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4 Things Disney to Help You Cope with the Cold

4 Things Disney to Help You Cope with the Cold cold3

As I write this article in January 2019, much of the United States is gripped in record breaking, crippling cold. In Southeastern Pennsylvania where I live, I will have temperatures which “feel like” the single digits for the next few days. I have always lived in this area and should be used to and prepared for this. But like everyone else who lives here, I bundle up, check for updates on 6ABC, and complain about it the whole time. Fortunately, we have the World of Disney to help us cope with the frost-bite-inducing wind chills which will be intermittent for the next month. Our memories of Disneyland or Walt Disney World can at least mentally keep us warm until spring. Here are some things you can do to mentally transport yourself to the Parks.


With smartphones, it is easier to take and store pictures than ever before. Therefore, I would assume most guests have the ability to pull out their phone right now, and see the sun rising over the Seven Seas Lagoon with tropical foliage in the background. Or a picture of themselves in Pandora- World of AVATAR, sleeveless, drinking a cold beverage. While I understand it can get cold in Disney Parks, most all visitors probably understand how hot these places typically are. The memory of a cool breeze on your face while ambling through Typhoon Lagoon can be triggered by a photo of an afternoon perhaps otherwise forgotten.

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Planning an actual or imagined trip can also serve to warm the soul as the next polar vortex blows in. Even if you have a plan for your trip, browsing the Disboards looking at recent experiences at various Disney Restaurants might transport you to the World Showcase. Even if you have no real intent to go on a cruise, learning more about the Disney Cruise Line and its stops in Castaway Cay or Key West could provide a couple hours of distraction. And who knows? Perhaps you will finally decide to take that first cruise, or book a trip to Aulani. White sand beaches and clear blue water look appealing at any time, but never more than when flash freezes are incoming.


Ambient music is everywhere in Disney Parks and can absolutely transport you to these magical places. From Epcot entrance music to the soundtrack of Splash Mountain, there are options available for every taste. They can accompany cleaning, school work, and of course the previously mentioned trip planning.

A search of YouTube should yield results for essentially everywhere within Disney Parks. The Adventureland music loop, or music played as your bus enters the Animal Kingdom parking lot, brings to me the thought of palm trees and small scurrying lizards or the mental anticipation of a cool down on Kali River Rapids. As an Arctic blast churns away, it is a quite a comforting thought.

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The DIS Unplugged Network and its partner channels produce a massive output, providing us with a glimpse into Resorts, Parks, and Cruise Ships. From the weekly shows to quick service food reviews, and much more — something is available for every interest.

Of relevance here are various videos pertaining to Aulani and Disney Cruise Line. Sun, water, and sand all can be pumped right to your computer or television and serve as a distraction from the howling winds outside.

Looking at a picture of your family in Toy Story Land or imaging what you would order at the San Angel Inn won’t automatically make it bearable to go outside. But it will certainly help.

In an ultimate fight of mind over matter to beat the cold, what strategies (if any), do you care to employ?

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Spencer Wright is passionate about Walt Disney World, Disney Film, History, and Old Hollywood. He works in Center City Philadelphia and lives in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He looks forward to writing articles for The Dis Unplugged; currently focusing on Animal Kingdom and the creatures that live there.


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