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4-night sailing 05/16/2022 on the Disney Dream - Port Canaveral, Nassau Bahamas, Disney Castaway Cay, Day at Sea, Port Canaveral

Disney Cruise Line - Stateroom 2004 Report

Disney Wonder Disney Magic Disney Dream Disney Fantasy

The information contained in these stateroom reports represent the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the DIS.

Review by: CinderAlex
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/23/20   

Notes: This room is considered to be noisy room. I didn't notice the noise to much. I know that I slept like a baby every night. I thought it was convenient to the forward elevators. In the room were myself, DH, DS 13, and DD 5. We had plenty of room and a nice view every morning from the port hole. I would love to be in this room again on our next cruise.

Review by: jlynch924
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/06/17   

Notes: Love this room. As previously stated, it is a little larger due to the curvature of the ship. There's enough room for an extra chair between the nightstand and the sofa, which was convenient. Also, due to the curvature of the ship, there is a window seat under the porthole. Fantastic for sitting and watching the scenery. this room is close to the end of the hall, so the only noise was from the cast members who also room on that end of the boat (it's close to the entrance to their rooms). No noise at all from above or from vibrations. Very convenient to the forward elevators. Will be booking this room again!

Review by: EvaSue
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 4
Deck: 2 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 10/18/15   

Notes: Great location near the forward elevators. Nobody goes this far forward unless they have a room here, since it is a dead end, so foot traffic was slight. There is a crew entrance that is frequently used, but it never bothered us, better than the busy guest traffic. The stateroom is very roomy, a few extra feet because of the forward location, and it was definitely noticed! We kept the pac n play open for our son the whole time, and still had space to spare. If space is a big concern for you, I can't say enough about how nice it was to have a few extra feet! I have read that many felt as though the noise was not bothersome, but for me, and having been in many other staterooms, this was an extremely noisy room. Creaking and shuddering often, and VERY loud when the ship was slowing or starting. The anchor was very loud, and there was just a lot of noise in general. This did not bother my hubby at all, but I have had corrective hearing surgery in both ears and am sensitive to a lot of noise at night, and if that's important to you, I would steer clear. The porthole was great, slight downward angle, but not a problem, and a great place for the kids to sit right in front of the porthole. I will try for a quieter location next time, but for the price and location and extra space, I'd say this is a really great room. I would not be disappointed to stay here again. Everything was clean and in good repair.

Review by: katiep8203
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 4
Deck: 2 Category: 9B Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 06/13/15   

Notes: Our room was great. Just around the corner from the laundry room and the stairs up to the atrium or the Walt Disney Theater. The closet spaces were adequate enough with shelving to where I hardly needed the hanging organizer I had brought with me. My kids enjoyed the bunk beds, which were clean and comfy - the nightlight option in the bunk bed side of the room was a great plus. The main bed was soft, clean and comfortable. My only complaint was that we had to have our toilet serviced twice - once it began to refuse to flush at all, and once it got stopped up. HOWEVER, maintenance was quick to arrive and service it, and guest services called shortly thereafter both times to make sure it was repaired to our satisfaction. Roomier than I expected as well. Would request this area of the boat again, as it was low enough in the boat to not feel a lot of the ship rocking - which was minimal except for one night. We were connected to the stateroom next door, and once or twice we heard their children squealing, but it was not enough to complain about (if you don't like kids making noise, you shouldn't be on a Disney Cruise, right?).

Review by: chateau
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 12/05/13   

Notes: Great location! Easy access to the elevators and the laundry (right around the corner). It made for great access to the shows and dinner at Enchanted Garden also. Pull down bunk was fun for kids. We liked this room very much (low noise too). Window was a bit cloudy.... that was the only negative. We'd book it again (but it was a pixie dust upgrade)!

Review by: azazela
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9C Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 07/28/12   

Notes: Awesome room. Close to Fwd elevators, one flight of stairs down from Beat Street. We liked it a lot but this is our first cruise and we don't have much to compare it to. Plenty of room for our family of 4 with two small children.

Review by: keira1387
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9B Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 05/03/12   

Notes: Wonderful room! Great location. Close to elevators, very quiet. Would book again!

Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9B Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 03/20/11   

Notes: perfect location - close to forward stairs/elevator, which are never busy. right down the hall from enchanted garden. easy to get to atrium and theatre. very little traffic and super quiet. right across from laundry room, but the door to the laundry room is around the corner, so quiet and no issues with heat. would definitely stay here again.

Review by: mmouse37
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9B Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 01/26/11   

Notes: Nice cabin, very quiet. Loved deck 2 forward location. Felt very convenient to everything onboard. Just a short flight up to the atrium and Royal Palace, guest service, shops, WD theatre. Same level as Enchanted Garden and only flight up from where you debark and embark from ports. Across the hall is the laundry room which was convenient and had no problems with noise or people or heat from the laundry room. Would stay here again in a heartbeat! Cabin is on the starboard side of the ship

Review by: Buckeye Gal
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 09/18/10   

Notes: LOVED this room and its location! I chose this room for the 2010 WB transatlantic voyage based on reviews I read on the DIS along with the idea of having extra free room, and I was not disappointed! *The Stateroom Itself: The 14 nights I spent on this cruise were immediately before the Magic's dry dock, yet there were no functional or aesthetic issues. Indeed there's a lot of extra space in this stateroom due to the location of the cabin on the ship as the ship's bow comes around to meet the edge of the ship's side. There was approximately 1 foot from the edge of the couch to the side of the far wall as well as over 2 feet from the night stand to the couch. I volunteered to open my room for our DISboard's stateroom tour we had organized, and many were in shock to how much more room this stateroom had! It felt like you were more in a hotel than inside a ship's stateroom because of the extra space! Another thing that is unique to this stateroom is that the porthole is at an angle, slanting down towards the water. This was very enjoyable because honestly you could see more of the horizon and water due to its slant. I'll also add that there is a single steamer trunk that is inset into the wall as well in this stateroom. *Noise: In general, this is such a quiet location because it's far forward (little foot traffic) as well as a small jaunt from the main stateroom hallway. The Orchestra Pit entrance is only two doors down and across the hall from this stateroom. So yes, if you are not at dinner or chose to not attend the show in the Walt Disney Theater (WDT)that night, it's true that you can hear the audio from the show in your room, but it's not enough that it would wake anyone up from a sleep, honestly. IMO, it's nothing at all to be concerned about. The only other time that noise is an issue, and frankly it was loud, is when the ship is docking. If you go into ports, typically you would most likely already be up, off to breakfast, or it would be close to time to get up when the rudders are doing their work. I never had an issue with it until the last night coming into Port Canaveral. We were told the night before that we would be arriving in PC around 4:00 am, which is earlier than normal because they had contractors on stand-by waiting our arrival to get work started for dry dock. Indeed the rudders woke me and my neighbors up at 4:15 am and didn't really stop until about 5:45 am (they had to unload from one side of the ship, turn the ship around, then dock it again, so the rudders didn't stop for most of that time). Again, although this was an issue on the last night, it was never a problem the other 5 port days that we had on the voyage because I wasn't sleeping when the rudders were required. In fact, I was out of the room already. *Location, Location, Location: Loved it! Overall, both vertically and horizontally, I thought this was a great location! It was just perfect with the one exception that the Deck 9 aft drink station is too far away for any convenience. The elevators were infrequently used because you're really just a flight, maybe two flights of stairs away from a lot of the public areas you would go to, including dining rooms, Beat Street, the Atrium, Guest Services, Shopping, and WDT. When elevators were needed, there was never a long wait for them to arrive and certainly no issue with one arriving and already being full. Another advantage of its location is that when you arrive at a port, you are only one deck above getting off the ship! So it was a joy to not deal with crowded elevators in the morning to get off the ship nor in the afternoon close to all aboard time. There's also a laundry room on Deck 2 midship that was a necessity to use for this long voyage, so that was convenient as well. In terms of being forward on the ship and breaking the water, I never felt like the room rocked more than the rest of the ship when it was swaying. I also appreciated the forward location because it is the same vertical area as Cove Cafe, Quiet Cove Pool, Beat Street, WDT, the two gift shops, the forward gangway, and not far from the atrium and Lumiere's, either. *Do It Again?: ABSOLUTELY! From here on out, if I'm not getting a veranda stateroom, I will absolutely shoot to get this room or one of the couple of other rooms on Deck 2 Forward that are just like it in terms of size!!

Review by: audrey2580
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 05/14/09   

Notes: Room was in great shape! Not a noisy room at all. Felt some motion when we headed out the first night. Would stay in the room again.

Review by: mndisfam
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 03/31/07   

Notes: This stateroom was just fine! Very very quiet, except when docking - anchors & chains very VERY loud. But hey great wakeup call to get to port early! We would def. book again. No overhead noise or neighbor noise. Like a tomb. Felt motion more in forward (Maybe)

Review by: msnmom
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2004 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 11/03/03   

Notes: It's listed as a noisy room. We did not find it noisy at all. In fact, we loved it. Friends of ours were next door in 2006 and our cabin was actually a bit bigger than theirs. There was plenty of room and we loved it.


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