4 Reasons To Be Excited For Pandora–The World of Avatar


4) Nighttime Bioluminescent Floras

When the sun sets, the bioluminescent floras are going to turn on. These glowing floras are extremely colorful, and apparently will be fun to touch. I hope that Pandora-The World of Avatar lights up the same way the Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom lights up at night.  I know this sets the bar very high, but from the pictures and video that have been released of the bioluminescent floras in Pandora–The World of Avatar I think this will be the most beautiful area of any Disney park at night. The ground is supposed to light up as well.


3) Avatar isn’t owned by Disney

You might be wondering why this is a good thing, so I’ll tell you why. When Disney owns an intellectual property the only standard they have to live up to is their own. Luckily for Disney park guests their standard is pretty high, which has led to the beautiful Disney parks. But when Disney doesn’t own the intellectual property they are not only held to their own standard, but also whoever owns the intellectual property. For example, in the case of Pandora-The World of Avatar, Disney has to live up to the standard of Director James Cameron and 20th Century Fox. The reasons why the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was so well done at Universal was because they had to live up to J.K. Rowling’s high expectations. There were even apparent disagreements between Disney and James Cameron, and I view that as a good thing. The fact that there were passionate back and forth discussions on this new themed area has me excited.


2) James Cameron and Joe Rohde Are Behind The Project

I’ve already touched a little on Director James Cameron, but I will say his direction and leadership on this project was key. Being able to tell the Disney Imagineers the exact details of the world he created is crucial. Only he understands the entirety of Pandora, so having him around was significant. Joe Rohde is the head Disney Imagineer behind this Pandora. There is no doubt in my mind that he was the perfect choice for this project. Joe Rohde is known mostly for being the lead designer of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Aulani, the refurbishment of Fantasyland at Disneyland, and much more. Joe Rohde is definitely a free spirit. His unique earring alone sets him apart from most Disney Imagineers. This free spirit and unconventionality makes him perfect for the uniqueness of Pandora. Looking at Joe Rohde’s past work, he has been really good at getting the details right, and with Pandora–The World of Avatar getting those small details right is necessary.


1) New Attractions

Who doesn’t love new attractions? I think there are exceptionally good reasons to be excited for the reported two new attractions coming to Pandora. These aren’t two rinky-dink attractions like Primeval Whirl or TriceraTop Spin. The newest E-ticket simulator attraction, AVATAR Flight of Passage, will give guests the ability to fly with a mountain Banshee. From what they have reported I can imagine a lot of technology with Soarin’ will be combined with the successes that Universal had with the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The other attraction is the Na’Vi River Journey, which looks like a spin on a classic Disney boat attraction. This boat attraction will show guests the native animal and flora life of Pandora. The Na’Vi River Journey will have small drops, probably similar to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, and will include audio-animatronics.

Photo Credit: Disney

*The information contained in this article represents the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the DIS.

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