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Why You Should Ditch the Disney Reveal

The hot new thing to do for your Walt Disney World vacation (though it’s not new at all) is a Disney Reveal. In case you haven’t seen them, Disney Reveals […]

Selling Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

While most people love their Disney Vacation Club membership, from time to time — for any number of reasons — people do decide to sell their membership. So, what do you […]

How Does Disney Vacation Club Membership Work?

The Disney Vacation Club is a unique approach to timeshare. Rather than purchasing a fixed week where you must travel within that week every year, DVC allows you to purchase […]

How Much Does Disney Vacation Club Cost?

The cost of a Disney Vacation Club membership is dependent on a few factors. Whether you purchase directly from Disney or on the resale market, you are required to pay […]

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

A Disney Vacation Club membership is Disney’s version of a timeshare. You become a member by purchasing “points” (either directly through Disney or on the resale market). With your membership […]