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5 Things That Can Get You Kicked Out of Disney Parks

There is quite the list of things you shouldn’t (or can’t, if you ever want to visit again) do on Disney property. Let me remind you of some of these in the hopes of keeping your next Disney vacation from being your last Disney vacation.

1. Line Cutting

Depending on how long a wait is, as Toy Story Midway Mania and other popular attractions have proved, your party may feel like splitting up while half grabs a bite to eat or gets on a ride with a shorter wait. Well, feel free to split up, but don’t try to get back together while still waiting. That is considered disruptive behavior and isn’t courteous to your fellow guests. Always try to get a FastPass+ reservation for popular attractions. Of course, sharing how great a time you had on the ride they couldn’t join you for is encouraged, by me at least.

2. Taking Video on Rides

We’ve all seen the that one person with the video camera recording their adventure on Pirates of the Caribbean or maybe trying to record their laughing place on Splash Mountain (hope the camera is waterproof). However, not only is trying to take video on any moving attraction dangerous for you the rider, it is also dangerous for those around you if you should lose grip of the device. This is considered unsafe behavior and Disney does not approve. Special precautions are taken and devices are secured when Disney or media professionals take on-ride video.

3. Smoking Where Smoking is Not Permitted

There are many areas for smoking on Walt Disney World property: Ride queues, ride vehicles, quick-service lines, buses, monorails are NOT any of them. If you are ever at a loss for where a smoking area is, check your guide map or ask a Cast Member, I am sure they would be glad to direct you to the nearest one. These areas are typically off the beaten path, but not so far away that it’s a trip in itself to get to. Odds are, you pass a number of them throughout your day and never realize it. This rule also includes e-cigarettes and any other product that produces a smoke or vapor.

4. Bringing a Balloon into Animal Kingdom

So, you bought an expensive balloon for your child on the way out of Magic Kingdom, bless your heart! That was so nice, they really wanted that balloon. Next stop, Animal Kingdom? *Screeching Brakes* Nope! Actually, balloons, plastic straws and drink lids are not permitted in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the health and safety of their animals. This rule is strictly enforced, so make a pit stop at your Resort Hotel or skip the balloon for now.

5. Portraying Yourself as a Disney Character

It’s every little girl’s dream to be a Disney Princess. However, by the age of 19 you should have realized that dream is long gone except in the comfort of a college dorm Halloween party, where no one will remember who you were anyway.

There are really two parts to this rule breaker. First, we have an adult dressing up as a character, this only breaks the rules if other guests (mainly children) believe you are the character and it causes a distraction and/or disruption to the guest experience. There is slight leniency during Halloween time (specifically at MNSSHP events), however, Disney still reserves the right to “ask” you to leave. Secondly, there is portrayal, this is when the little girl sees you and walks up to you (the 19 year old college student “Belle”) and asks for your autograph. As sweet as that is (and as special as you’ll feel), you can’t sign the book or you’ll be breaking the rules.

These are just some of the many rules that you should follow when visiting Disney Parks. Disney Parks has the full list available online for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

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