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How do you share the Disney Magic?

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-- alex

i keep the magic alive everyday i have pictures lots of wonderful memories of my trips to disneyworld i dont let those other folks who dont have the disney gene bother me they just dont know about all the magic and excitement that they are missing it is truly the happiest place on earth i just think about it and get a happy feeling or i watch a disney movie or watch one of our past trips
-- michelle willey
Dedham, Massachusetts

in my home we have a whole level filled with old pics of disney and all 7 dwarfs and more like auto graph books and minnie and mickey
-- courtney
santarosa, ca

By telling folks to "Have a Magical Day!" any chance that I get!
-- Kay
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We initially joined the Disney Vacation Club when we were on Vacation at Walt Disney World with extended family. Since Joining, we have told two other couples, who are good friends of ours, about the Disney Vacation Club. They subseqeuntly joined, and we had the opportunity to vacation together on a Disney Cruise Lines member cruise this past fall. We aslo get together and send eachother Disney gifts, and are involved in planning more vacations with our families in the not too distant future. Also, one of the families was selected to have a Disney party at their home this next month -- which we will all attend. We have had a lot of fun since joining DVC--for example, on one of the cruises to Cast away Kay, one of the families burried a bottle on the island, and created a treasure map for the next family tolocate the bottle on thier vacation to Cast away kay. Two years later, they finally found the bottle just as the map had illustrated. We also discovered that it is just as cheap to rent a limosine from Saratoga Springs to the Cruise line dock, as it is a van. We had six adults and all of our luggage packed in the limo. We look forward to more cruises and visiting the parks each year.
-- Steven R. Leach
Smithsburg, Maryland

-- seth
canton, gaorga

Our family shares the Disney magic by taking different foster children to Disneyland every year. Most of the kids have never been and may never have the chance to go again. It's something they'll always remember.
-- jill
mountlake terrace, washington

I live near a resort community. I share the Disney Magic by offering to take photos of people on vacation! They sometimes think twice about handing over their camera to a total stranger...then I just say "Its ok, I used to work for Disney!" I get big smiles and hopefully great photos.
-- Lisa Doak
Harbeson, DE

well i watch disney channel and i love that channel.. and mi friends love it to.. AND I love disney chartchers.. soo do everyone at mi skool.. so its all good..
-- samantha
palm beach gardens, fl

Smile everyday,And let everyone know Disney isn't just for kids.
-- Terri
clementon, new jersey

I work in a Disney Store. It's great I get to see the merchandise every day and talk to people who have just returned or are planning a trip to Disney. Disney talk all the time. I buy my granddaughter something Disney every day. People say she will need therapy before she can even talk. And I buy family & friends Disney merchandise for holidays and birthdays. And no one is safe during Disney trip planning time! Which begins at least 5 months prior to the trip. Also at least a month of Disney talk and picutres after the trip. That pretty much covers the year of DISNEY!
-- Charlene
Scranton, PA

I spread Disney Magic with my family and friends by ALWAYS talking about Disney this or Disney that. With my family, I constantly talk about our upcoming WDW vacation and DCL cruise, about helping everyone make up their minds of what we are going to do while there. I always carry the Disney attitude and smile, which also spreads Disney Magic. Oh, and of course I tell everyone my favorite website---the DIS! :)
-- Minnie328
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

We are going to Disney with our 3 children in November and I am as excited as they are (sometimes more!) To get and keep in the Disney spirit before then, I will just walk into a room or in the car, break out into singing "When you wish upon on a star" or "We're walking right down the middle of mainstreet USA". My older kids roll their eyes and laugh, but my youngest gets this excited look on her face and squeals with delight and then I do the same to her. I can't wait to share the real magic with her when we go in November!! I also have the "Dis Radio" station playing at work and at home all of the time! How can you not LOVE Disney and the magic that it brings?!?
-- Kel Z
ARchbold, Ohio

I teach 7th grade English so I need a fair amount of pixie dust each day to energize me and keep the Disney Magic with me on long days when Cindy's castle really does feel like it's a milllion dreams away. So I adopted Tinkerbell as my mascot about 10 years ago. I shared this with my students when I started teaching and now my desk area and wall behind it have become a Tinkerbell shrine! I have everything from figurines to stickers to hand-drawn pictures of the little fairy from past students. My screen saver rotates between Tinkerbell and the castle, becoming an object of pleasant conversation whenever a student stops by. Our class motto is, "All it takes is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust," which combines all the logic we teachers promote in terms of their overall success, with a little Disney Magic! The students know me for my playfulness and whimsy, and even the boys warm up to power of the pixie when I get out my Tinkerbell wand to wave some much needed pixie dust over them on test days. All of this allows me to keep the magic alive in my everyday hectic life of middle school teaching. And what kid wouldn't connect with a teacher who just hasn't completely "grown up"?
-- Kassi
Zimmerman, MN

How do i share my disney magic? I let them see the photo i took in disney world and mgm! Tell them about it is ok but when they see the photo they can see the fun we are have. Next time i'm taking a video cam so they can see and hear all the joy. That how i keep the magic alive in me.
danville, virginia

We have Disney themed items in our home in every room and listen to Disney CD's in the car. My friends know we love WDW - so whenever they say where to go on vacation, I recommend WDW and this web-site. I tell them about discounts and let them borrow (or have) my guide books. We talk about Disney Park rides, places to eat in WDW, and best WDW resorts (my opinion) for their family tastes. I even tell them about my diamond ring. It was a thank you from my husband, after I convinced him to go to WDW for the 1st time :)
-- pooh2001
Hopewell Junction, New York

When I'm at Disney I am truley the Husband,Father and person that I want to be in life. My goal in everyday life is to try to be that person even with the pressures of life.
-- Bru'sCrew
Blue Springs, Missuuri

I'm a nurse in a critical care CCU and I find that many of my patients have been to Disney and enjoy reminiscing about their journeys to the world. I had a patient about a month ago that as soon as he saw my Minnie Nurse pin, started talking nonstop about his trip in June with his 20 year old granddaughter...it made him so happy that he forgot about his declining health and had a smile that could have lit up the castle. This 66 year old with a bad heart, bad kidneys, and a poor outlook had just been there in June and rode everything with his granddaughter from Splash Mountain to Expedition Everest and became a kid again while he was telling me about all of his ride, dining, and character adventures. You see, Disney really is good medicine!
-- Christina Barnes (aka "Bzzelady")
Danville, Pennsylvania

So happy that we could go, Working on our scrapbook , Make our family very happy.And we count are blessing everyday that we could go. Also Helping all my friends with their DISNEY WORLD trip.
Connellsville, PA

I keep the disney magic alive everyday by spicing up my kitchen. I own the disney spice rack set and salt and pepper shakers. I use them all the time they are a focal point in my kitchen. We also watch disney movies . I think the biggest way I try to spread the disney magic everyday is that no matter who I talk to friends or co-workers, or people I am waiting in the same place with and start talking, I always tell them nothing is impossible if you try you will find an answer to your dream, or achieve anything you wish. I think fate is 50% magic good or bad and the rest is how you can turn it into your good fortune. I always try to make where ever I am a fun place to be . It's easier to find the fault with something ,but it's more fun to laugh and find the funny side of things.
-- Deborah
queensbury, NY

i get so excited about disneyworld and everybody in my small town knows it, that is all i talk about, i have 2 tatoo's and even my dentist asks me when i am going to go again. my kids and grandkids call up and ask how many days,hrs., minutes we have left, which is in fact 9 days,11 hrs. and 59 min. people in my town come to me to ask how to do their disney vacations.
-- justice11
jonesburg, missouri

Well for me Disney is my life it seems. Its funny im always thinking about Walt Disney World every day. I have all the parade cd's in my car that i listen too all the time every day 24/7, im always humming and singing the songs in my head, out loud, and i wear a disney lanyard that i wear my name badge on at work, i have a disneyland mickey mouse trading pin i wear on it. SO for me disney is with me all the time. Its funny that the co workers i work with are so familiar with me and disney, when its time for vacation they already ask me how many days until disney? Im sure they think im silly being 33 and have gone to disney for more than 40 times in my life. I used to go to disney 3 times a year, living in GA its very easy to get to for me by 6 hours away driving. So thats how i keep the magic alive. With the holidays i decorate my christmas tree in my own room with nothing but Disney ornaments. A 7 foot tree with nothing but disney. So everyone who comes to the house looks forward to seeing my christmas tree every year. I try to decorate it with the theme of the parks for that year. By the way i just got back today 9/20/06 from disney for 3 days. So im a happy guy now !!!
-- Skip Harris
Griffin , GA

Hello, I "share the magic by wearing my charm bracelet with various charms from my trips to Disneyland and Disneyworld. Also I will wear appropriate pins at work and out shopping (patriotic for 4th of july, Mickey Santa for Christmas ect.) Rarely do I get out that someone, especially younger ones will ask me about them and this gives me a chance to talk Disney and get them excited and keep my Disney appreciation up at a high level Thank You! Liz Schlador
-- Liz Schlador
Meridian, ID

I teach kindergarten and I keep the Magic by playing Disney soundtracks during center time and the Wishes soundtrack while the kids are writing in their journals. And, of course, I have pictures of my family vacation hanging up and I wear my Disney shirts at least a couple times a week.
-- tchrrx
Shawnee, OK

Everyday there is not a time that goes past the I don't talk about Walt Disney World. Me and my husband love it. We will be there again for our 10th time together. At work I always talk about it. 2 of my co-workers used to say to me your nuts you can't love it that much ect.ect. I kept telling them that there is no place Disney World. So last yr. for their first time both of my co-workers went. When they came back they couldn't believe it. They told me it was just like I said it would be. Now I have made believers out of two more people. And now that we just had our first child a year ago she will be going to Disney for her very first time!! We have her room decorated in disney and she just loves mickey and minnie mouse. So we are spreading our pixie dust down to our daughter. Some people hand down family traditions and keepsakes. We are sharing our disney magic with our child.
-- Anna
Bensalem, Pa

We share the Disney Magic by incorporating anything and everything Disney into our everyday lives. Our three year old loves to listen to the parade CD that we have in the car and it gets played at least once a day. We have also convinced my parents to go along with us on our upcoming trip and they have no idea how much has changed.
-- Angie
Carrollton, GA

It really isn't all that difficult to keep the "Disney Magic" alive and ticking each day. If you just put yourself back on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom or standing out on Deck 10 when the horn blows aboard the Wonder or the Magic, then you have found that very special place deep inside that only a true Disney lover can feel or even begin to explain. I always tell people to think happy thoughts like Tinkerbell and that will always bring a silly smile to their face. It really isn't all that hard!! Disney puts me in a very good place.
-- Ellen B.
garnerville, new york

I try to bring the Disney spirit to my life in exile - a.k.a. my life outside of Disney - by persuading as many folks as possible to share in the love that is Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line. I make themed CDs of Disney music for my friends and family, make Disney-related crafts, share trip stories and photos, and prepare recipes from the resorts. As soon as I hear someone express interest in Disney I point them in the direction of the disboards, allearsnet and mousesavers and give them my personal tips for travel and maximizing the magic. Friends call me the "maximum magic maker" and say that I just "glow" when I talk about Disney! So far I've convinced at least 2 families to go on a WDW trip who wouldn't have otherwise considered it! Keeping the magic in my heart throughout the year when I'm away from Disney brings a little pixiedust to everyday life.
-- stina
Easthampton, Massachusetts

As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, I make it known to as many friends as possible that I will rent my DVC points to them at an extremely affordable price in years when I don't plan on using the points. I really feel that the best way to experience the "true" Disney experience is to stay at a Disney resort on WDW property. So I try to help them do that affordably. I find that I enjoy it when I can help make their dreams come true.
-- Brent Kohlenberger
Swansea, Illinois

I remember when the whole Disney ýthingý didnýt click with me either. My first visit to WDW was when I was 23. I went with a co-worker and her 2 children. Iýve had the Disney bug ever since. I find that those who ýbah-humbugý our Disney addiction, have never been there! You just canýt put it into words in such a way that someone will ýfeelý it ý you have to go. In this day and age, we should all embrace ANY opportunity to share a little happinessý a little peaceý a little funý a few smilesý time with family and friendsý a little magicý And Disney offers all that -- so, in my opinion, those who think itýs silly are just neglecting themselves of the experience and memories to last a lifetime.
-- DisneyBugs
N. Grosvenordale, CT

hello I love to spread the Disney magic all the time every day of the year. I actually would love to name a child Disney if I could that's how much I love it. We give Disney pins to everyone for gifts all the time. When we got down we buy over 100 pins for all different occasions so when a birthday or holiday comes up we take out our pin bin and attach one to everyones gift. They look forward to our little treats and can't wait to see what pin they'll get next. It's a great way to spread the Disney magic all year round.
-- Judy Pezza
Sterling, CT

Every day is a Disney day! My 2 1/2 year old daughter has learned she can reach the automatic window control with her foot from her car-seat. But I have the control on the window lock! When she complains that her window isn't working, I tell her to try the magic words. Then she starts to sing Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. Once she says the magic words, I flip the switch so her window will work. It leaves her awestruck. And my 6-year old loves to find hidden mickeys anywhere -- the latest bunch have been in the knots of wood throughout our home (we live in a log home). He recently found one by the front door - truly fitting for our home!
-- DisneyBugs
N. Grosvenordale,, CT

Several years ago some of our friends were going to WDW for the first time. Knowing that we traveled there several times a year, they asked us to write down some "hints" for them---thus began our family journal which now numbers 16 pages. Our grown children have added their input, and we have shared this document with untold numbers. I even had a lady in West Virginia call me the other day for a copy. Everytime we go, I save all the folders, maps, and other information that they give us at check-in. When I know someone personally who is going for the first time, I give them the folder full of Disney's stuff and a copy of our family journal. I also include a list of websites so they can begin to understand the lifelong committment they are about to make. I've really considered teaching a class at our local senior center.
-- mikki'smom
Guntersville, Alabama

For our upcoming trip, my husband & I booked an Illuminations cruise. Rather than selling the seats to other people, we decided to treat three DIS members and their families to the cruise, on us! We hope it makes their trip special & surprising them with the offer was just our little way of sharing the Disney magic.
-- MartDM
Camillus, NY

I am guilty of being a Disney snob. I pity those who cannot not identify with my obessesive need of a Disney fix. I think it is an injustice, for anyone to not have had the Disney experience at least once in their lifetime. It should be required by law for every American family to make the Disney pilgrimage (at least once). For the "Disney Way" mindset has proven to be very beneficial in all aspects of life. It is a fact, that unhappy people not only suck, but are more prone to illness, disease, depression, heart failure, etc. My family can't get along to save their souls(we dread family reunions), but when we go to Disney we forget about all the silly things that we argue about, and depart with loving memories. So I spread the pixie dust by encouraging EVERYONE I know to go to Disney World, especially if they are getting on my last nerves!To get them to leave faster I always offer my "Disney Expertise" to help with planning because the world can be overwhelming for a novice if you try to do to much on one trip. Many people have followed my advice over the years, and I tell you not a one of them have come back the way they left, and they cant wait to go back!
-- ?DreamsRMadeOf
Superior Twp. , MI

I have stickers and note pads that I use during the day at my job or sometimes I surprise someone with a magical wish, just to see the reaction on there face.
-- Roberta
syracuse , NY

Last time we went to WDW, I purchased an ice tray that makes Mickey head shaped ice cubes. Using those ice cubes guarantees a smile!
-- amaloy314
Mechanicsburg, OH

Some folks are just special. They are the ones willing to discuss Disney related topics 24/7. Ill spend some downtime at work surfing Disney web sites. The folks around me inevitably end up talking about their last trip to the World. The Non-Magical folk end up being quite as we yabber away about what we love the most at Walt Disney World. I do this about two to three times a week and of-course everyone is on to me, but they donýt seem to mind.
-- George S
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

I like to spread the Disney magic at my workplace. (I don't need to do it at home- everyone pretty much is a Disney fanatic like me!) I manage a local animal shelter, which can be an emotionally difficult job to do. I have added a touch of magic by including Micky ear staplers, tape dispensers, and pen holders. There are pictures of Cinderella's castle and little Mickey Mouse icons on our computer desktops at work. My staff even got into the Disney spirit and threw me a surprise birthday party, all themed around Disney. I am leaving for my next Disney vacation at the end of September. My staff thought it would be neat if we named all of the homeless pets that come in during the month of September after Disney characters, in honor of my upcoming vacation! I truly believe that ever since I introduced my staff to the simple joys of Disney, their spirits have risen and it seems to act as a stress-reliever for the staff. That's just fine with me, as I am a truly a Disney fanatic!
-- Shelly Simmons
, Ohio

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