Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 2111 Report

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Review by: scollinsnv
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 9B Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 05/03/19   

Notes: Room was the first cabin you came to behind the aft elevators. Very quick and easy to reach any destination. No additional noise from the hall or elevators. You did hear chairs being moved around from dining room above around 12:30am nightly but it only lasted a few minutes and didn't wake me up. I had to be up to hear it. No additional engine or ship vibration then normal. It does sleep 4 with above bunk. Non connecting room as well. I would book it again.

Review by: Keurigirl
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 3
Deck: 2 Category: 10B Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 08/25/14   

Notes: Pros: We love the convenience of this cabin. Very easy to access decks 3 & 4, and come down the stairs at night after events/dinners instead of waiting for elevators. We also love that it's a quick elevator ride up to deck 9 for drinks or ice cream! Cons: This stateroom is NOISY. It is directly next to the stairs/elevators, so you do hear people coming out of the elevators going to their staterooms. There are also some sort of clanking/clicking noises that come from what I can only assume are pipes in the ceiling? They do not happen constantly, but they happened late at night just as we were typically going to sleep. This room also has quite a bit of creaking noises in the walls/ceilings. We slept with a sound machine on and could still hear these noises - I needed earplugs as well as the sound machine.

Review by: Staffieri
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 4
Deck: 2 Category: 10 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 08/30/11   

Notes: Everything in cabin was in excellent condition. There is a chest in this cabin and you have a small step into cabin. The entry does not lay flush with hallway. The beds are some of the best beds I have slept on. So comfortable. Our two bigger suitcases could not fit under bed. They were too high. This is tough. No window. There was no outside noise!! The room has no one on one side of you. However, at fast speeds when cruising we notice the cabin having LOTS of crecking in the walls. It woke me up a few times. The location on this cabin was good. Easy to get to 3 rd main deck and eating. Same floor as EDGE. Also has laundry on same floor about 6 cabins down. This was very nice. Would pack less because of this.

Review by: firmzeek
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 10 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 04/01/11   

Notes: i am trying to figure out about this room

Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 10A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 02/05/11   

Notes: This was our first interior stateroom and it was GREAT! Plenty of room for all our belongings, great location to the AFT elevators/stairs which were much less crowded than the midship elevators, only has a stateroom on one side, never heard our neighbors or anyone in the hall, could feel some gentle vibration from the engines, the walls did creak at times. Everything was in working order. The only downside was the bed was too short to store our luggage underneath and the room seemed to get extremely hot in the middle of the night. Maintenance came and worked on it twice and would have come back a third time if we wouldn't have told them not to worry about it. Would definitely book this room again!

Review by: Tinkerkell123
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 10 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/23/09   

Notes: Okay, 1st our sail date was 1/23/2010 but 2009 was the latest year! Great cabin, almost no noise at all except a kind of low vibration noise that I loved. Made great "white noise" for sleeping. Very minimal rocking on rough days, but what I could feel also made for excellent sleeping! 2nd day the shower started making a horrible moaning sound. Discovered that making sure the shower/tub switch was all the way over to shower fixed that right up. There was a family with a small child that cried a LOT right across the hall, we never heard a sound from them unless we were in the hall when they opened their door. Only change I would make is maybe it's time to get a new mattress. I did not have a problem with it, but my husband thought it was not a comfortable as it could be. Since this was our first cruise, don't know if maybe that is just normal for those mattresses. Let you know when we go back next year...

Review by: Nette
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 2111 Condition: 5
Deck: 2 Category: 10 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 09/29/05   

Notes: Very convenient to everything... Dining rooms were just up the stairs one floor. No noise at night.

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