Review: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Review: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club The DIS Review_ Beaches and Cream Soda Shop Review_ Beaches and Cream Soda Shop

Are you looking to eat your weight in ice cream? Are you looking for a place to eat dessert for lunch? Head over to The Beach Club Resort pool area and check out Walt Disney World‘s Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.

The Atlantic seashore is alive and happening at this boardwalk-style ice cream shop. The diner brings you right back to the 50s, and their menu is inspired by the same decade. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the bright colours and upbeat feeling. The seashore vibe is impossible to miss.

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The servers are dressed in vintage soda shop uniforms. It really brings in the theme. The only thing I’ll warn you about is this place is loud. The entire restaurant is small and Disney crams a lot of people into the small space. Also within the restaurant, there is a counter strictly dedicated to take-out orders so that makes the regular area even smaller.

Review: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club The DIS rsz_fotorcrssssseated rsz_fotorcrssssseated

They invite you in with a menu containing hot dogs, sandwiches, and hamburgers. Some really great options for the kids in your dining party. For the adults in your group, they serve Ruben Sandwiches, Patty Melts, Seafood Salad Sandwiches and Roasted Turkey on Challah. I tried the Roasted Turkey and it was flavorful but a little dry. The smoked Gouda, fried onions, dried cranberries and Jalapeno Jam helped bring some relief from it. That’s always the chance you take ordering a sandwich like this in a restaurant. It all depends when they cut the meat.

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They may make some delicious main meals but they are really known for their ice cream. Who doesn’t love ice cream? They have ice cream floats, sundaes, milkshakes and delicious handmade ice cream sandwiches. Of course, they aren’t famous for their milkshakes. They are world known for their “Kitchen Sink”. It starts with eight scoops of delicious ice cream. You get vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip on the standard version. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, then it’s topped with every topping they have. It’s simply an amazing sight to be seen in its silver sink shaped bowl. Disney recommends this challenge for four or more people. That’s a solid recommendation. It’s quite a monster of ice cream goodness.

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Now for the star of our meal; the dessert. With it just being my husband and I dining, the Kitchen Sink wasn’t exactly in our cards. I think both of us would have loved to take on the challenge, but we knew our abilities. We would hear the staff putting on a show when someone ordered the $29.99 spectacular dish. We didn’t want to try and walk out failing the ice cream adventure.

Review: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club The DIS rsz_img_5253 rsz_img_5253

Luckily Beaches and Cream has a smaller version and it was perfect for us; The Mickey Kitchen Sink. It has three huge scoops of ice cream (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate), cookies, brownies, and all the fixings you could want. This fantastic sundae is served in a plastic dish shaped bowl that’s a cross between a kitchen sink and mickey’s pants. After we devoured the $22.99 sundae we practically had to roll ourselves out of the diner. Tip: They offer a smaller version at the Magic Kingdom’s Ice Cream Parlor for $14.99.

Disney’s Beaches and Cream is one of those places on the property you just have to try. It’s a super laid back and fun environment.  It’s a few minute walk from the back exit of Epcot, The Boardwalk Resort, and of course super easy if you are staying at the Beach Club or Yacht Club Resorts. It’s also worth the short bus or drive over to the resort to try it. It’s a must do while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. Now grab your family and head over for some ice cream for dinner.


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