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Harambe Market opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I have always loved the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It reminds me of when I used to live in Africa.  The theming and the details are so realistic of how I remember Africa. One of the things I always thought the area lacked is more quick service dining.

DSC 9443

DSC 9441

Well, that has changed.  You can now enjoy Harambe Market if you are looking for some quick service dining options. This beautiful area opened 5/23/2015. It is behind the Mombasa Marketplace. You can also access it from the path to Asia across from where you can play the drums in Africa.

DSC 9544

When I arrived shortly before 11 AM there were already people sitting and enjoying the area. Once the market opened it got very busy. They had a short opening ceremony with a guest helping to open the area. There are 4 different menus that you can choose from.

DSC 9433 DSC 9409 DSC 9417 I had one of the corn dogs with the vegetable salad and a watermelon lemonade. I thought it was quite tasty. I have spent my life thinking I didn’t like curry seasoning but this was very good.  There wasn’t any ketchup if you like it with your corn dog. The watermelon lemonade hit the spot on this hot day. They also have paper straws for the drinks. (They didn’t used to have straws in Animal Kingdom.)

DSC 9472

DSC 9429

It will take some time but I will be back to try some of the other food offerings.  They also offer a number of wines and draft beers with your meal.

DSC 9431  DSC 9412 DSC 9423 DSC 9425

Be sure to take some time to enjoy all the details that Disney has packed into this area. The tables and chairs look like they have been out in the weather for quite a while. Don’t forget to look up also.DSC 9525 DSC 9527 DSC 9532 DSC 9534 DSC 9537 DSC 9375 DSC 9378 DSC 9380 DSC 9382 DSC 9386 DSC 9388 DSC 9391 DSC 9395 DSC 9420 DSC 9427 DSC 9438 DSC 9455 DSC 9458 DSC 9469 DSC 9477 DSC 9495 DSC 9496 DSC 9514 DSC 9515 DSC 9517

If you sit there for a few minutes you will see the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch pass by.

DSC 9395

 So if you are looking for food that is not your typical theme park food try this new area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and you will feel like you just got a little taste of Africa.

“Til next time, See you in the parks!

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Kathy Werling discovered Walt Disney World later than most people but has made up for it. Living close to the theme parks hasn't gotten old yet for her. Kathy is an accomplished photographer and is always out finding new and different things to photograph and experience in the Orlando theme parks. Kathy is also part of the Orlando DIS Unplugged Podcast team.


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