Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 10578 Report

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Review by: cgiaimo
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 10578 Condition: 3
Deck: 10 Category: 4A Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 01/04/19   

Notes: Sailed Jan 4 2020. Extremely noisy from the pool deck above, you can hear chairs and tables moving across the deck above and conversations/kids crying. Convenient to mid ship laundry room and mid ship elevators.

Review by: geekboy
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 10578 Condition: 4
Deck: 10 Category: 4A Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 01/26/13   

Notes: I can't believe I'm giving a 4 to a Disney Cruise Line stateroom, but... I have to do this. Noise. We had both Stateroom 10578 and 10580 (connecting rooms) and left the connectin doors open. The noise from the pool deck upstairs was so bad, that I could not believe it was coming from the pool deck. All we heard from about 8AM until 10PM (and later on Pirate Night), was running and jumping. I'm quite sure we heard stomping too. Okay, aside from the noise, the Category 4A stateroom is the largest non-concierge veranah stateroom. The location on Deck 10 was not our first choice, as I like to be either forward or towards the aft elevators. The reason we ended up in the middle of the ship is that all Category "4A" balcony rooms seem to run around mid-ship. We would have needed to downgrade to the smaller Category 5A to move more forward or more aft. I particularly like being forward or aft, and on the highest deck possible in my category, so that I can walk to the pool deck and drink station. (See my report on the Disney Dream Category V Conierge Stateroom #11010.) I do like to be on the starboard (righthand) side of the ship in order to get good views of Castaway Cay if we are going in "normal". The location, overall, is not bad from a view perspective. You are literally in the middle of the ship and the balcony provides for spectacular views. There were 4 adults and we shared 2 Category 4A staterooms so we had plenty of bathrooms (2) plenty of storage, plenty of balcony space! The nice thing was that I asked our Stateroom host to "connect" the balconies and he did with his special "key". It's nice to have a double-wide balcony!

Review by: jaminmd
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 10578 Condition: 4
Deck: 10 Category: 4A Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 08/19/12   

Notes: This room had an excellent location. We were only 3 doors away from the laundry room, so that was convenient, and around the corner from the stairs/elevators. The drink station & pool were a short walk away & up the stairs. The room included a bunk and a murphy bed. We had three people in this room and were comfortable, so I'd feel cramped in anything smaller. The caveat was that the noise from deck 11 was really loud and annoying. Our daughter complained that her bunk kept vibrating & kept her awake for quite some time. Overall, the room was fabulous except for the noise, so next time, we'll book a room on the 9th deck instead.

Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 10578 Condition: 5
Deck: 10 Category: 4A Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 03/13/11   

Notes: This room was convenient to everything--most everything we went to was either mid ship or forward so we didn't have to walk too far for anything. Just to the elevator and 9 out of 10 times there was very little wait for that. There is a closet directly across the hall from the cabin that workers were working in--not cleaning or storage but it looked almost like they were vacuuming out vents. Couldn't hear anything once our door was closed but they were standing there and had to stop what they were doing until we passed and got in the room. As with other room reports from Deck 10, there is some noise from deck 11 above. Its not bothersome (at least to me) but it is noticeable. You can't hear voices or anything mostly its sounds like chairs moving or something like that. Background noise... Its a new ship so the condition is excellent and the location is pretty central so once you get off and on the elevator its not a far walk to the pool, theater, Royal Palace, shops, Guest Services...

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