJ

Our family of 4 just returned from Walt Disney World in June. We were there from June 9-15th. We had a great time, but prices are out of control. I can remember in 2002 when we went and they had the Park Hopper tickets(but at that time we did not have to pay extra for the Park hopper option). They also never expired, which was great(in fact, this past trip, we had 1 day left on the old tickets and had no problem using them). I think Disney is a great value for the money with all you get to do, but paying more for park hoppers, no expiration, and water parks is getting to be a little much. I think what is going to happen if they keep raising prices, is that the average family will not be able to afford Disney anymore. This is especially true if a family has to fly to Disney like we usually do. I also think trips will be shorter in length. My kids love Disney, and I would love to take them more often, but the budget will not allow it. Disney is something we definitely have to save up for! I am willing to pay a little bit more, but at some point the price increases need to let up a little bit in order for the average family to afford it!
-- Karen
Westfield, IN

I think the rise in ticket prices is fair. My opinion is probably not the most popular, but it is what I believe. I recently heard that each Fantasmic show costs $20,000 to run. That is a huge expense for that one show. Epcot has Illumnations and MK has Wishes. These fireworks could not possibly be cheap to show every night. Disney must keep up with inflation on the costs of running the park and pass it along to guests. I feel that for a 10 day pass it is still very good value for my money. Where else can I have constant entertainment for 10 days, that is family friendly and in a safe environment for this money? No where! I feel safe at Disney and it is a family friendly vacation. I am willing to pay for that. If Disney did some cut backs, like taking away the fireworks every night, people would be screaming. If you want it, you have to pay for it. I didn't scream at my local grocery when bread has recently gone up from 1.29/loaf to 1.49/loaf. I want bread, I pay the price. If Disney isn't making money, they will stop adding new attractions (Like Everest), and people will scream because nothing new is added.
-- Liz
,, Canada

I happened to read about the price increase the day before they went to effect and picked up my 5 day passes for September at "a bargain". If you're like me, you budget X dollars for your vacation and try to have as much fun with it as possible. So next time I go and they haven't lowered prices, I'll spend about $40 less on merchandise, or just skip desert a couple of times. Maybe I'll stay at the La Quinta next time inseead of on-property.
-- Kevin
Helotes, Texas

Disney may wish to rethink rising the ticket prices again this year. The nation is faced with rising gas prices which are in turn resulting in rising prices at the grocer, airline ticket prices and much more. Be it one dollar or five dollars Americans, for the most part, are starting to watch their pennies closer as they all seem to add up to a tank of gasoline. Now is not the time for a theme park price increase. This is the time for Disney to run a special price reduction promotion in attempt to get visitors to their parks, especially with the summer vacation months coming to a close.
-- Carrie
monroe, michigan

With Disney offering "Free Dining", Magical Express, free buses, monorails and boats, discount codes for rooms, building new rides and shows and offering other perks, it only makes sense that the money has to come from somewhere! Admission is one area that is non-negotiable for a WDW vacation and thereby the most difficult to get cheaply. With gas prices on the rise so much recently, it cannot be easy to balance the WDW budget without raising prices somewhere. I for one, have found the solution - buy Annual Passes - then you'll get your money's worth for sure!
-- Mary Lou
Bayonne, NJ

I have just recently gone back to Disney after a ten year wait. Last Year was the first time since 1993. That year the whole family went down. Mom and dad and all 5 kids.. In doing this my parents put themselves in a huge hole but knew it would be one of the last times we would all be together on vacation. It is something I will never forget.. After returning last year i remembered how special it was.. With the increase in ticket prices this will take away the "magic" that Disney brings to family's. I will never forget our trip in 1993 and I hope to be able to take my children there and give them the same enjoyment that my parents gave me. Keep it familys first. Please do not make this a place for corparate big wigs to go on a vacation. That is not what Walt intended. It was for the everyday normal family like mine was and what i hope my family to be..
-- Scott Clark
North Tonawanda, NY

It does bother me that Disney raised their ticket prices again,making it the second time this year.I wouldnt mind it so much if they wouldn't make you pay extra money on top of that for park hopping then.I dont mind the extra for the waterparks,or Pleasure Island and Disney Quest,I can understand that,but to raise ticket prices twice in a year ,Disney should do away with the extra for park hopping itself.I love Disney World,but I dont like the greed they are showing,and it seems there has been with less pixie dust happening to make the increase worth it.I made a priority seating for Prime Time last time my family was there,and was excitedly looking forward to the whole "act" I had experienced years before.Hardly anything happened ,other then the server pretending to be our cousin.It was only one of a few dissapointments we had on our last visit.While there are some great cast members still around,I usually find the cranky ones more often.I also dont understand why thier deluxe hotels have to cost so much money for one night.Only the well to do can afford to stay there.In Disney's eyes,only the well to do deserve the privledge of staying in a monorail resort.I believe that Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave to know the huge cost it is for normal hard working families to take a vacation in his park these days.Unfortunately there are still many families out there who dont believe the words "When you wish upon a star,your dreams come true" They just cant afford the price of vacationing in Disney World.
-- Lisa
Allentown, Pa

I agree that the pricing is getting out of control. However, let's face it if we are answering this sound off from your website then we are WDW junkies and will pay whatever it takes to see the mouse that started it all.
-- Melissa K
Franklinville, NJ

Six Flags in the North East USA charges around $60 per adult. WDW is about the same for one park on one day. Ok - not bad. But who goes to only park ? To park hop the price is almost double ! I would think most people want to park hop - a 4 day adult park hopper ticket is about the same price as 4 days at Six Flags New England. - $60 per day. We do not like $60 per day. YICK !!! We plan our trips to spend at least 20 days at WDW between 2 trips and buy the annual pass. So - I would not pay more than $25 for an adult ticket per day ! The annual pass gives us discounts too for meals (DDE) and resort room :) Bottom line - if you can afford to go to WDW for more days- the more you save. I guess BIGGER is BETTER :)
-- Wendy
, New York

Well, I for one am very disappointed with the raise in ticket pricing. Our family loves going to Disney at least twice a year. Now, with gas prices as they are and everything around us raising their pricing (including Disney) We most likely will have to cut it back to one visit a year. I totally understand that Disney has to pay for the gas and needs to compensate for the rise in their costs, but my goodness...you can not tell me that with the price of a Disney Cruise and all the things that Disney sells on the side(i.e pin collecting, movies, cell phones) that they do not make enough money. Give me a break. Even though as Floridians we do have it a little easier than others, we can't even afford to keep up with the rising price of the Florida Resident Seasonal Pass! Next year, it will be camping for us. At least our national parks are still affordable!!
-- TonyoLily
Panama City, Florida

Disney is a business. We all chose to use there product...However,I believe that while they need to balance their cost of operations/product they give us, they are becoming more like any "big" business, they care more for their bottom line then the customer. They remind me of the oil companies. What ever happened to the original dream that Walt had of an affordable place for ALL families? I am seeing less and less everyday folks, little or no lower income famlies. More famlies that have obsious signs of $$$. When the families with tons of disposible income become tired of WDW and ready to go to some more "exotic" places, who will take there place? At this rate they are pricing them selfs out of repeat visits, at least for those of us that work for a living. Glad I scrimped and saved for what might prove to be my last Annual Pass!
-- idofabric
Summerville, SC

I for one am a bit upset about the price increase. We are annual Disney visitors and usually stay a week to 10 ten days. We are middle income family and usually spend 4000 bucks at Disney. That was the top level we could spend for a vacation. Well after this increase we are looking elsewhere and are considering cancelling our December trip this year. We are exploring other ways to make it cheaper like staying off site etc. Its a double edge sword. We love Disney and it is the happiest place on earth but I cant jeapordize my finances to ride a few rides. I understand why the are doing it but they ought to offer discounts in some way and not just in a code that they will run out of if you dont call right away. Universal and Sea World/Busch Gardens will be getting more of my business in the future.
-- William Parsons
Bonneau, SC

To be honest with you, the small increase in price doesn't bother me. With the times, prices go up, and we need to pick and choose where we will spend our few extra dollars. My choice will always be Disney. Some of my best memories over the years with my family and friends have been at Disney World, and now with my first little one on the way and due in December, I hope to make many more memories at Disney with her and my other children. I simply feel you can't put a price on Disney and the happiness it brings.
-- CMedley78
Norwich, CT

As a DVC member and stock holder I am concerned the price is reaching the point of changing peoples vaction plans. For me I may only go once a year instead of twice a year. Safety and maintenance should be a priority but Disney should be careful not to appear to be greedy.
-- James
Brick, NJ

On the surface, a double increse seems to be too much. However, an honest review of the level of entertainment quickly shows that it is still reasonable. Compare the price of any 2 or 3 hour concert to the 10 or 12 hours at a WDW park. I would like to see a return to the tiered prices. This would be a break for the many 3-generational vacationers. Like for it to be less, but still the best bang for a buck.
-- Joe Trott
Baltimore, MD

I was surprised to see the increase, but did manage to buy tickets for my entire group before it happened!! Unfortunately, I did not purchase the annual passes for my husband and myself. After years of vacation at the "Jersey Shore", I feel the value of a ticket at WDW is HUGE! Hey, I just paid $18 for 2 kids to go on a rollercoaster...That's right $9 each. There is no comparison to WDW tickets.
-- Deemarch
Clifton, NJ

I get nauseated when I look at the 2007 room rates for Disneyworld. I have a family of 5 and cannot believe how high the room rates have gone up over the years. The sad part is that it will never change. Every single year, Disney is packed, every single year, the prices go up. It's great that Disney added it's family suites at All Star Music. During peak season it's still almost $200.00 per night. $200.00 per night for a value resort! $400-$600 for a deluxe room! I'm sick thinking about it. My family and I love Disney and we try to go once a year during our spring break. I really enjoyed staying onsite but, I don't know if I can stomach paying so much for a hotel room. Putting it in perspective, 1 week at a Disney Deluxe resort is the same cost as 2 months of mortgage on my home. Where's the Magic in that?
-- Leah
Aurora, IL

Ouch!!!!!!!We're headed that way in dec. and have been pricing tickets. I wish I would have purchased a week ago. But I wasn't worried about price hike since they usually go up a the beginning of the year. I love disney and this is our 12th trip, but with everything continually rising it might be awhile before our next trip. :(
-- joann
allen park, mi

As the top theme park in the world, they have the privelage of charging the top prices. My only issue is that I say that Disney posted a net profit of $1.4 billion. I'm afraid the greediness of it all takes away from the magic. We luckily booked our fall package a few months ago. But like all husbands with kids, no price is high enough to not go to WDW. Short of doubling the gate admission, I'm sure few people will chnage their plans.
-- Chris S
St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

You know I can understand them raising the price of tickets with fuel prices going through the roof but it is effecting everyone, It will get to the point that people will say"It is too expensive to travel to Disney, we can't do it this year!" Then what is Disney going to do? I have 4 kids that want to go Disney this year, but hoestly I can't afford to travel form Michigan then pay the ticket prices for them, we'll find other things to do when we go over Christmas>It also might have helped if they would have warned us. I would have bought tickets before they went up, Now I won't buy them at all!
-- Marjorie
Millington, Mi

I feel that the increase in ticket prices, yet again this year, is keeping the Magic from reaching those people on tight budgets. This is our first trip to Disney, and we have a very good income, yet it took a year of hard saving to afford our trip. I really can not imagine being able to return anytime soon. Did Disney REALLY need this increase? This increase can make the difference in a family being able to stay on site vs off site, or possibly being able to enjoy a dining experience. Universal Studios, while ofcourse NOT Disney, offers patrons a much better deal while staying on property. They also offer the extra days at no cost. Disney, we love you, but wake up! Your taking the Magic and holding it over some peoples heads like a bully in a school play ground. Neener Neener, now you can't come and play! Make it more affordable. Walt didn't design WDW just for the rich and famous! Sincerely, Liz Bateman
-- Liz Bateman
Keller, TX

Disney world is my favorite vacation place on earth. My wife and I went there on our honeymoon and have been there approximately twice every year since. Disney is a magical place where you feel like a kid. Somehow a magical spell is cast, and spending an excessive amount of money while there doesn't seem that painful. However, Disney is a billion dollar corporation in which making money is their first priority. As long as customers are willing to pay, why not raise prices? All professional sport teams do it for their ticket prices, and so do restaurants and retail stores, etc. Don't get me wrong, it is expensive, but the magical spell cannot be broken, and I will return there once again. Thanks Mickey Fan
-- mickey fan
Massapequa, NY

It appears that Disney is now in the process of catering to longer vacation packages instead of the day or weekend vactioner. By makeing you stay longer on their tickets, the less likely you will be to go on an excursion to Universal, Sea World or the such. You save by staying longer and get punished for wanting to show your family as much of the Orlando area that you can on a limited vacation schedule.
-- Jerry Friedline
Baltimore, MD

They are pricing the average American Family right out of ever going to WDW which I think is a real shame. You know the old saying "Hogs go to Market and Pigs stay home" That's how I think WDW has turned into. I'm so glad that I bought my Fl Rest. passes last year because it will be a long time before I will be going again. Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens every late spring thur summer always has specials to help people out, why can't WDW to that instead of being so greedy. I wonder what Walt would think of this.
-- PigletsPal
Miramar, FL

I have to say, the Disney Magic is priceless. I really do. There is nothing on the Earth I'd rather be doing than walking up and down Main Street, USA. I honor Walt dearly, and am willing to pay just about anything to get in! I think that with all the attractions now-a-days, its honestly worth it!
-- Jessie
Coastal, South Carolina

So the price of tickets has gone up twice this year. So has the price of gas, and the price of paper, and the price of milk. Disney is a business - why do you think they owe us an explanation as to what the price increase is for? If you plan ahead, save money on airfare, hotel rooms and even food, the few dollars more for tickets is negligible. I personally feel that $70 per day is out of my budget, but $45 per day (10 day no expiration ticket) is fine. I use that in 1-2 years, but since they never expire, those of you who go less freqently will still be able to use them years later - and think how much you will be ahead then! Why anyone would buy a single day ticket escapes me.
-- pjw
chardon, oh

We've been to WDW twice and we are planning our third trip for this October. The price increases have already changed the way we are mapping out our days. We are staying on property for seven days, although we will omit one park day during that stay because of the price increase. There is just only so much money we have for vacation, and we decided it would be better spent applying that day's admission to relaxing and enjoying adult beverages at our resort's pool. I do think this recent increase is a bit much, and had we known before we confirmed our hotel and flight, we probably would have changed dates to the Spring.
-- Dawn
Los Angeles, CA

I think it's ridiculous on how expensive the ticket prices have gone up to. When you add in the cost of parking,I honestly don't know how most afford it. My last trip to Disney was AK and we truly enjoyed it.Granted, we are Fl residents and do not pay full price, but even the frr has gone crazy.When we first moved here in 86,they had a seasonal day ticket deal that was around 19.00 and I think the parkingwas around 3?But also there were only 2 parks at the time. I am thinking the price increase has to do with the climbing cost of fuel and I can't imagine how much it costs to run the park on a daily basis.But the people that come to the park are also facing the added expenses of gasoline etc.I don't think if I had to do it all over again and pay full price I would be so ready to go.Sure the parks are a lot of fun, but it is alot of money.
-- arlenesp
Longwood, Fl

Is Disney value for money? Yes, I think so. I travel from the UK with my family and we all love it. However, there comes a point when people must turn around and say enough is enough. What that price is I don't know. I suppose people will keep going to Disney whil they can afford it and some will, and do, go when they can't.
-- Martin Holder
, UK

Having been to Disney World a total of ten times in the past nine years, we have paid various prices for our tickets. We always spring for the Park Hopper option so that we can visit multiple parks in a day, and, of course, that adds to the cost. Last year we got smart and purchased ten-day, NO EXPIRATION tickets with the Park Hopper option. This allowed us to spend about half on each ticket than we would if we purchased them separately for each visit. All-in-all, we believe that Disney is a great value. Where else can you have access to free transportation, shows, parades and all those attractions for that amount of money? We will continue to go to Disney World every chance we get. In fact, we have eight days booked for December! Can't wait!
-- Disneytrotters
Boyne City, Michigan

I'm one of those people who will take his family to WDW every 3 or 4 years, despite the rate hikes. However, this latest rate hike is just plain absurd! But, I'm willing to shell out the extra, hard-earned money.....BUT, The mouse had BETTER make sure that each and every CM is nice and pleasant (and NEVER rude), the grounds are kept up flawlessly, and that my WDW experience rivals anything I would ever experience anywhere else. I don't mind paying extra, as long as I knew I was getting my money's worth. Hey Mickey...the ball's in your court now!
-- Dan J.
Cordova, TN

Look around, prices are astronomical for about anything you'd want to do. A family of 4 will spend about $60 for 2 hours to go to a movie and have refreshments. An individual will pay $80 or more for a round of golf. Take a family to a sporting event for a few hours and you end up spending at least a few hundred. So, when you consider the alternatives, spending a FULL day at Disney for a little over $50 is the most economical option, not to mention the best family-friendly choice. Now I'm not suggesting they should raise their prices more, but dollar for dollar, you get more for your money than the other options.
-- Rich Alden
Cornelius, NC

I think it's ridiculous to raise prices twice in one year. With the high cost of everything at the park, why add to the ticket prices as well. Will it affect my future trips? No, probably not. Which is exactly why Disney raised their prices. They know there are some people out there who will pay no matter what the cost. People out there like me!
-- YesI'mObsessed
Annandale, Virginia

It honestly baffles me how many people here are freaking out over this. There have been comparisons to prices in the 80's. Here's a comparison for everyone. When I started driving about 8 years ago gas was well under $1/gallon. A couple years later it was still under a dollar. That being said. Crude oil costs have more than tripled the past 5 years. Disney does not control this. It's called inflation and they need to make the money up somehow. Sure, the bigwigs over at Disney are making more than you think they should. But do you honestly think they are going to cut their salaries, before raising ticket prices $7 within a year? Those of you that have stated you won't go to WDW anymore because you can't afford it. Could you afford it before? When the cost was $100 less than what it would be now for a family of 4? Gas prices suck...but don't take it out on WDW. There's a bunch of other people to blame for that.
-- Skeeloo
, NJ

The cost of admission media has not gone up so much that we would stop going to WDW. However, the price increases there and combined with things like transportation costs and the jump in prices for Food and Wine Festival events has forced us to make choices that we have never had to make before. For us the trips to WDW are NOT once in a lifetime events and to have to eliminate things like our annual "Party for the Senses" is sad. It will cost us as much to make this trip in October as it did last year and we don't have to buy APs this year until after the trip. So, the costs overall of things at WDW and getting to WDW have impacted our trip length and activities while we are there. :-(
-- Elin Havrilla
Fredericksburg, Virginia

It's a lot, but not too much. For the cost, you're getting so much more than just admission to a theme park. You're getting a chance to experience the magic, to spend a few days having nothing to worry about except when to eat dinner. You're not just paying to go on rides, you're getting incredible customer service, amazing shows and a fun atmosphere. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on a few hours at the theater - an entire day at the most incredible show in history is only 75 bucks. You can't beat it
-- Kelly Bowes
Lexington , MA

We have been a annual pass family since 2000. We are also DVC members.Well all I can say is ,Bye annual pass and hello Universal Studios!We will still stay in our DVC but have fun at the other parks in the Orlando area.Disney has way over priced them selves! Let a lone the food prices going up also!
-- Sanddune
Westland, MI

It is my opinion that Disney is catering to the higher income tax bracket with their ticket price increase plus the additions to the DVC market ~ middle America can no longer afford to experience the magic of Disney. My husband & I only have one child and feel that families with multiple children will likely not be able to ever enjoy what Disney has to offer in the theme park industry ~ they are the best! Families may forego WDW and choose the competition due to the constant increases. I do appreciate this year's packages for the value resorts for families and the special rates in late August & September ~ I just wonder if Disney will consider the "middle" America market in the future and not just for their 50th celebration.
-- Suzanne
Chesapeake, Virginia

The prices are way too high, it will stop alot of people in the middle to go to disney
-- Mike
Fall River, MA

Watching the prices increase can be a bit scary. We are parents of 4 children, so big vacations only come along once in a few years. It would brake my heart to know someday Walt Disney World would not be a choice for a family vacation due to the costs.
-- Tracy
Cicero, New York

To have the "Magic My Way" in 2007 (6 nights & 7 days/park hoppers/DDP) =$2500.00) The utter joy I will bring to my 3 growing up too soon Princess as we enter the gates of Magic Kingdom next year = Priceless (to me!) For everyone else... there's Universal!
-- Michelle
, Wi

Our family took its first trip to WDW last July. It was the most expensive trip we'd ever been on, but it was also the most memorable! We will return next May and have lengthened our stay, as we just cannot get enough. They've made it more affordable for you to visit for a longer period of time, and let's face it, once you're there, you don't want to leave anyway! The one day ticket price is comparable to most major theme parks in the US, and IMHO it offers so much more - the MAGIC is unparalleled. The total cost for our 10 night adventure next May is staggering, but broken down, it will cost around $90 a day per person, including transportation, food, accomodations, recreation, souveniers, EVERYTHING. In contrast, our 3 day trip to Myrtle Beach last month cost us $80 a day, and we hardly did anything at all. So yes, Disney is a bargain. Am I happy about price increases? Of course not! But I am addicted to the magic of Disney and appreciate that it costs money to make it so magical. The experience is priceless to me!
-- Jennifer
Rock Hill, SC

I just thought I would add my sound off. This is our very first ever trip to disney world. We are scared that because increasing prices, it may be our only one. We waited to go to Disney because we wanted all of our children to be able to enjoy all the rides. Now because the oldest soon becomes an Adult according to disney 10 is an adult; only in theme park worlds does this happen. We may not be able to afford 3 adult tickets plus 3 adult meals at every location. For an extended stay. Lets not forget that disney still thinks that family is only 2 adults 2 kids, so promotional packages are just for that. We have three kids and the prices for that were well over 800.00 more than their promotional package rates, You know the cheap ones they advertise on tv just to get kids excited. Well off the soap box now.
-- Crystal
High Point, NC

My husband and I are DVC members and we always purchase annual passes. But we are considering skipping the annual pass due to the price increases and just purchasing a three day pass. We would then spend the rest of our time elsewhere in Florida. I can not imagine how a family of four is able to afford a trip to Disney. Taking into condiseratin meals, lodging, misc expenses then to top it off increasing the price of Disney tickets. If disney were smart they would keep the Disney ticket prices lower to encourage people to stay longer, eat more meals in the parks and spend additional money on souveniors. We know of a family that was traveling to Disney in October and staying on site. Now that the ticket prices were increased a second time this year they have become a little upset with Disney and have now changed thier reservations to stay off grounds as well as have made arrangemnts on spending more time at other attractions. Disney has only themselves to blame for detouring people elsewhere.
-- Cheri
New London, Wi

Not that any single thing puts us over the edge but when you put them all together, higher room rated for 2007, increase of 1% in the room tax, unstable gas prices and now the increase in the ticket itself, something has too give. Our plans probably will change, stay a few days less than now planned, not visit as many shopping opportunities and sightseeing ventures, and find ways to reduce dining expenses by use of ýcouponsý offerings in exchange for more lavish meals. We will come but we will but perhaps not as long as we would like and we will spend more time relaxing rather than exploring.
-- J P Markey

I have to agree that two price increases in one year is unfair. Of course people will continue to come, but at what point does it become out of reach for most? If a family saves for two years for the vacation of a lifetime, I suppose a $4 of $5 increase here and there will balance out in the wash. However, for guests who visit Disney every year the price gouging can really hurt. Already I see reports of people offsetting the costs by staying off property and eating outside the parks. I thought the plan was to offer affordable on-site accomodations, ("affordable at up to $145/night at a value!?!) and the Disney dinning plan to keep people in the parks and spending money. It appears as though this latest price hike is specifically intended to keep people out- particularly a certain class of people. Will WE be going in 2007? Yes. We have 6days left on non- expiring tickets and plan to use them next fall. Currently it looks like it will cost us close to a thousand dollars for two adults for 5 nights at a value resort with 1 day base tickets and the Dinning plan. (the tickests must be purchased to be eligible for the dinning plan). This is during "value season". Quite honestly the price makes me sick. We already have tickets!!! Please don't tell me we don't have to have the dinning plan and we could eat counter service every meal in overcrowded dinning halls waiting for a free table and then enjoying our meal with someone else's gramma standing over us like a hawk waiting for our table. And please don't tell me we could pack sandwiches in a fanny pack and sneak them into the park, or buy a double cheeseburger and an extra bun and make two sandwiches and order coke with no ice...... I'm on vacation- not in a bread line. The point is, a Disney vacation is already expensive- understood. Overall it is a very high quality enjoyable experience whether staying and dinning on property or off. However, I object to two price increases in one year. It really seems as though the only reason is to line some already fat pockets and to keep the "average" element OUT!
-- pottersmom
Bluffton, SC

"HI-HO, HI-HO, its off to work I go, Disney raised their fare, but to skip a trip? I could not bare! HI-HO, HI-HO, HI-HO, HI-HO!"
-- Angie
Omaha, NE

Sorry- I have to add more. Will you people shut up about gas prices?! Seriously- this isn't about gas prices. Is gas expensive- yes. Does Disney corp. pay a fortune for gas to run everything? Yes. Disney isn't hurting for profit- not even close. The increase isn't to offset fuel cost- it's not for raises for cast memebers- there is plenty of $$ for park upkeep and refurb. Give me a break. Lets establish once and for all what the real increase was for. This quote is from market watch: NEW YORK (MarketWatch) - Walt Disney Co. (DIS : Walt Disney Company News , chart, profile, more Last: 29.36-0.22-0.74% 11:02am 08/11/2006 Delayed quote dataAdd to portfolio Analyst Create alertInsider Discuss Financials Sponsored by: DIS29.36, -0.22, -0.7%) on Wednesday said its fiscal third-quarter profit rose to $1.13 billion, or 53 cents a share, from $811 million, or 39 cents a share. Revenue rose to $8.62 billion from $7.72 billion. Analysts, on average, expected it to earn 44 cents a share on revenue of $8.6 billion, according to Thomson First Call. A second increase in a year is simply to line pockets. I'm all for capitalism- I respect that Disney is a business designed to make $$$ I am a little disappointed in the greed shown in raising prices twice in one year. As a consumer I am feeling taken advantage of. Currently we can still afford a Disney vacation, and already have tickets for future visits- but I just don't think we can spend the money in 2008 if this crap keeps up. If we do go to the parks- we will drastically modify our lodging and food budgets. Now excuse me while I go buy stock in Disney...
-- pottersmom
Bluffton, SC

I can't imagine the prices deterring us from visit WDW, espeically since we are DVC members. Disney really needed to think this one through, and maybe consult a PR person. Raising prices happen. Couldn't they have seen the second price increase coming and raised it a bit more to push off second price increase into another calendar year? Regardless of is the money is needed or not to operate Disney.... it doesn't make Disney appear in good light.
-- Michelle
, NJ

i think the tickets should be around 50 dollars a day, i think the prices now are getting to outrageous i feel that if prices are continuing to rise that it will be impossible to take an affordable vacation in the future to wdw, especially if they keeep changing the rides to the faster more amusement park type rides, they should rgo back to the beginnig and put wdw the way it was, that was a formula that worked you didnt have to worry about being afraid of anything in wdw. and if people wanted a drink they knew they couldnt get it a mk but had to go over to epcot, animal kingdom and mgm are fine the way they are too.
-- debbie
mansfield, conn

It makes me wonder if Disney will continue to raise the prices until they find the "market ceiling". Until the prices are raised to the point of significantly reducing attendance, what incentive do they have for not raising them? It has caused a change with my family. We have changed our Disney schedule from going every 2 years to every 3 years since it is taking us longer to save up the money to go. Disney is still well worth the money. I have visited many amusement parks and have never found one that is as well cared for as Disney's.
-- Scott C
Greensboro, NC

Enough is enough. Dont they realize that besides entry to the park, we also have to buy airline tickets,food, and misc items when we are there. Its getting to be where I cant afford to take my grandchildren with me because the entry fees are getting to be way to high.
-- Marlene
west allis, wi

It doesn't matter what we think about the ticket prices. What Disney see's is that we are willing to pay whatever they ask for anything. Disney tickets aren't the only thing going up. Ever noticed how the most expensive DVD's in a store are Disney titles? They have learned that they have the run of the market, and it's time to profit on it. What I would suggest is that if they are going to make ticket prices higher, then they need to extend the park hours by one hour either direction. This way, you feel like you're getting your money's worth, instead of going to the Animal Kingdom for 9 hours and feel like you've been robbed of money and time.
-- Chris Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK

First of all, God Bless Disney World. I love the place but somehow we seem to forget the value of money when we go there. We have been there 4 times and no matter how much it costs we will pay it because you cant put a price on this kind of family bonding. We went to a Stroybook Princess Breakfest in Norway on our last trip and for 5 people I spent $150... for bacon and eggs... but we'll do it again.
-- Anthony
Wilmington, DE

You can't put a price on happiness, and Walt Disney World is one of the best places in the world for fostering a sense of family togetherness, carefree fun, and childhood magic. I'd pay quite a bit more than they're charging for my son to have the same wonderful Disney experiences I had as a kid...but don't tell the WDW management I said that!! ;)
-- Kristina Emberg
Warwick , Rhode Island

I think it worth the money in my opinion, but Disney should have promotion and discount programme very often
-- Aminu
Laurel, MD

I must admit that I was irritated when I read that Disney had raised its prices again this year. However, it really won't keep us from going. As DVC members, we'll probably go once or twice a year for the next 30 years, regardless of ticket prices. However, I'm peeved for other park guests, especially those who have been planning a trip later this year and probably already had a budget in mind based on Disney's previous prices. $20 increases here and there really add up when a family is scrimping to pay for a dream vacation.
-- Nicole Mizell
Euless, Texas

I think Disney is getting greedy and cocky. Last year with their big 50th Anniversary Celebration brought in records amounts of people. The other theme parks suffered somewhat. Everybody went to Disney and are now looking at the other parks for variety and seeing better pricing. And they're finding it. The die-hards will pay. Others will stray.
-- Sharon/scammermom
Severna Park, MD

We are planning a trip to Disney in June for my son's graduation from 8th grade. Since the price for tickets went up we are now down to a two day ticket with waterpark options. At $181.50 for each ticket that is all we can afford. Thank God for the military discount on tickets at Shades of Green or we wouldn't be going at all. Shame on Disney for two price increases in one year.
-- cutie
Chesterfield, va

Yes it would make me consider going somewhere else or shortening my stay. Airline travel just getting there is high enough, but 2 increases in less than 9 months is a bit much. It is getting nearly impossible for the every day working Joe to be able to afford this kind of trip. Does anyone out there get 2 raises per year? Seems to me that it would be better to keep prices lower-OR maybe just lower the CEO's salary "packages" -then there wouldn't be the need for these all to often raises.
-- Sarah
Washburn, TN

I am surprized that ticket prices have been raised again for the second time this year! However, I think the extra money spent for tickets is well worth it because Disney never disappoints.I go with my family every year because I know we will have a wonderful time. The entire facility is immaculate including the hotels, bathrooms,and restaurants, not to mention all of the cheerful and attentive staff.Disney rises above my expectations everytime and if they need to raise the ticket prices to maintain this magical experience, so be it... I'm still going back!!!
-- Avarelle
, New York

I think Disney is wrong for doing this to their guests. 2 in one year is crazy, especially when the economy is so bad right now for those of us who are not wealthy! I wanted to take my family for the Year of A Million Dreams, but how can the 12 of us afford it now? (My daughter, son in law, grandkids, son, parents & my husbands parents were going to go.) Since I own DVC, maybe we will still go, but stay at our WDW resort on points and spend our money on another park that isn't trying to stick it to their guests!
-- Lori (snyderla)
GENESEO, Illinois

Taking the family in October, just glad that I bought our tickets already. The pricing is getting insane, between airfare, room, and tickets we have spent $3,000(family of 5, for 8 nights). I have definitely decided to curtail spending in other areas. Instead of two charactor meals, we are only doing 1. With the bills adding up, I am thinking that this might be our last "big family" trip to Disney. With this kind of spending we can afford to go back to Hawaii.
-- Eddie Jordon
Clayton, North Carolina

I think to increase the price of WDW tickets twice in 1 year is ridiculous. WDW just created a huge advertising campaign , I believe to appeal to the family who says, "WDW is just too expensive for us". The take a family of 4 for $1500.00 campaign. Then they go and raise prices twice. Yes its not a huge amount and compared to other theme parks with not half of what WDW has, its still a bargain. But on the other hand, WDW just keeps raising prices and taking so many little perks and extras away. I know its a business, but we'd like to enjoy the Disney Magic without draining our pockets everytime we visit. Will it effect my family, no. But we love WDW. If the prices keep going up at this rate though, it will effect our trips eventually.
-- roliepolieoliefan (Louise)
Pittsburgh, PA

We expect Disney's prices to go up every year. Many of us plan ahead for that, thus, if we have a trip scheduled for 2007, we purchase the tickets in 2006. This move was not only unexpected but they did it with very little warning. I check the Disney boards a few time per week and read about it only days before the increase. Since they raised their prices from 2005 to 2006 by a decent margin, I did not expect the increase to be as substantial-it was! Not to mention they also increased the resorts and decreased the number of restaurants participating in the meal plan by a rather large amount. Disney attendance has been increasing and obviously they feel that they can get these prices. I only hope that they do not increase them again in January!
-- Mini Sorcerer's Mom
Hopewell junction, NY

It is a matter of supply and demand. As long as people are willing to go to Disney no matter what the cost the cost will keep going up. I do get tired of people saying "shame on Disney" or "Disney is greedy" They are a business and business is about making the shareholders money and that is what Disney is doing. For my family personally we will still go. It is a great time and I have priceless memories with my family.
-- Cathy Anderson
Lawrence,, Kansas

If they keep the magic alive, I have no problem with prices going up a few dollars here and there. Disneyworld is still one of the best vacation deals out there, even over DisneyLAND (unless you live in Southern CA). And with SO much more to offer! People pay more to go sit on a beach than they do for a WDW vacation! I could never go back to that kind of vacation now that I know all WDW has to offer. You could go back every year, and still never see everything there. And you NEVER have to wonder what there is to do. No matter if you want to relax, do something exciting, or see interesting sights, it's all there! So if it costs a few extra dollars, so be it. It is still an amazing vacation destination, that is literally peerless.
-- Kris
Dallas, TX

I don't mind the price increase quite as bad as I mind the fact that Disney is selling us Special tickets for MNSSHP and saying that you have to have a ticket to attend then allowing non ticket holders to stay in the park. This really is not what I am paying for. I am considering demanding a refund.
-- Shannon
Warner Robins, GA

hi just found out about your website, just saying hello
-- charl 1

I was surprised that they raised their prices again this year, but it still won't deter me from going down there again. It's the one place I can forget about all the stressors at home and have quality time with my family. I think that some things there are overpriced, but the tickets are still close, if not the same, as other places. I will not postpone or shorten my next trip. Hopefully, since they raised them twice this year, they won't raise them next year.
-- Debbie in NJ
Marlton, NJ

While I full understand Walt Disney World's tiered ticketing to encourage guests to visit for a week rather than several days, the latest price increase has now made shorter trips there unaffordable for many families. Why? For short trips, perhaps to take advantage of a three day weekend, you'd certainly want to at least upgrade to a Park Hopper option. Without it, you wouldn't be able to tour all four parks. That choice would bring your ticket price to approximately $252 per adult, $218 per child. Make that touring party a family of four and you end up paying $940 for three days at the parks. Can families afford that? Of course, some can without hesitation, but for many others, a figure of close to $1,000 for tickets only is simply too steep. Add the costs of accomodations, airfare, car rental, food and minimal souvenier buying and the realistic budget for a three day weekend lands somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000. Change the scenario to staying for a full seven days and the total vacation can fall within the same range. In my opinion, the new ticket prices make for a reasonable week or longer at Walt Disney World, but it's too high for anything shorter.
-- Karla B.
Bowling Green, KY

It is difficult to justify spending significant money on Disney Park tickets, when Universal is offering such amazing deals. My sister and I are meeting up in Orlando with our families and seriously considering skipping the Disney Parks. Universal offers a FREE child ticket for every adult ticket purchased and adds 3 FREE days to a 2-day pass. This saves our families an enormous amount of money. Sorry Mickey and Cinderella, but we might be hanging out with Spiderman and Shrek!
-- Tara Isaacs
Litchfield, NH

My gosh! How much do they think we can bear? Gas and air travel prices are already higher. Disposable income is already squeezed. This increase could translate to fewer vists and/or fewer park days(4 or 5 days v. week stay). Disney would do better to hold the line and attract more visitors rather than increasing prices for the few that can still manage to afford it!
-- DisneyGirlTinkerbell
St. Louis, MO

I am disappointed to see they raised their prices again, but it won't stop me from visiting my favorite vacation spot. I think when you compare the cost of visiting a Disney theme park for a day compared to what other theme parks charge, you are getting a great value. When we spent $40 a ticket to go to Legoland for the day we felt like it just wasn't worth the money and couldn't wait to get back to Disneyland! I also think it would be a great idea if Disney would give an incentive on theme park admission to guests staying on-site. If it's true that "they raised prices to keep people out," then offering a discount to those staying on site would make sense. Whatever the reason for the increase on Disney's part, I think it would be a wise decision to offer some kind of discount for those who stay on Disney property. Either way, I will still be spending my vacation at Disney. It just may take me longer to earn the money for it!
-- Jodie
San Jose, CA

I do have a sound off on the price increases. First off, I feel pretty soon Disneyworld will for the rich and famous and not for average family who tries to save enough money to get to Disney at least once a year. We were lucky enough to get there at least 10 times in the last 10 years. After discussing the price increase with my husband, it will be a while before we come back. Yes, everything has gone up, unfortunately, but to increase ticket prices and change the food menus to be a cheaper deal. It is wrong. I do not feel that the MAGIC is there as it has been in the past. Yes, it is wonderful to go there and feel like a kid and forget all your everyday problems, but to raise daily and annual passes prices twice in one year is a little tough to swallow. Did everyone that works at Disney get a raise also. That is all for now.
-- yvonne
Lakeview, , New York

disney world is loads of fun, but it could be more fun with less prices.
-- qanita
dearborn, michigan

my family of 8 and i are planning to go to disney in 2007 for 21 days but with the prices rising and rising i dont see how i can go and i am almost turning 15 and have not seen disney at all my sister is turning 20 and also has not been to disney either.
-- Qanita
dearborn, michigan

Yes, Disney keeps raising their prices so does gas stations. The difference is Walt Disney is ever increasing the level and quality of the attractions and things that you can do while on vacation in Walt Disney World. I would and will continue to purchase tickets to Walt Disney World as the prices increase if Walt Disney World continues with their level of fun!!!
-- leanne
Westerly, RI

Another increase?!!!! We just got back and we did the 6 day PH tickets and there is NO WAY we would have paid more than we did. We love the Mouse...but we also love the mortgage!!!
-- AmeriScot
Powder Springs, GA

how about giving a discount on park tickets to disney resort guests? we are already spending most of our "out-of-the-parks" money on disney property; reward us!
-- diane
carpentersville, il

How much is too much? You have to wonder if Disney cares anymore. In a household of two adults and one child, with only one income, it is getting harder and harder for us to be able to visit our Mouse. In September of 2005 we moved 5 hours closer to Disney and can now get there by lunch if we leave early in the morning. We were so excited to be so close! We anticipated many trips over the coming year, so we planned to purchase APs for all of us. I purchased my AP in November and by the time we got to purchase my husband's AP in February the rates had gone up. I understand the need to raise rates once a year, but TWICE in 6 months?! By the time we had managed to get all of us APs, we'd paid almost $80 in "extra" money. In a time when gas prices are going through the roof and a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas are almost equal, it is hard to find a way to get to Disney and the park that brings us so much joy. Instead, we are worried about hotel rates going higher, park food prices going up and whether or not it wouldn't be better to vacation elsewhere. I love Disney. My first visit was before I could walk and I have enjoyed getting to take my son there over the past few years. Now I have to do even more planning and budgeting to make our Disney dreams a reality. I love Disney, but I wish they returned the feeling with understanding that some families aren't able to keep up with the ever rising costs.
-- Kelly M.
Savannah, GA

I guess this price hike on the tickets doesn't come as a huge surprise to me. With the price of gas going higher and higher, we might as well all understand that will make the price of everything go up. I think it will be harder and harder in the future for families to take a two week vacation due to the cost. I will be traveling with my 19 year old daughter to WDW in Septmeber. We have done without alot of things to save enough, to be able to go. We will only be there for 5 nights and can only go to two parks. I doubt we will be able to go to WDW for quite a few more years. Disney will do what every other business in the USA will be doing in the next few months, up up up the prices.
-- Cheryl
Elkhart, IN

We are dedicated WDW'ers, and since Sep.'00 have gone 7 times, our 6th trip with our to-be 5 year old son over this upcoming Labor Day Weekend (at a great "Magical Beginnings" deal, by the way) . . . Call us crazy but we were tempted to try another trip in January with my Father & his wife, as well as my brother & his family. Because of my father's military service we were thinking about a 3 nite stay at Shades of Green (first ever!) But now, with the substantial price increase and the other cutbacks . . . we're reconsidering. We sure do love WDW, but maybe this is a place for a special visit once every 2~3 years instead of the frequency in which we've been able to afford to visit. So, yes, for us the price may change our behaviours.
-- DisneyConvert
Princeton, NJ

Hello, As an American now living in Canada and earning Canadian dollars, I've got to say the price of the tickets is becoming prohibitive for us. There really is no good reason to continually raise the price. A trip to Disney World is quite costly already. Let's be realistic, I can go to Europe for less than I can go to Disney World for the same length of time. Disney World gets a lot of business from North of the border. I realise they may feel they need to raise the price but, one thing to consider is that they have thousands of visitors from here each year. They took away the Disney Club which saved us some dollars and then did not allow us access to the Disney Visa as a replacement. We don't have many discounts these days available to us. These continual price increases for tickets and other items will definately cause some to reconsider taking a trip to WDW since I have heard many grumblings that Canadians feel slighted in some of these decisions. Thank you, Ruth Anne Freeborn
-- Ruth Anne Freeborn
Kingston, Ontario

I think that for the level of service you get at Walt Disney World, the ticket prices are pretty fair. And since they are cheaper per day if you book multiple dates (which most of us do) it is well worth it. Disney ticket prices are within the price range of tickets for other "amusement" parks, but comparing Disney World to Six Flags is like comparing dogs and fish...nothing at all alike! You get so much more bang for your buck at Disney World! Since we don't take any vacations besides going to Disney World, the price increase will not affect us enough to cause us to change our vacationing plans.
-- Alison Toronto
Stratford, CT

The price increase will not make us change our plans. We are a family of 5 and spend about $7000 on the first trip of the year. Then I can take each kid on a seperate vacation throughout the year. I have also split up buying annual passes, now one of us will have an annual pass throughout the year. My husband and I are going for 4 days in september and we have spent $620 for airfare and a room at the pop century, with the annual passes we only have the cost of food. When we go in October for a week we need to buy 1 annual pass for our daughter. If people would take the time to research there are plenty of ways to save money. I guess we all spend money on the things we really want to. The price increases will not keep us away.
-- 17march05
harrah, ok

I think that the new price for the single day ticket is inflated. But the price goes down if you add days and the 10 day pass is not much more than a 6 day so I chose to buy the 10 day non expiring ones before the price increase. I think we may be able to get two trips out of it by taking days off to go to water parks,down town disney,rent boats,visit fort wilderness,moni golf,etc. We did look at annual pass but we cannot usually get there twice in one 12 month period so the 10 day non expiring passes seemed like a pretty good idea. The new dining plan does not seem a bargain to me since my kids are considered adults by Disney standards and would be close to 40.00 each. I can often spend a lot less on them by sharing meals and other strategies. Overall Disney is expensive but my kids will only be kids once and seeing their faces light up and feeling like a kid again myself is worth every penny!
-- snowwite
Peabody, MA

I was very disappointed when the rates went up yet again. I took my 6 year old twins to Disney 2 years ago after scrimping and saving. I had to leave my 2 year old at home with his grandparents because it was too expensive. I promised him when he turned 4 we would return with him. Now the rates are astronomical and the packages have been stripped to the bare minimum. When we went 2 years ago, the basic packages included 2 lanyards with 2 pins, a character breakfast for everyone in your room, preferred seating at shows, your choice of vouchers (for everyone in your room, not just one voucher per package!)for either a meal at planet hollywood or a round of miniature golf, AND my kids each got $50 Disney dollars to spend!! All of this came with the package for a price cheaper than what it is now and you are now getting practically nothing!! My family loves Disney, but we will certainly think twice about going back if something isn't done.
-- Tanya Staehling
Gaithersburg, MD

We purchased annual passes this summer for the first time in 5 years. Even after our DVC discount it was over $1600 for four adults. Without the discount it would have exceded $2000. Thats getting a little ridulous. Our plan is to get 3-4 trips out of each AP and then vacation elsewhere at least every other year. There are way to many places to visit for the price that it now takes for Disney. Others have compared the cost of Six Flags at $49.99 but they offer really deep discounts on admission, Disney does not. No other theme park can compare in quality but no other can compare when you factor in all that is involved with a Disney vacation in cost either. We love Disney thats why we have been DVC members for 7 years but as Disney continues to increase media cost we will find other ways of spending our vacation dollar.
-- Angel
Demorest, Ga

The price increase is not a surprise but it does force me to change my habits as instead of spending all my time at Disney, I'll cram all the visits to the parks in a day or two and spend the rest of the week at Universal where the annual pass is priced better and the rides are much more interesting.
-- Stan P
New York, NY

We were there during the price increase and had to pay the higher price when we decided to add an extra day. To me, it's alway worth the price but it certainly does make a difference when you have a large family. The Magic Your Way Tickets do make it more affordable for some bur I always have to have the extras added on so between the tickets and lack of hotel discounts lately, we are definitely spending more on our trips these days but we will continue to go like many others. We just have to work harder to get there which will only make us appreciate it all that much more!
-- Sue R
Simpsonville, SC

Disney isn't the only company raising their park gate prices, although it was surprising that they did so twice in one year. Certainly the company has high expenses and as a former Diseny Store cast member who closed 2 stores in 1 year, I am well aware of what can happen if the parks can't afford to add new things every year. Overextending can result in some major closings. The Six Flags organization is experiencing that now as they attempt to sell off their parks and close others. Paramount recently sold their parks to Cedar Fair and several smaller parks closed this year due to finiancial reasons. As long as Disney continues to provide guests with the best in family entertainment and guest service, guests will continue to support the parks. It just makes it rough for people who can't afford a Disney Vacation.
-- tiggerjump
Buffalo, NY

I loveeee Disney. I love everything and anything disney. I really can't tell you how much i feel and like disney. Me and my mom, and dad, and my twin sister Brianna go down to siney world every 2 years. This year is our time to go. like were over due. I couldn't imagine how much it would cost. But it is worth it because you get to enjoy an experience nobody else has ever had. And I know im the Disney fanaticcccccc. All my friends and family by me all disney stuff. And i mean for everything they get me all disney stuff. So it is worth it. Nobody likes disney as much as i do!!!!!!
-- Brittney

hello, i was redaign the comments and i guess what disney is doing is good to decreaser buisness in order for guest to enjoy them selfs more, they dont have to wait in line for 2 hours and it wont be as crowded walking around.
-- Dean
Cornwall, Ontario

i think its way to high for tickets they get you enough for souviners, food, and hotels (resort) it should be affordable even the people that live in florida dont go due to the price they go to places they can afford esp if you have a big family, its not they wouldnt love to go but way to high and climbing every year.
-- sherry tindel
canton , ohio

The park is already overpriced. This years trip may be a little shorter or either I will have to work a little harder at making the trip successful. It's more of a job than a pleasure to go to disney.
-- Michela
Birmingham, Alabama



Royse City, TX

Nothing is ever to much at walt disney world LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Ally

well disney world in florda coted me and my famaly 1,000 dollers
-- desdes
corbin, ketucky

I say too much is 1000 dollars cuz im cheap like that! but when it comes too 50000 i get really mad so disney world is a expensive pl;ace for a cheap person like me!!!! Later!!!!!!----->:)
-- lizzy
???, ???

to disney people my son is autistic and I wool like to take my son to disney same day can u send me a cupon when u have lower the price he is only seven yers old and god bless all, I only can afford one pass ticke my son nema is eddward martinez he goes to chula vista rice school (619)420-7071 this is the telefon namber rice school and he also have a parking placard (PLEAS)SED ME ONE CUPON ONLY FOR MY SON EDWARD AND I PROMASE TO SAVE MONY FOR MY HUSBEND AND MY DATHER SHE IS 15 YEARS OLD AND I ONLY NEED 4 CUPONS,IS WHOEN U HAVE CUPONS.
-- luisa martinez
chula vista, california

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