Big Top Souvenirs and Pete’s Silly Side Show Closed Today; Characters Meeting in Alternate Locations

Big Top Souvenirs and Pete's Silly Side Show in Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus are closed today. 59778316181__8343BC96-64C4-4F91-980D-FDFF5A497D7C When asked, Big Top Souvenirs cast members reported that the circus animals had gotten loose, and that they're trying to catch them. IMG_4242 Due to the closure of the Storybook Circus character meet and greet location, Pete's Silly Side Show, Minnie and Daisy are meeting guests today under the adjacent tent. Cast members working with Minnie told us that Minnie's poodles had gotten loose, and are causing a ruckus. IMG_4240 Donald and Goofy are meeting and greeting today next to the Storybook Circus restrooms. IMG_4246 Pluto is roaming the Storybook Circus area and meeting guests. We noted that there is the lingering smell of smoke near Big Top Souvenirs. We'll be sure to update this story as additional details are released.

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