D23 Expo 2017

Advanced Tips for the D23 Expo

The D23 Expo is coming up fast! This August, thousands of Disney fans will converge onto the Anaheim Convention Center. If you were a fan of my 10 Basic Tips […]

Three Days in the Life of a D23 Expo Attendee

The D23 Expo, regularly subtitled “the ultimate Disney fan event,” attracts hordes of people biennially to the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Many folks are already making travel plans for […]

Should I Attend D23 in 2019?

If you are an avid Disney fan, by now you will have heard lots of horror stories about the 2017 D23 Expo. You have also most likely heard some great […]

Disney Rumor Round Up July 2017

Welcome to another edition of Disney Rumor Round Up! Disney has been swarming us with news lately, so let’s get right down to the newest rumors in anticipation for the […]