Disney World B-Sides: Olivia’s Cafe

Back in the day before Compact Discs and MP3 digital downloads of albums, there were these things called cassette tapes, and before that there were vinyl records. One of the endearing attributes of these extinct medias was that halfway through listening to your album, you got to stop what you were doing, and flip the tape or record to the B-side. Most of the time the songs on the B-side were (particularly on single song record or "78") lesser publicized, or didn't get as much (or any) air time on the radio. That didn't mean they weren't any good, it just meant that they weren't as popular. There are places like that at Disney World too. Places that are overlooked because they might not have a view of fireworks, characters dancing around, or they aren't inside the turnstiles of the theme parks. Some of these places have become legitimate A side superstars like Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort, or Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney or Disney Springs, depending on when you read this. Other places however you need to seek out, and find out how good it is for yourself. In my opinion, Olivia's Cafe at Disney's Old Key West Resort is one of those places.

Olivia's Cafe at Disney's Old Key West Resort

We first tried Olivia's one afternoon after a relaxing cruse down the Sassagoula River on a pontoon boat rental at Port Orleans Riverside. We wanted to grab some lunch but we didn't have an advance dining reservation, and we didn't want to deal with the headache of parking over at Downtown Disney. Since we were close by and we hadn't visited the resort before, we decided to check out Old Key West, and see if we could get seated at Olivia's Cafe. We pulled into Old Key West parked the car, and walked into Olivia's. The place was close to empty, I think there was one other table occupied, and we were seated immediately. After a quick glance at the menu I was torn between the Classic Club Sandwich and the Shrimp Po Boy. Ultimately, I decided on the Po Boy because I wanted something that I couldn't get at most places. My wife chose the Barbecued Chicken Sandwich, and the kids all got cheeseburgers. My smaller kids had fun coloring on their menus while my wife and teenage daughter walked over to the shop to explore. The food came out hot and fresh, and it was on the table pretty quickly. The food was really good. It wasn't spectacular, but we ordered sandwiches and french fries, not escargot and foie gras. The service was attentive and our waitress was very nice. We left happy and satisfied, and not just because we got an Annual Pass Discount! What we really loved about Olivia's Cafe was the relaxed feeling, and the location. Old Key West has a great atmosphere, and such a laid back vibe. After lunch we walked around the pool and recreation area. The kids played at the playground, and my wife and I decided that we would be staying here very soon. We really fell in love with Old Key West. Later that same trip we returned to Olivia's for dinner, and our opinion didn't change. The place was a little busier, but the food and the service were still on par with what we experienced at lunch time. A couple months later we kept our promise and booked a stay at Old Key West and loved it. We had a great time and spent more time at the resort than usual. It has become one of my family's favorite resorts, and it all happened because we decided to try a restaurant on Disney's B-side, Olivia's Cafe.

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