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What you would do if you ran “the world”?

(8/21/06) - With the announcement that Meg Crofton was to become the new head of Walt Disney World (replacing Al Weiss), we wondered what YOU would do if you had the chance to run Walt Disney World.  Are there attractions you’d bring back or close down?  Are there resorts or restaurants you’d change or add?  Tell us what you would do if you ran “the world”.

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I would go on the rides most of the time and if i ever had to take people on tours i would say"this is a ride and it goes really fast and......ima go ride it juz to see how it feels, so you guys dont hate it!!!" Then i would lower prices so all my family can come FOR FREE!!!!!! One thing the prices are to high and I LOVE DISNEY WORLD IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!
-- Elizabeth
???, ???

The Park Hopper option would be free and added to EVERY ticket. Wi-Fi would be FREE and available within the WDW Resort are to guests staying on site. A new "Americana" style park would be built with more coaster & thrill rides for teens and adults. The Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios would be replaced with an Indiana Jones ride like the one at Disney Land. Fast pass would be only for on site guests. More seating would be built in quick service resaurants. Stadium seating at ALL disney shows. More food options at hotels.
-- Tom Hartin
Newport, Maine

I WILL TRY 2 BE THE BEST I CAN BE.I WILL RUN IT LIKE SOMEONE WITH SENES WILL.IT WILL BE 3$ 2 GET IN. AND 1$ FOR EACH GAME OR RIDE. I WILL BE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND NUMBER11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!
kinson, NC

I would not permit groups that would not be appropriate to have around small children or teenagers. It should be a family style Park and Resort.
-- Sheri Flanery
Longs, SC

Put a real floating cruise ship in the park as a hotel and its pool area to look like a island. What a selling point for a real Disney cruise. Add more monorail service to other WDW resorts. I miss the sky Lift or build a Rotation Tower and restraunt Like Atlanta's Weston, and hyatts Plaza.
-- David
Jacksonville, Florida

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka? Jane.
-- sweet-qn
Unknown, Unknown

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka? Jane.
-- sweet-ea
Unknown, Unknown

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka? Jane.
-- sweet-ea
Unknown, Unknown

Sorry, but what is mariburjeka? Jane.
-- sweet-ea
Unknown, Unknown

If i ran the world, it would be a better place to live, I would help with many of the programs the salvation army has to offer. Feed the hungry all over the world, starting right here in the United States. I would keep the youth off the streets by giving them the tools they need for furthering their education, giving them jobs and keeping there young minds busy in something positive for their future.
-- caridad duar'gonzalez
rosamond, california

I would try to create an underwater adventure.I would also make available Disney birthday cakes. I would also try to make another park in Texas. Try to open a park in Mexico or a big Latin country.Try to donate money to different organizations that need it.Help to make dreams come true to people that needs it.Make "Disney Sweet 15,16". Cruises for people that want to meet new people.Resort and Casino,Disney ZOO,And maybe "adopt a Disney Pet",help needy pets to find a nice home.All this would help a lot,give a lot and make happy a lot.
-- karen
durham, nc

If i run disney, I would print old maps of the parks so that you could see how it used to look when you only got to go to disney 15 years ago. also i would have all tickets can keep the unused days for all time and finally do refillable drink stations throughout the parks for the souvineir mugs.
-- Steve
Sheffield, UK

If you are ever in portsmouth nh take a swing by sanders lobster co on pray st in the south end. Again, go sox!
-- same person as below
idk, take a wild guess

I would make wdw affordable for everyone and also have a park with all old rides and attractions. Goofy rocks! PS go sox!
-- Shane
idk, idk

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-- Alexsku
Unknown, Unknown

Sounds like Bob is a whiner. Debt is the new American Dream, isn't it? If I ran WDW, I'd keep it about the same as it is now...just cheaper. Maybe money grows on trees in the Magic Kingdom, but elsewhere it's quite elusive.
-- Greg
Orlando, FL

I'd take the whole place back to what it was in the 70's and 80's. There was no dining plan, there was no my way tickets or extra magic hours, there were no value resorts. If you wanted to save remaining days on your tickets for another year you could do so without paying extra. Those that went to Disney World were able to afford to be there (you used to have to save your money to go places). Now the place is like a trip to Wal-Mart. All a person needs is a credit card. It doesn't matter how deep in debt you already are, you just have to take little Suzzy to Disney World because that's what parents do, right? I'd also bring back the old Tiki Room show, do referbishments in the off season or at night and bring back the old electrical parade show. I would also hire more trash collectors so that overflowing garbage cans and litter on the ground would be a thing of the past.
-- Bob
Louisville, KY

-- Bob
Unknown, Unknown

-- John
Unknown, Unknown

-- Nick
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-- John
Unknown, Unknown

-- Den
Unknown, Unknown

-- Ann
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-- Bob
Unknown, Unknown

-- John
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-- Nick
Unknown, Unknown

I would find a way to lower food prices by 25%. Disney is already planning to do something I was wishing it would do a long time ago, and that's to build more value, lower-priced hotels. I would also entertain a new concept which would be to build smaller scale (smaller than Disney Land, about the size of a traditional fair ground like North GA's Lake Winnepesaukah--not as many "bells and whistles" as Disney World and Disney Land) Disney parks up north, in the mid-west, and possibly even in the deep south around Mississippi or Louisianna.
-- Sarah S
Chattanooga, TN

The first thing I would do is get rid of the special purpose days so to speak such as the Gay Pride days in the summer. Yes everyone is welcome at WDW as they should be , but do not pervert such a wonderful place and a wonderful dream for a great man with such political biased and profit seeking enterprises such as these. The next thing I would do would be to extend the monorails to all of the parks even though it is quite expensive After that I would bring back Roy Disney and his and Walts descendants to take the reigns of WDW as I feel Walt would have wanted it.
-- Jason
Farmington, CT

What happened??? I was told I was a winner with this entry. I just e-mailed asking about the prize. So I went to the page announcing the winners and I was taken off the list of winners. It was there a few weeks ago... I was e-mailed by you guys asking for my mailing address, and I replied with all my info. Why did this happen? *~Amber~* My entry to the contest: My husband and I have been talking for a while about a new rollercoaster idea. In honor of Lilo and Stitch, we'd call it "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride" like the song in #2. The idea is that it would be a stand-up rollercoaster that goes sideways, like you are on a surf board. You can go really fast, dip over "waves" and go upside down when you wipeout! Wooo-hooo!!! I would also make sure the refurbishment schedules went much faster. No need to take 9 months to refurbish something like "it's a small world". Disney-MGM needs a new attraction besides another show. Refillable drink mugs at resorts could be raised in price, but be refillable at all parks and Downtown Disney. There should be internet service cafes and WiFi available in all resorts. Disney Quest would get a major overhauling to include more adult-friendly attractions. Comedy Warehouse would get better script-writers! LOL -- Amber P. Virginia Beach, VA
-- Amber Phelps
Virginia Beach, VA


Number 1- Change a Child's annual passed to inclued stroller rental instead of free parking, what child under the age of 9 can drive.
-- Lorie
orlando, fl

Where should I start???? As a Cast Member I have TONS of ideas....Stop remaking the same rides (Dumbo, Aladdin's Carpets AND Triceratops Spin) and do something new!!! Make dining more affordable but keep up the food quality. Concentrate on keeping the parks clean, updated and well-staffed instead of concentrating on ABC and ESPN. Pay us more!!!
-- Jenn W
Orlando, FL

i would like to see a perimeter moving sidewalk around mk with a cross side walk moving from front to back, and side to side. i would also like to see a perimeter moving sidwalk around the ak with animal life to be seen as you ride walk. this would enable people who are disable, not well, with joint problems, or older with not as much energy to enjoy as many things as the young. after all, they are also young at heart.
-- anne early
woodstock, ga

I would defiantly bring back Superstar Television at the Disney MGM Studios. I loved this attraction. I was picked when I was 11 years old to be apart of the cast, and it was great. There re so many TV shows they could use to update the attraction. I was surprised they closed it because i know it was very popular. The Drew Carey attraction replaced it...and it is no comparison!
-- Marc Fumo

If I had the chance to run wdw the first thing I would is fix the pricing on all the disney resorts an make them more affordable for all families. And if you stayed inside you would get a dinning plane automaticaly you would be able to choose what you would want the standard dinning plane or just counter service buffet or just table service and the childrens menu would be from ages 3 to 11. then I would meet all the cast members and I would have a suggestion box. And if any cast members had any ideas they could write them down and put them in then I would have a suggestiuon box in every park so then people could give us ideas and feed back. I would Work on the parks starting with the Animal kingdom I would probebly add another restaraunt maybe a tree house theme then I would add a whole new section with two or three more roller coasters to spice the place up a a bit. Then on to Epcot I would turn the wonders of life and the univers of energy into a coaster ride that had to do with sending you to the future. I would expand MGM I think it is too small and needs more room and more rides. I would probably put another roller coaster in there and make Indiana Jones a ride. and finaly Magic kingdom stitch gone i would bring back alien. and then at the fort wilderness campground I would repair river country and it would only be open to the people staying there.
-- Billy
Milford, CT

If I ran "the world," I would first change the script of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show. The jokes are in need of a little updating. Then I would refurbish and expand River Country. I would build another resort on the other side of Bay Lake, something a litte different like a colonial or English countryside theme. I would bring back the house fronts of the backlot for the Osborne Lights. It's just not quite the same without them. Then I would add a House of Mouse themed restaurant in Toontown. I would also try to somehow expand the Disney Studios by adding another section off the left and then have it connect in the back somwhere. The last thing I would do would be to add a restaurant at the top of the Tower of Terror because it would be a great theme and a way for those of us who don't want to go on the ride to see the view.
-- Stephanie
, Florida

I think WDW does a great job with research now....but, I would begin with even more extensive research into what the general public would like to see. I would also look at making the resorts more desirable in respect to pricing. The deluxes have gotten way out of control, becoming too expensive with too few incentives. The addition of the Magical Express is a step in the right direction, but there needs to be more of this type of incentive, such as special fast passes, etc. I would make use of all the empty buildings such as in MGM and Epcot by bringing back more of the "old time" Disney shows, like the Mickey Mouse Club.... lots of opportunities there. I would also do away with so much of the "Princess" merchandise. It has gotten way out of control. WDW isn't a shopping mall for 8 year old girls. A certain amount is needed to keep profits up, but even things out with merchandise for other members of the family. Then I would look at added incentives for DVC members... such as discounts on ticket prices, dining options and fast passes. Last, I would really look at maintaining the "integrity" of the "theming" of each park and area. Such as ..... what is the purpose / theme of "Dino-land"? And shouldn't Aladin's Magic Carpet ride be in Fantasyland instead of Adventureland?
-- cindyfan
Avon, Ohio

I would try to really get back to basics. No overflowing trashcans. (Last August there were water bottles littering up the place.) Excellent, pleasent cast members. And family fun. I don't like when the movie releases take over the classic elements of the park (with the exception of Disney Studios). Also, I would see to placing a resort on the long stretch of monerail track from Epcot to the TTC. It seems it would be a good use of already existing transportation. And I would clean up the River Country area. What an eyesore!! I can't believe it's been allowd to grow over like an abandoned community pool.
-- Gina D.
Sewell, NJ

A)Finally decide to either reopen WoL in Epcot f/t or take the wrecking ball to it and build a new pavillon in its place (Something with the weather or earth sciences) B) Build a music/concert hall in PI and bring in "top notch, Triple A" acts to play the world. C)Get that dang commuter rail line built from MCO to WDW
-- Chris Danger
Dallas, Texas

If I ran the World the first thing I'd do is meet with every Disney employee and ask for their ideas and feedback. I'd ask what works and what needs to be changed. These people are the heart and soul of WDW. We'd review the ideas and implement the best. I'd set up a reward/recognition program for the cast members remembering that happy and satisfied employees are productive employees. They are the frontline to the World. As for the concept of Mickey Mouse etc, I'd continue to grow the movie/video sector of the World with more focus on the classic Disney characters. While it is important to introduce new characters ie: The Power Rangers, Little Einsteins, Lightning McQueen, it is as important to remember Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and Daisy. These classic characters are such a part of our baby booming past that our children today should be able to experience them also. As for the parks themselves I'd continue to keep them family friendly as they are today and monitor the fees and rates so that they can be affordable to everyone! Thank you.
-- Tammy
Milton, VT

I have visited Disneyland and Disneyworld and love both. If I could run Disneyworld I might look at Disneyland they are the original park and have been going strong 50 years now. First off, I would bring back the original Enchanted tiki room. All my kids loved this show at Disneyland,original, but were scared at the one in Disney world. And for us adult guests we love singing along with the Tikis just like we have been doing since childhood. Nostalgia is part of the reason for repeat visitors. When I had kids I couldn't wait to take them to Disney and see the "magic" in their eyes and remember what it was like to "believe". I believe updating rides can be good as we liked the udated Pirates of the Caribbean ride but too many takes away from that nostalgic and magical feeling of recapturing childhood memories. I would also bring out some more hero things (merchandising, character meals, characters around the parks) for the boys. Princesses are great for the girls and a great moneymaker. I believe that some sort of line for the boys can be a great moneymaker as well as encourage families with boys to keep returning. I also would look at addind some more themed dining at the Magic Kingdom. Epcot has the World Showcase as well as Coral Reef. MGM has Sci-Fi and 50s Prime time. Animal Kingdom has a Rainforest Cafe. Magic Kingdom aside from character meals does not have as much immersive themed dining. One of our favorites at Disneyland would be the Blue Bayou for the experience maybe the next ride added could have space added for a restaurant inside/alongside it. I also think resort to resort transportation is a good idea as guests eat at different resorts besides their "home resort" and easier transportation might encourage families to try more dining besides their hotel food court, which encourages more spending. I think if I were to start running a major park like WDW I would want to take the time to talk to l,ongterm castmember they're full of invaluable knowledge of what works and doesn't in the parks. I would also watch the Wonderful World of Disney shows that Walt made when he planned the parks. Last I would talk to the guests frome the little kid first visiting to the parents bringing their kids to experience what they did as kids all the way to the older people still coming back and smiling like their young again. After all, they are Disney World.
-- Christi
Portland, Oregon


If I ran Disney World I would try to make it more appealing to the 10-18 year old age group. I would either add more thrill rides to the exisiting parks or create a new park. One that combines thrill rides with say...history. It could be a tribute to the decades, such as Epcot is to the countries. Each pavilion could be its own decade where the kids would read about about what happened that decade in history as they wait in line for the thrill ride.
-- Mini Sorcerer's Mom
Hopewell junction, New York

I would actually treat those guests that Disney claims to cater to (DVC members) a lot better! Why not give DVC members a discount on park admission? Or a "super" fast pass on all purchased tickets? Or a meal plan only applicable to DVC? We members have paid a lot, and we are the "bread and butter", in my opinion. Give us a new break!
-- Roger Jarek
Dracut, MA

At the Animal Kingdom Lodge I would extend the special safaris to guests other than the guests staying on the concierge level. Although we do not stay in a concierge room, we go to Animal Kingdom Lodge once a year, staying in a savannah view room. We eat at Jiko and Boma, shop in the Zawadi gift shop and drink at Victoria Falls on a regular basis so I believe that as loyal Disney/Animal Kingdom visitors we deserve a chance to participate in these special events as much as the concierge guests.
-- Mary Jo
Laureldale, PA

This is a question that I have been waiting to be asked since I was a kid. Granted, I am only 21, but Disney has been my life since my parents took me there for the first time in 1992. If I were lucky enough to take control of Walt Disney's world, there are many, yet simple things that I would do. First of all, no rides would be down for no reason. Seasonal operation would not exist. I have worked in theme parks for that last four years in entertainment as a supervisor. I know that sometimes having enough people to staff everything can be tough. However, with things such as the college program and that fact that it's Disney, I have a hard time believing that this is the problem. There is no reason why rides such as The Timekeeper can not be open. Even if we were thinking of replacing it, it can stay open until we are ready to start construction of the new ride. That way, at least the guests who are upset that a ride is closed, have something to look forward to in the upcoming months. Same problem was with Horizons for years at Epcot, and the stage next to Drew Carey's Sound's Dangerous. Closed venues with nothing on the way just depress me when I am there because all I can think about is how much I miss the attraction that used to be there. One of the biggest things that I would change is something that has bothered me very much for years! The large neon sign that says "EPCOT" that towers over Spaceship Earth would be gone!! I admit that for the year 2000 it was pretty cool, but Walt specifically said that he didn't want any neon signs in Walt Disney World. So they built and kept one larger than the attraction that it neighbors. Everytime that I go back there and look at Spaceship Earth at night, all lite up, it just doesn't hold the same magic. The last thing I am going to talk about but certainly not the least is I would take the flying carpets of Aladdin out of the center of Adventureland. I understand that this is a cute easy ride for kids and adults alike, but a large mechanical ride right in the middle of adventureland, once again, takes away some of that magic for me. When I turn the corner and see that I no longer believe that I am in the middle of the jungle or the caribbean. I understand that need to adding and upgrading and I agree with it, I just feel that it can be done without trading some of that old original magic that was there since day 1.
-- Dan Block
Brockport, NY

If I ran Disney World, first off, I'd change the Dining Plan. A breakfast meal should be included. And, special dinners should be 1 Meal and an extra fee instead of 2 Meal. I also think you should choose if 3-9 year olds should be considered an adult. Or at least eats like one. I would also add a new value resort so there are more options. I would add a rollercoaster in Epcot, to bring more attention to it. I'd contact the travel channel and have them do a different documentary every other week, on a scheduled day and time. I might reduce the size of the Safari. because 110 acres is a lot, and the animals aren't on most of it anyway. On the Rock'n'Rollercoaster, I would take out some stuff (on the way to the line), like the recording studio, or at least have a seprate line so you don't HAVE to see that. That is what I'd do!
-- Allison
Newark, NY

Hi, If I ran Walt Disney World there would be several things I would do. 1. Extend the monorail line to all hotels and resorts. This should have been done a long time ago with the deluxe resorts. 2. Add more moderate resorts and possibly reduce the price for hotel rooms. The prices are just getting to crazy. 3. I would bring back some of the extinct attractions such as Horizons, 20,000 leagues under the sea, and the Original Journey to Imagination. 4. I would also give the cast members in the parks, raises. They do so much for us to make our vacations extra special. Well that is what I would do if I was in charge of Walt Disney World

Let's just get rid of smoking altogether. The small minority of people who cannot seem to adhere to the current policy make me wonder why I pay nearly $300 per annual pass each year. On the positive side, I would continue to price hotels, food and concessions as close to the "market" as possible. With what park entry costs, I don't think that Disney needs to sell a bottle of water for $2. And let's all try to be nice to one another !
-- Richard Kujay
Brandon, Florida

MK - Keep the current decorations on the castle. Expand Fantasyland to include things at DLRP and DL. It is too small and can't handle the volume of people. A Sleepy Hollow attration in Liberty Square and other historical attractions would help this area. Disney could mine old movies on this theme like Swamp Fox, Ben and Me. Adventureland could expand with a mine car ride from the second Indy movie, better than the one in DLPR. Get rid of Stitch Encounter in Tomorrowland. Create a section behind Fantasyland for the Villians to live. EPCOT - Expand by adding countries that were on the drawing board and add rides to existing countries. Bring back Dreamfinder to Imagination. Make a new 3-D movie for Imagination. Studio - Expand the park. Bring Cinemagic from DLPR. Bring Indy ride from CA. Keep Indy stunt show. Update Star Tours. Get rid of sound stages as they take up space and don't appear to be used often as the idea of a working studio didn't take off as expected. (or discount the use of it to production companies to make this work). Bring back Sorcery in the Sky fireworks. DAK- Build Beastly Kingdom. The concept art was beautiful. Put in another animal geographic area (South America, Australia) Do something with the park design (more foot paths) to help crowd flow...When the parade starts, all movement stops. Get rid of the petting zoo and train. Get rid of Chester's and Hesters and do more of the palentology themed attractions (i.e. Jurassic Parkesque) WDW transportation: Expand the monorail system to connect all parks. The cheapest way would be from TTC to DAK and from EPCOT to the Studio.
-- David Abercrombie
Jeffersonville, PA

If I ran Walt Disney World, I would add a service for customers, which would allow them to purchase preferred seating. No more waiting in lines for Festival of the Lion King, only to be scooted and nudged into the middle of the row, elbow to elbow with complete strangers. Long gone are the days of waiting an hour and a half at the "perfect" spot for viewing Spectromagic and the other parades at the parks. How about a picture perfect view of Wishes fireworks sho without the crowds of cranky kids and even crankier grown-ups? This special golden ticket would allow guests to walk-in to perfect views of the shows and parades. I think that there are many Disney-o-holics that would jump on the opportunity for this perk... and have no fear of forking over the big bucks for the pleasure of preferential treatment.
-- Shelly Simmons
Smithville, Ohio

To run Walt Disney World succesfully, one must BE Walt Disney. His desires, his visions, his admiration for what he had succesfully achieved all must be known and understood. For example, one of Walt Disneys visions was the Carousel of Life (one of MY all time favorite rides!). If I had the grand oppurtunity of running Walt Disney World, I would re-make the carousel of life with a fresh look, and have the ending sequence go much more into the future than where it presently stops. I would bring the characters back out to meet the people. Not simply Nemo or a character from Cars; but Alice in Wonderland and maybe even Dumbo! After all, Walt Disney stated that his kingdom is for the young and old-the older remember those more fondly than that of recent characters. The topic is correct in asking what we would do if we were in charge of "The World." So add another! Make a fairy-Tale land where all the princess' and prince's from these timeless movies live and walk around. Grander and longer firework spectacular's. They are AWE-INSPIRING! Why not make them bigger and better. If anyone can do it, Disney can! What a fabulous promotion for Ms. Crofton. I am confidant that if she researches Mr. Walter Elias Disney, and becomes him (sort-of-speak) she will bring Walt Disney World back to the way he saw it, true to his word, and with a fresh and vibrant look. At least that is what I would do, if I ran Walt Disney World.
-- James Muscolino
Fishkill, New York

Where do I start? In the Magic Kingdom I would bring back 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the gondolas, and the Frontierland riverboat (unless it's still running, it just looked deserted recently). I would de-cartoonize the whole place. From the rides to the decorations, I've noticed a real change towards supersized and modern cartoon based graphic art all over the whole place and while I'm a marketing major and recognize that you've got integrate your products to make big money and that stuff looks great on literature and on the screen, the parks are becoming less of a "real" fantasy world showing children what different places and things in the world are like and more of a cartoon land, much like Mickey's Birthday Land when that was new. I think that's the direction they chose to go in 15 or so years ago. In Epcot I would add more countries somehow - how awesome are the countries? I would even possibly remove or downsize the more lackluster countries like Canada, England, and Italy or at least make them more useful than another shopping spot and a place to get a $12 beer! I would try to add countries like Russia, Brazil, or India. Heck, lets do a mid-east country (other than the ultra-Americanized Isreal) to pay homage to that area and people. I would also get rid of the video game center, ie. the downfall of society. Ellen Degeneres has got to go. Animal Kigdom just needs more lush foliage hanging over the areas where people are, but I suppose that will happen with time. I mean, a theme of the place is the tree of life, come on. MGM is where they should concentrate all the movie integration and techology improvements. The Indiana Jones show is great, but overall a little dated. Not sure what to recommend because there aren't any other series worthy of replacing it. Ditto for Star Tours, which should use a better integration of the old and new trilogies and just needs a general update. In general it just needs a little bit more going on - the center area feels a little dead and also better dining choices. Lets start there.....
-- Peter Coyle
Delray Beach, FL

My change would be simple really, Instead of the "WISHES" theme at Magic Kingdoms nightly fireworks show, I would reinstate the "When you wish upon a star" theme. That song IS Disney. And no other can ever take it's place! EVER! Oh, then maybe they can start working on a North-east Ohio Disney World!!!!! Come on! the castle would look fabulous covered in SNOW!
-- Tracy Savage
Madison, Ohio

If I ran Disney World, I would hire more cast members to just work the grounds all day as "scouts." These special undercover cast members would look out for line cutters, litterers, and other park indecencies (we all know which one, specifically I'm referring to, and it is in regards to those "guests" among us who find that toilets are not a necessity, but merely a suggestion.) As a "guest" these people are to treat the host with respect and dignity, and the ones who can not abide by that should be removed from the park without a refund. There are thousands of people in the WDW parks every day and yet it usually boils down to one person or group that ruins things for everyone else. Guest's of the park are given the rules of the park before entering, therefore that is considered their warning. If you are caught by a cast member doing something you shouldn't be doing, you're out!
-- Alison Toronto
Stratford, CT

If I ran the World, the first thing I would do is eliminate the Disney Dining Plan - especially the FREE dining plan. I can remember how, just a few years ago, it was really fun to stumble across a new restaurant in a park and try it on a whim. (Ah, Mama Melrose, I remember you well from when I was almost the only one there!) I remember strolling the World Showcase with my spouse and mulling over - shall we dine in Canada or Morocco tonight? Those days are gone. On my first trip since the advent of the DDP, I can remember walking up to the station at Canada to see when I could get a reservation and was told that they were totally booked for the entire day. The frenzy is such that one must book ADRs weeks in advance, even in value sease which robs all spontaneity from travel. The restaurants cannot be selling enough alcohol to cover the loss in food sales. Unless the idea is to tie customers up in sit-down restaurants and thus keep them out of the attractions, I do not see what Disney gets from it.
-- Lisa Hall
Paducah, KY

I would bring back a sense of civility by enforcing acceptable standards of behavior which would make everyone's experience better. That means no smoking outside of designated areas, no group line cutting-punishable by eviction from the park for the day, no second chances. Any behavior that could cause harm to another guest will be reported and evaluated by security for possible eviction for the day. That includes excessive rudeness or abusive behavior towards guests or CM's. Gentleman will wear shirts, ladies will NOT wear bikini tops and everyone's "private parts" will remain private. No profane sayings on clothing. I'd make up a bunch of cheap cotton T's to hand out to offenders. Attending a Disney park is a privilege, not a right. Paying to get in does not mean you get to do whatever pleases you, disregarding the safety and enjoyment of others. Yes, the few who break the rules would be angry, but the vast majority of guests would have a MUCH better experience!
-- Julie
Wharton, NJ

I would definatley try and bring back the classic disney feel. Wiether that is making the "classics" more visable or laying off of the the newer chacters"stitch for example". i miss the feel that disney had over the last 20 years. i feel less competion with universal and more of a focus on what helped to get the world to where it is today, would revitialize the all of the property.
-- Bill
Melrose , MA

One move I would make would be to offer automatic fast pass entry to rides for guests staying in Deluxe resorts. These people are paying top dollar and deserve extra attention.
-- abline
Jackson, New Jersey

Hi, My name is Mariana, I'm writing from Brazil and, because of that, my answer will be biased. If I ran "the world", I would address the two issues that, in my experience, are the ones most brazilians complain about. First, the fact that Brazil doesn't have a Pavilion at Epcot, even though Disney receives many many brazilian visitors every year. And second, the food. Given the fact that visiting Disney represents an international travel for us, there are some time and budget restraints, so most brazilians eat all their meals at over-the-counter places, and there are very few of those that serve anything other than your expected hamburger-fries-pizza-hot-dog type food, and, after 10 days of that, you get really tired. Other than that, Disney is PERFECT and I will continue to visit it as often as my budget and the American Embassy in Brazil allow it.
-- Mariana
Brasilia, Brazil

I would include all WDW restaraunts (Disney-owned or not) in the Dining, Premium, and Platnum packages. That way, we don't have to worry if where we want to eat is included.
-- Amber P.
Virginia Beach, VA

first and formost I'd ban smoking.
-- dana silva
celebration, fl

My husband and I have been talking for a while about a new rollercoaster idea. In honor of Lilo and Stitch, we'd call it "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride" like the song in #2. The idea is that it would be a stand-up rollercoaster that goes sideways, like you are on a surf board. You can go really fast, dip over "waves" and go upside down when you wipeout! Wooo-hooo!!! I would also make sure the refurbishment schedules went much faster. No need to take 9 months to refurbish something like "it's a small world". Disney-MGM needs a new attraction besides another show. Refillable drink mugs at resorts could be raised in price, but be refillable at all parks and Downtown Disney. There should be internet service cafes and WiFi available in all resorts. Disney Quest would get a major overhauling to include more adult-friendly attractions. Comedy Warehouse would get better script-writers! LOL
-- Amber P.
Virginia Beach, VA

If I was the head Mouse at Disney World: 1st for all resorts I would have transportation directly to all four parks, NO STOPS. Then seperate buses for the other resorts(those can stop) 2nd the Mono-rail would connect all 4 parks And last the quick meals at lunch at the parks HAVE to change- same food different parks Thanks for listening
-- Kelly Featherston
Berlin, Wi

Since 1983 I have been to wdw over 20 times. if I was to tell Meg Croft anything it would be to emphasize cleanliness of the parks and upkeep via increased maintenance. I have seen this decline and I am not sure why. I think it is time to dole out new attraction ideas to the magic kingdom first rather than other parks. Instead of another park how about another land in the magic kingdom? Time for the grand prix raceway to be updated to even an indoor attraction. No more old fashioned gas engine vehicles. More rides fashioned after Pixar movies like the Buzz Lightyear ride. I would update adventureland with another "mountian" type ride and update the jungle cruise. No more hotels for now! After all these years the Contemporary Hotel is still quite impressive though. Finally, I would make it a point to present a guest a major prize like a car, vacation, prize money on a daily basis like they were doing for the 15th anniversary. I know Meg will do a great job this is a great time for the theme parks division. Thank You Bruce Heindl
-- bruce heindl
waukesha, wisconsin

If I had any say in the way Disney ran things I would have something every year that was dedicated to making Disney more affordable for everyone.Being from a large family I always have to get 2 rooms as the suites aren't even big enough for us.We are a lower income family and even the values ,times two rooms can get very exspensive.I think Once a year Disney should run some type of special geared towards the larger then most famliy.Perhaps pay full price for one room and get the other in the same party for the half the cost.Hey just an idea.Perhaps this would make it easier for families like myself to experience another resort other then the values for a treat!Disney is suppose to be about the family and not all families are small.I have 5 children and we are a group of 7 total .we always need 2 rooms along with many others I've spoke too and they all agree.Disney needs to make nice with the large family.
Middletown, New Jersey

I would lower prices so the middle class could come more often. Most of us have to work a part time job just to save for a trip to the world.It is my most favorite place to vacation ,but it is getting so hard to save for a trip each year.
-- Roland
summerfield, nc

Reminds me of that old Popeye cartoon...when Olive sings "If I were president, if I were president...all the MICKEY Ice creams would be 1 cent"! I would make sure the people that wanted to go there but could not afford it (like me when I was little) could go.
-- Lisajl
Delaware, ohio

I would cut the admission price for the Magic Kingdom in half during the Year of a Million Dreams!
-- Jimmy
Port Jefferson Station, NY

The first thing I'd do is figure out what to do with The Odyssey restaurant in Epcot. Perhaps I'd just give it to McDonalds.
-- Bill
Richmond, VA

"The World" eh? Oh goodness. Where do I start? I would remodel the Enchanted Tiki room, thats supposedly "Under New Managment" I enjoyed the old one better, without Iago. I would lower prices on the magnificent hotels such as the Grand Floridian, and would improve the service, and respect of Mousekeeping. Another thing would be, Spaceship Earth, people say its a timeless favorite. I have to disagree, with more teens falling "out" of love with Disney, maybe perhaps turn it into a roller coaster. Nothing too broad, somewhere inbetween Space Mountain, and Expedition Everest. I think it would be a good sized coaster, perhaps keeping the "theme" as the "journey through the development of Communication". Another main thing I would try to improve would to be Walt's "big plans" for Epcot. Maybe a city, exactly like he wanted it, but, maybe with animatronics, instead of real people living and working there. I would start from there, and take my, and the other imagineers' imaginations, and improve on the Happiest Place On Earth!
-- Jessie
, South Carolina

I would bring back the "Electric Light Parade" to the Magic Kingdom. I would do away with all the buffets and have nice sit down restaurants. I would like to have the monorail extended to more hotels. How about more princess breakfasts at the parks?
-- Ann in KY
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

I would DEFINITELY NOT have closed down WWTBAM! When MGM was first opened the whole theme at the park was anyone can be a STAR! This attraction was one place where everyone still had a chance to be that STAR.The whole attraction fit in so well with Walt Disney's philosophy,we all need to dream. When you went into this attraction there was always that CHANCE of a dream coming true!
-- Joan S.
Barrington, RI

I would like to see the "Fast Pass" system be changed to give some priority to those that are staying in the WDW resorts. There seems to be very little advantage to staying on site anymore. Even the extra magic hours are now so crowded that it is no longer a significant incentive for staying on the property.
-- Jim
burkesville, ky

I'd put Carousel of Progress on the "Off Limits" list, so that it was never subject to being closed and restore the original Tiki Room. And I'd consider at least one EMH or Magic Hour which was for adults only --imagine the luxury of not having to deal with strollers!!
-- Disney Donna
Manhattan, KS

If I had a chance to run Disney World, I would not change anything majorly. As far as attractions go, I would just get rid of the Stitch ride at Magic Kingdom and maybe add a different ride or two in World Showcase. I would make sure the "smoking in designated areas" policy was enforced in every single park. I would allow the Vacation Club Members to be included in the Free Dining programs and other promotions. Nothing major!
-- Jennifer
Pine Beach, NJ

If I ran the world, I would incoporate hotels into the World Showcase at Epcot. They would obviuosly be a lot smaller then the current resorts. They would be more like exclusive resorts.
-- Jaime Stephens
Trinity, FL

Live there!!!! Immerse myself in the MAGIC 24-7!!!!!!
-- Darlene Drake
Baldwinsville, NY

Personally I wouldn't advertise a hard ticket event as such and then change the times that the park would close. If the Ivory tower wants to do a bait and switch start it next year and make the rules clear. I didn't pay 180.00 for tickets and was told the park would close at 6 to sweep the park of those who don't have tickets to find out that now the park closes at 7 and the CM's would do their best to ensure those without tickets (wristbands) would be removed as the evening went on. I also wouldn't promote special fireworks for the event to then change the rules and announce they would be everynight during the later half of October. I can't even get my money back because the tickets are non refundable. they advertise it one way then discover it won't make enough money because not as many peopel get to eat and shop so they change the rules to satisfy what themselves. I know a lot of people are upset about this yet the ivory tower mentality could care less.
-- Cathy Anderson
Lawrence, Ks

If I ran the World, I would change the focus of advertizing, specials, and programs from bringing in new Guests to bringing back loyal repeat Guests. I would initiate bounce-back specials, add perks to the various Annual Passes, and bring back some incarnation of the Magic Kingdom Club or Disney Club discount programs, all in an effort to encourage Guests to come back to WDW year after year - or even several times per year. I would also add smaller programs, like a proprty-wide refillable mug program, Segway tours in all 4 parks, several adults-only restaurants, specialized tours just for Guests in ECVs and wheelchairs, additional private Grand Gathering touring and dining experiences, and more live entertainment options in the various resorts such as dinner shows and concerts. And I would definitely return Pleasure Island to its original, gated format instantly - as well as add several other themed clubs, similar to the Adventurers Club. In the long-term, I would begin multi-year plans to build a light rail system around the property to phase out as many bus routes as possible, increasing transportation capacity without impacting traffic or the environment.
-- WillCAD
Baltimore, Maryland

If I ran WDW I would open a "retro" park and place the old classic's like,Horizons,World of Motion in them instead of replacing them which makes them gone forever.That way everyone would always be happy and the Magic would live forever.
-- BlueMan
Nashville, TN

1st of all to begin the day; I'd pray over all of the employees; and pray for wisdom, discernment & you know what; all would fall into place. Thanks for listening to my suggestion. jean
-- Wilderness Gal
Haughton, LA

If I ruled the world, Disney World that is... I'd start off by expanding the monorail to travel to all the parks adding a quick and easy travel opportunity to go from park to park with a second "hub" like TTC to lessen the congestion at MK. Next I would love to see more Future World exhibits and more Showcased countries in Epcot. Seems there is lots of underutilized space in that park that really could have some more fun, exciting, and educational attractions. Animal Kingdom would get the next additions of a few more rides that would be more spread out in the park- perhaps some dark rides that educate about animals and the environment. It seems the few bigger attractions all get bottle-necked in that park. I'd also love to see the boat rides return to this park- what a great way to view the park. Disney-MGM Studios is great and so different from the other parks. I would love to see more of the Disney movies featured in the park. Perhaps get the PIXAR tie in more fully with some animation attractions. And I would love to see another big coaster or thrill ride in this park- where it would seem to fit more appropriately. Lastly is Magic Kingdom- and really not much I could say here- it just seems to fit the niche it was supposed to. I suppose if I had to do something it would be to create a ride/exhibit of Disney History there- so those who went to WDW as young children in the 1970's could show their children what it was like "back then"- I could see snippets of songs from rides, TV shows, movies and more. As for resturants in any of the parks- I would love more themed like the 50's Prime Time or the Sci-Fi Dine In where it is just fun to eat and the Cast Members working there are their own characters. I have no idea where some of those could be placed but I think with the Disney Dining Plan in place more table service resturants would be needed. May some could be constructed to serve as Counter Service on one side and Table service on another, offering the same food from the same kitchen but the table service providing more atmosphere. Resorts- of course here I believe they need all the deluxe resorts and DVC's to be on the monorail system or if not then those resort guests should get some sort of priviledged transportation not available to others, making those resorts all the more desirable. More Value Resorts would be appreciated too. I'd love to see more added to Fort Wilderness too. Maybe bring a water park like pool for those staying in the camp ground. Also more smaller cabins available- for those who don't mind the more rustic enviroment but who would prefer something more secure than a tent. And lastly- keep the magic flowing. I love the dreams promotion idea and really think it should become a permenant part of the parks. Where CM can spread the magic as simply as giving a free fast pass, a soda, pin, or "be a cm for a moment" to the more elaborate things of resort stays, passes to extras (mini golf, water sports activities, tours, etc). Something that could easily be added into a trip, but would be random unexpected magic that isn't influenced by the cuteness of the kid or the arrival time- nothing predictable. And lastly, if I ruled the world, Disney World that is... I'd get all my family and friends to the park on a premium package with all the perks. Sure I can dream with the best of them...
-- VirtuallyMe
Lake Charles, Louisiana

If I coould change anything it would ne total revamping Epcot's World Showcase. I would add more Disney attractions that would reflect a certain country. A Good example would be in China, The Reflections of China sould be a Mulan show or ride. Impression de France shold be a Story Time with Belle or the old stage show on Hunchback. This would make Epcot more kid friendly.
-- BillyBear
Philadelphia, PA

*move Jungle Cruise (and revise) over to Animal Kingdom *Replace Drew Carey show *Revise/ add to World Showcase. All should have 'draws' movie or ride. What about a(n) Brasil/ Russia/ South Africa/ Australia/ India/ etc Pavillion? Thanks Gerry
-- Gerry S
Crofton, MD

Marketing #1 priority. First I would see what the guests like. I would send out questionaires to repeat guests via us mail and e-mails. I would have a rating sheet provided to all guests at sit down restaurants. I would pose CM's as guests and have them strike up conversations with visiting guests in stores and on rides. Collect all the information over a year. Enter the info into a database (jobs for people) adnd review the data. Make modifications to WDW to satisfy guests and still make a profit for WDW. One suggestion I would do immediately is for Hollywood and Vine. I would keep the JoJo young kid's breakfast and change lunch to a Hero's theme for older kids. Dinner would still be a Fantasmic package. I bet H&V would book ADR's faster than Chef Mickey's, Cindy's and 'Ohana's. WDW guests of all ages would be happy and WDW still makes a profit. It would be a WIN-WIN situation.
-- pooh2001
Hopewell, New York

This would cost a lot of money, but I wouyld have a monorail go to animal kingdom from the TTC as well as a monorail to MGM and possibly the Boardwalk.
-- David Bessette
johnston, ri

I would stop the nickel & diming of the park visitors which is the lifeblood of the Disney Company and stop treating the employees like garbage. Every year Disney cuts back on benefits for its special events (ie, Mickey's Very Merry Xmas Party) or its holiday decorations which pushes more people to go places other than Disney. If you want your employees to stay physically fit, stop charging them for health club facilities on premises.
-- sjpvac
New York, NY

I would bring back the original Journey into the Imagination including Captain Eo right away. I would also bring back American Vybe at EPCOT. The boat ride at Animal Kingdom would return and World of Motion (revamped to be more modern, but not such a quick thrill ride.) Universe of Energy has to go and take the Drew Carey sound show with it. The Superstar Television would have to come back, that was my favorite, and it would be so cool to bring it back with a fresh new set. Last but not least, the return of the Skybuckets!!
-- Jocelyn Walters
Mosinee, WI

If I ran the world (wow, what an incredible thought) I would keep many things the same, I mean, that's why we all love it don't we. I would bring a few old favorites back like Mr. Toad's wild ride, the Tarzan Rocks show, and the show at MGM studios where members of the audience could participate in live T.V. shows such as Cheers (now that was a great attraction). I would bring back the ice cream social at Epcot and impliment similar attractions in the other theme parks too. I would create more experiences for little boys (I have a little girl and LOVE the princess boutiques and character meals but the boys need some action here too). I would start a Toy Story, Monsters Inc. or Power Rangers meal. I would keep Animal Kingdom open later now that expedition everest is there, it just closes too early, even in the summer. I would also add some sort of evening attraction like fireworks or lighted parade at Animal Kingdom as well to encourage people to visit more and stay longer. I would change parade times so that they were in the early afternoon so that parents of young children who leave the parks in mid afternoon for naps and to escape the heat could do so without missing parades. I would implement an unlimited fast pass for deluxe resort guests (heck, we stay there anyway so this is a perk I would love). All in all, I would keep things the same like wonderful customer service, the magical feeling all guests get upon arrival, the accommodations that are out of this world, some of the best dining experiences you can find, but add some of these items to make it all the more magical.
-- Lesley Sawhook
Maineville, Ohio

I would like to see a greater effort be made to enforce major rules and policies. A tension has always existed between the two extremes of enforcement; too much leads to "Fascist Disney", but too little results in chaos and frustration on the part of the other Disney guests who are inevitably affected by the rule breakers. It seems to me that Disney has become a bit TOO eager to avoid any kind of guest unpleasantness. While avoiding guest confrontation seems like an admirable goal, doing so often has the unintended consequence of "rewarding" the rule breaker and "punishing" the many Disney guests who are negatively impacted by the behavior. A balance needs to be found between the "anything goes, avoid confrontation at all cost policy" and the "police state" policy. And I truly believe that the vast majority of pleasant, rule-abiding Disney guests needs to be protected from the selfish "I can do whatever I want" minority. For instance, I could pass on Disney CM's enforcing the "no string tie tops" rule (though I personally would never wear one), but they need to step in to situations such as a person chain smoking among the packed Spectromagic crowds and other "in your face" violations that directly impact other guests.
-- Disneyfriend
Honolulu, Hawaii

Nothing. Nothing different. The World is wonderful just the way it is. The best thing about WDW is the sheer beauty of the place. And it is the cast members that make it Magical. If I could change anything, it would be the behavior of some of the guests. They just need lessons in common courtesy, like get in line, don't push, be quiet during performances, remove your crying child, no flash photography and so on. I don't know what Ms. Crofton can do about that.
-- D. Harmon
Coldwater, Michigan

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