Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 1046 Report

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Review by: niccikatie
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 1046 Condition: 4
Deck: 1 Category: 9D Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 08/18/14   

Notes: We enjoyed this room very much! We loved the location - very convenient to both forward and mid elevators. Very little hallway noise and very little noise from above. There was some mechanical noise from below, but I would compare it to the sound of my forced air furnace and road noise at home. There was an occasional loud noise from below, but it never happened in the middle of the night that we noticed. The room does have a steamer trunk. The two portholes very close to the water provided a very fun and different vantage point than you can experience elsewhere on the ship. We spent some time on a friend's verandah and it was fun to experience the two different views. Overall, we were very happy and would book this room again.

Review by: lagray86
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 1046 Condition: 3
Deck: 1 Category: 8 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 04/25/10   

Notes: The room was nice and clean and location was generally convenient. But the LOUD noise of the water-tight doors opening and closing below us around the clock was unbearable. It woke me up in the middle of the night our first night on board. I thought were in the middle of a severe thunderstorm! Fortunately, ear plugs helped me sleep though it. Otherwise, it was a great cruise. But I definitely would NOT book this room (or any nearby) again!

Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 1046 Condition: 2
Deck: 1 Category: 9 Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 01/08/06   

Notes: While the room was lovely, spacious for 2, with an excellent location, there was quite a bit of middle-of-the-night noise. The only thing we can imagine is that our room was situated over a "working" or machinary area, as at least 3 times a night we would be woken by anything from a gigantic "BOOM!", to rhythmic pounding lasting about 1 minute, and squeals/thuds. We had a white noise machine on, but these noises were too loud to drown out. Even heavy sleeper DH was awoken. During the day we were able to take naps without this noise occuring. And ironically, we slept through 3 dockings! It's too bad, other then these problems, we would have loved the room.

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