Top 5 Tips You Need to Know When Booking a Reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant


5) Book this Resturant as Soon as Possible

When scheduling a Disney parks vacation, booking restaurant reservations can be one of the most stressful parts of the planning. Certain restaurant reservations are hard to come by, but none may be harder than Be Our Guest Restaurant. If Be Our Guest Restaurant is a “must-do” for your family, then I highly suggest booking the restaurant as soon as you can. That means you should make your reservation for Be Our Guest Restaurant 180 days before your vacation. For more helpful information on booking advanced dining reservations, make sure you check out this helpful link. BeOurGuestRestaurant-29-600x397

4) Be Prepared to Try the Grey Stuff

The "Grey Stuff" truly is delicious. Make sure someone in your party ends up ordering at least one dish of the "Grey Stuff" as it is crucial to take in the full experience of the restaurant. The fact that this dessert is a call back to an actual line from the movie makes this experience feel even more immersive. The texture is that of a creamy mousse, and is a blend of crushed Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, and chocolate pudding. I highly recommend it! Be-Our-Guest-Restaurant-99sjpg

3) Request to Not be in the West Wing

The West Wing is amazing, but eating in that room can be difficult for someone with bad eyesight. The room is very dark, and even for someone with good eyesight it is hard to see the food in front of you. While the details are amazing in the West Wing it is not the best place to enjoy your meal. Also the darkness can be scary for young children. The special effects like the lightening effects can make this room a nightmare for a family with young children. Be-Our-Guest-Restaurant-99x

2) Once You’re Inside, Walk Around

Once you’ve booked your reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant, pack your camera because the inside of this restaurant is beautiful. Disney Imagineering did an amazing job capturing the Ball Room and the West Wing, and fans of the movie will feel like they have truly stepped inside the Beast's castle. Looking for the little details in this restaurant will blow you away. Just because I recommend not sitting in the West Wing to eat, I still admit that it is an amazing room to look for the in-depth details. For example, in the West Wing occasionally you see lightning strike, and if you look at Prince Adam’s portrait during the flash, you will see the picture of him change into the version of himself as the Beast. Also in the West Wing you can find the enchanted rose, which plays a huge role in the film. Be-Our-Guest-Restaurant-88-1

1) Don’t Book a Reservation for Breakfast

There are many problems I see with booking a reservation for breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant. The biggest problem is that it can be a very expensive experience, especially for breakfast. Simple entrées like Scrambled Egg Whites or a Croissant Doughnut both reach an astonishing $21.99. Multiply that by an average family of four, and your wallet will be screaming. Personally if I am going to be spending that much on breakfast I want more than a fancy donut. If you are budget conscious, but still want to experience Be Our Guest Restaurant, then I suggest booking a reservation for lunch, as you can find more affordable options on the menu like the $12.99 carved Turkey Sandwich or the $13.99 Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich. Additionally, if you aren’t a fan of long lines, then sitting down for breakfast at the Magic Kingdom strategically is not a smart idea. The mornings are one of the least crowded parts of the day, and if you are spending up to an hour sitting down for breakfast you are missing out on one of the only times of the day when you’ll find short lines at attractions like Space Mountain and Peter Pan’s Flight.

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