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How do world events (terrorism, gas prices, etc) impact your travel planning?

(8/14/06) - The world we live in now requires all of us to consider security when we travel.  Recent events in London just underscore the realities of travel in the 21st century.  How do world events (terrorism, price of gas, etc) impact your travel planning?  Are you less likely to travel, or do you subscribe to the 'be aware, not afraid' school of thought? 

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How do world events impact your travel planning?
42 replies
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As a New Yorker and mother of three small children I felt my heart sink when I heard about the recent events in London. My first thought was Not Again! We are due to travel to Disneyworld in 12 days and initially I thought about rescheduling the whole trip. After careful consideration I came to the sad realization that the world we are living in...the post 9/11 world will never be the same. We will always have that fear in the back of our minds. With that being said I think the best example I can set for my children is to go on with our plans as usual. I refuse to let these terrorists affect my everyday living. If we do that...then they win. So we are off to DW as planned and looking forward to every minute of it...
-- Colleen Johnson
Ronkonkoma, New York

When I first heard about the almost attack that took place in the UK, I started pancking and wondered should me and my husband fly or drive to Disney World next year. We are going in August 2007. Till this day I am still uncertain but more then likely we will fly. The saying, if we live in fear then they win. Well, that saying doesn't really apply at all. Having some fear isn't bad. It doesn't make you a bad person and it certiantly doesn't mean you are living your life in fear. You wanna live and theres nothing wrong with that. I believe that the terriost have not won at all and never will. Changing your plans from flying to driving because of a fear you may have, doesnt mean you are living your life in fear. It means you are gonna around 1 more day to fight for what is right and for what you believe in.
-- Teresa
Dover, DE

I would imagine that the current situation does worry people. However, we are due to travel to Orlando Dec 1st and are not worried. That does not mean we are complacent or stupid. As a family of three we will be that more vigilant. If we let these terrorists rule us then surely terrorism has won? I think the message here is be aware and report anything untoward to the proper authorities.
-- Martin Holder

My Sister and I own DVC points at OKW. Although travelling too and from the USA is taking longer because of the security checks this will never deter us. If anything it makes us feel safer. The thing that really bugs me is the amount of time these extra measures take at the moment, but I'm sure that new detection devices will be implemented to speed things up. Also at both Sanford and Orlando getting your luggage can sometimes take hours, a few months ago we waited four hours to get through US customs and then collect luggage at Sanford as too many flights had arrived at the same time and they just could not cope. When people start letting terrorist threats get to them then the terrorists have won and that's something that we can never allow as they are just cold blooded murderers who have no respect for life itself.
-- Tina
London, UK

Definitely Be aware, not afraid. You can't let these idiots win. We're travelling to Orlando from UK in September and wouldn't even consider changing our plans. It's our DD's(2) first time to Disney World and to not take her now would be punishing her because of the idiots out there who believe blowing up innocent people can be justified - sorry no. Besides even with a high terror threat - the chances of being on an attacked plane are probably still way smaller than being run over by a car. Don't let them win!
-- Jan Turnbull
Washington, UK,

For a time after 9/11 I had absolutely no desire to travel. I was a new mom of a 4 week old baby and I was afraid. That mentality is exactly how the terrorists want us to live. As my daughter grew and we began to travel more and more inlcuding 3 trips to WDW I decided that I was not going to deprive my children of living life and having fun. For us, going to Disney is our escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. I have decided that if anything were to happen at least I would be happy as I was on my way to my way or on my way home from my favorite place - Walt Disney World!
-- Jen Dalton
Saranac Lake, NY

My family and I have always been aware of our surroundings. We are not changing our travel plans because of current world events. I feel the threat has always been there, we are just more aware because of the media. I am glad the media has helped enlighten some people, this will help us succeed as a nation. I do not want to let anyone control our way of life, and changing our plans would only help convince the terriost they can win.
-- 17march05
Harrah, OK

I will not travel by air anymore. Not because I'm scared, but because of the inconvenience. I understand why the airlines have their new policies, but flying is now too much of a hassle. If I can't drive to a destination in 8 hours of less, I won't be going. Lucky for me, I can easily drive to WDW.
-- Julie from Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

My familys trip is for Halloween this year. Currently we still plan to go to Disney by plane. If something happens between now and then we might have to rething flying but we are going to Disney. Even if we have to drive. These "people" are not changing out plans.
-- Julie Bresnan
Decatur, Illinois

My family and I are planning to travel to Orlando in October ý we are counting down the days (63 days today). With the recent world events safety is always at the front of our minds. It is excellent that the airports and police work hand in hand to try and keep down the risk of terrorist attacks, and as travellers we should be willing to work along with them to ensure that security is as tight as possible. As regards the question will it stop us travelling? Not at all! The people behind the terrorist attacks want to take away our freedom. So not to travel would be letting them win. The only thing that the terror threats have done to our family - is too make sure that we cherish everyday spent together. And where better to spend time as a family? The best family playground in the world, Orlando! See you soon.
-- Richard Page

I guess I'm part of "Be Aware, not afraid' school of thought". We visited WDW in October of 2001. It was a little scarey getting on a plane after what had just happened. But look at where we were headed. It was one of our best Disney trips. My plans will still go on with the new travel restrictions. I may pack a little differently or maybe even purchase all HBA products when we arrive in Disney. I wonder if I could just send a package to myself and avoid all of the packing stuff. Something to definitely consider when planning.
-- Leanne
Westerly, RI

Be aware not afraid.Don't let a bunch of third world jeolous brainwashed terrorist pansies ruin your life.Pick and choose carefully where you travel.[Don't travel where the threat of terrorism is more prone to occur]Yes it has happened on U.S soil, but the government should have payed more attention to the threats and warnings.Homeland security [to little to late].Watch your own back and the backs of loved ones.I travel by air to Disney 2-3 times per year and nothing is going to take the expierence of that from myself or my family.
-- Rich
Stanton, New Jersey

Yes, the recent security threats are influencing my travel decisions. I am very concerned that terrorists have developed new methods of detonating explosives that would not normally be detectible. Is a security guard at WDW (or any crowded space) going to think twice about someone listening to their Ipod while holding a couple of containers of everyday liquids? Look at the number of people gathered in a small space for Fantasmic on any given day of the week...it just seems like a huge security threat. I know thoughts like these are exactly what the terrorists of the world are hoping for. I don't want to give in to them, but yet I can't keep them out of my head.
-- Lisa B.
Vancouver, WA

We may be a little off the beaten path of travel, here, in the north west but world events don't affect us any more than anyone else traveling in the US. We have small airports with small planes leaving our region so there are not that many people boarding each flight. It is irritating when we get to the bigger cities and stand in line with everyone else, but, sometimes, a family vacation seems worth the hassle. We don't travel out of the country much. If we do, we just drive over the border to Canada and, with Montana identification, we may not seem as threatening in Canada as other visitors might be, I don't know. But we are close neighbors and we welcome the Canadian visitors to our area, too. I certainly would not want to be in the tourism business at this time. It would be a hard balance between greeting and being suspicious of your guests! For the most part, I feel most Americans are actually "catching up to" the rest of the world as far as getting used to the hard reality of life in a non-secure world. We have had it pretty good up until recent years.
-- mtblujeans
Kalispell, Montana

Not one bit!! My entire family & myself are rethinking our carry-on choices, trying for as little as possible. We love the freedom that we have in the US, despite the latest challenges. These are not done "to us" but instead to help filter out any risks to our well-being. And hey, what better place to go than Walt Disney World, to forget (for just a little while) about the real world and it's issues. BRING ON THAT PIXIE DUST...We're FLYING to Disney World!
-- Deemarch
Clifton, New Jersey

Enough is enough.Rising gas prices, the raising of ticket prices by WDW and good heavens who knows what's next. At the rate its going my next stop may not be at Disney but at the disney store located near my home town just to see and remember what the big mouse looks like.
-- Hugh Holland
Gastonia, N.C.

I'm not less likely to travel this year, but I do worry more as the time of our trip approaches. Our September trip will be our first "road trip," after many, many flights to Orlando. We're avoiding planes primarily because our 2-year-old is not a good flyer; however, after last week's events, I really am counting my blessings that we chose not to fly! On the other hand, with gas prices topping $3.00 a gallon and experts saying they won't be going down anytime soon, a road trip will cost us quite a bit more than it would have a couple of years ago. After our annual passes expire this year, we might not be able to afford another trip for a couple of years, between the price of gas and the increased airfare rates.
-- Nicole Mizell
Euless, Texas

I am certainly not happy with the increased restrictions on air travel or the long tense lines at airport security areas but unfortunately the events of 9/11 and the ensuing terroristic activity has changed travel forever and we must accept that. I refuse to sit at home and live in fear of traveling. My reward to myself for working hard at my job is to take a yearly trip to WDW and although the flight itself is no longer enjoyable, the days in DisneyWorld where you can shut out the "real world" and enjoy the magical experiences are more appreciated now then ever.
-- Mary Jo
Laureldale, PA

Being from a relatively "safe" area, I worry a lot about traveling to larger, more "tourist-y" areas. After events of the past week, I was very glad we had made the descision to drive on our upcoming trip instead of flying. Not just for the safety concerns, but for the inconvenience. Having to be at airports hours in advance with 2 small children to entertain is not a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong - I totally agree with any and all measures taken to keep us all safe, but I am glad I won't have to deal with it this trip. We will not be changing any of our plans, but if we had scheduled flights, we may have been re-thinking things. I honestly think gas prices are a bigger concern for us right now, although I did have a moments pause when I first realized we would be at WDW on 9/11.
-- D. Kruger
, Iowa

I will not change my plans, but I will think more when planning and packing. We will forget about carry on and check all luggage. I shop around for airlines looking for the best airfare with the increased price of gas and consider which airport is closer, but I will continue to travel with my family. If we allow fear to control our plans then terrorism has already won the war.
-- cedmonds
rocky point, ny

No way would I change my travel plans. Actually I am looking more forward to this trip than any others. The reason we go to Disney is to get away from the real world and all of its problems. I am smiling almost non-stop on our weeklong vacations. Maybe if the sabre rattlers in the world would go to Disney and expierence the Pixie Dust, then maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place. But it wouldnt last. Next thing you would hear is that XYZ country prefers Fantasyland over Tomorrowland, and that the China Pavillion at EPCOT was taken over by the Norwegians so they could have more of a display for Legos.
-- Jeff Taylor
Flower Mound, TX

No my plans do not change. That is the goal of the terrorist to make people scared and to not conduct life as it was before. I will not give in. I am proud to be an American and Live in this wonderful country! They can not scare me
-- Kelsey Coletti
Boston, MA

Unless the USA mainland starts to have a war on it's own land, we do not change our travel plans. Countries on our planet have differences. Some Countries can talk it out, others seem to have the need to battle. So, as long oas our planes fly, so do we.
-- pooh2001
Hopewell, New York

Unless the USA mainland starts to have a war on it's own land, we do not change our travel plans. Countries on our planet have differences. Some Countries can talk it out, others seem to have the need to battle. So, as long oas our planes fly, so do we.
-- pooh2001
Hopewell, New York

I am concerned but I do not think we can let terrorists rule the world. If we cancel our plans and stay hidden on our homes then they win. Besides they will just find another avenue if they cannot get to an airplane. We need to be observant,vigilant and report things that dont seem right. We need to take whatever measures TSA and the airlines think will make us safer even if it means putting up with some inconveniences now.In the scheme of things the changes are small stuff and we cant sweat the small stuff. My kids are flying this weekend with thier dad. Am I a wreck? well, yeah but would I tell them to miss going to Disney ? No way! I am already busy planning our annual Easter vacation. I think it is all in God's hands.
-- snowwite
Peabody, MA

My family and I are in the process of planning our WDW vacation for Summer 2007 and we will be flying out of a DC airport. In regard to flying and terrorism. I do not mind arriving earlier at the airport to go through security. It has, unfortunately, become a part of our lives. I completely agree with the thought of "be aware, not afraid." If we are going to live in fear the rest of our lives, then the terrorists have won and I will be a "monkey's uncle" if I will live like that. I will have to admit that the price of gas and fuel has been felt in our household. Instead of a WDW vacation every other year, it will probably be every three to five years. During the "off" years, we will more than likely vacation closer to home. Thanks!!
-- ClaraBug
Augusta, WV

I had a trip planned to go to DL then vegas but with all that is going on I decided it is better to keep my feet at home. Right now I am very sad over it but I know going my trip would not be as good as it should of been.
-- GailT
, MA

With the 21st century upon us and all that is going on in the world you just have to live your life and take things as they come. I am a teacher and learned a long time ago to have patience and relax. The events of our world have not changed my travel habits or spending. I have a 7 day Disney Cruise planned for November and also a trip planned to Disney in December to enjoy the Candlelight at Epcot and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. We are flying for both trips. You just can not live your life being scared or afraid to do something. ( An example of this is my husband and I were on a previous Disney Cruise and when we arrived in Cozumel we did not know that the US and Iraq had just went at war with one another. We then understood why the soldiers and the ships were out and all around. Our ship also had helicopters and Coast Guard ships patrolling us. ) This is just the world we live in now, and I think we just all need to get used to it. Most of all enjoy your time and make a difference in the world like I feel I do with my teaching. :)
-- Susan Hollifield
Rural Hall, NC

We've been planning this vacation for almost half a year. For us is one in a million chance to do this, and yet we were (and perhaps we still are) worried about what could have happened, or what can happen in the future. Our first impression when we heard the news was shock, fear and paralysis. Suddenly we realized that this is what this people wanted, and we contributed (as a lot of people like us) to their intentions. But let me tell you this: I don't want to think that these people (wherever they come or whatever they are) can make me dislike to travel. I want to think that we can win them, not fighting or killing them, but showing that love, comprehension and good manners can also make things change. And Disney is a perfect place to prove it.
-- Angel Borsellino
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ever since 9-11, the war, gas, security and the list goes on and on, our travel life has definately changed. Flying used to be fun and exciting, now it is a hassle, if it's not a security breach, it's lines longer than the equater, or maybe the threat of a strike (currently Northwest), add a little overbooking which has become an art form of sorts, and the "hurry up and wait" philosophy get's old really quick(I know it's necessary) I compare it to getting a flu shot. There are no more spontaneous "just because" vacations. We now have "THE ONE" every summer that we eagerly await that has taken detailed planning, saving and the "what if something goes wrong plan". We used to go to just across the bridge to Canada and go to Toronto or Niagra Falls for a weekend, not anymore, going across to Canada and coming back is nothing short of pure misery. The silver lining is that my family has been forced to discover many of the local gems and attractions that we would have otherwise overlook. We've been enlightened by becoming "local tourists", living here for over 20 years and saying "Boy, we never new that was here!".
-- ?DreamsRMadeOf
Superior Twp, MI

The very purpose of terrorism is to create fear and disrupt us from our daily living. Yes, it is frightning but I refuse to 'let them win.' In times of unrest and limited peace, Disney is the perfect place to remind us that the world must go on, and we can be reassured of that through the joy of a child. I do not plan on changing any travel plans and will be flying for both business and pleasure (two trips to Disney) four times within the next six month.
-- Mini Sorcerer's Mom
Hopewell Junction, New York

No, recent events have not changed our January 2007 travel plans to WDW. We refuse to let "them" force us to change our travel plans. I appreciate the extra security measures. To hubbie and I, it's all part of the travel experience. We've learned to be patient and go with the flow.
-- Brenda
London, Ontario, Canada

We are planning to go the the MNSSHP on Halloween night. However, there are no advance ticket sales for this event. We want to have a guarantee that we will be able to get in the park that night. There is nowhere on this site to contact anyone to assure us that we will be able to get in. Last year, we were able to buy advance tickets. What changed?
-- M C Baran
Berkeley Hts, NJ

World events do have some inpact on my travel plans. I don't allow fear of the unforseen to stop me from taking a vacation, let alone a trip to Disney. However, gas prices do put a "crimp" in my spending. As I spend more to fuel my car, heat my home and pay higher prices for pretty much everything due to the outrages price of gas, I have less left over for fun.
-- Andrea
hambug, ny

Im not going to let terrorists run my life, my children are only young once and being a DVC member at the wilderness since 2002 im not going to let them ruin disney for my family!! we go twice a year and they love it.
-- Dean
whitehouse station, NJ

We're traveling in Dec to Disney, and plan one flying. It does make me more nervous to get on a plane now. We just flew at the beginning of July and was very at ease with it. Now feeling alittle nervous about the upcoming trip. Just hope the screeners really do a through job at checking everyone out. Thats really all you can hope for.
-- joann
allen park, mi

I choose to live my life in peace,banish fear and be aware.
-- Lois in Ma
Millbury, Ma

we just flew back from sanford airport on the 11 august i must say they were brilliant made us feel really safe as they were red hot with there security measures,we didnt have a choice we had to come home but i dont think i would have flew out from a uk airport they dont seem to have a clue our plane was only delayed because of manchester, they let every one take there duty free with them on the plane then had to take every one back off take the duty free back and start again , where at sanford we had our duty free bagged up and never saw it again till we boarded the flight .when we got into arrivals at manchester u couldnt see the walls for out going cases stacked high with no security watching them what more can i say well done eanford much appreciated
-- puddykittyuk
united kingdom,

we just flew back from sanford airport on the 11 august i must say they were brilliant made us feel really safe as they were red hot with there security measures,we didnt have a choice we had to come home but i dont think i would have flew out from a uk airport they dont seem to have a clue our plane was only delayed because of manchester, they let every one take there duty free with them on the plane then had to take every one back off take the duty free back and start again , where at sanford we had our duty free bagged up and never saw it again till we boarded the flight .when we got into arrivals at manchester u couldnt see the walls for out going cases stacked high with no security watching them what more can i say well done eanford much appreciated oh and may i also add i bought tickets for bush gardens on the way to sanford i was told they were cheaper on the flight wrong not only was bush gardens cheaper one of my tickets was 2 years out of date very embarrasing it was
-- puddykittyuk
united kingdom,

The threat of terrorism does not change my travel planning. I feel that the chances of me being directly effected by an attack are so miniscule that it just does'nt matter. With stress coming from so many different directions in our normal day to day life, I find that it is even more important now than ever to enjoy our vacation time. And what better place to relieve that stress than at a wonderful Disney Park?
-- Scott
Swartz Creek, MI

I refuse to fly ANYWHERE because I am so annoyed with the new restrictions. I'm tired of the fact that the US is so politically correct that we cannot profile terrorists, but we can strip search "Granny" on her way home from vacation. There's got to be a better way. Everyone with half a brain knows the "type" person that wants to terrorize our airlines. If there is a small exception to that, then it is just that, a small exception. I will drive anywhere I want to go or stay home.
-- Ellen
Gastonia, NC

I know it's harsh to say, but if they are gonna get ya, they are gonna get ya. Terrorists don't care if you'r ein your house or in Mickey's House. Personally, I'd rather die on Big Thunder Mountain than on my living room couch!
-- Jenn W
Orlando, FL


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