Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 5544 Report

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Review by: RweTHEREyet
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 4
Deck: 5 Category: 4E Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 11/14/13   

Notes: We loved the location of this cabin. We booked it for the over-sized verandah, but ended up not using the verandah much at all. There was a lot of old chipped off paint debris on the floor near the railing (stayed there the whole sailing), and because the "verandah washer track" does not reach to the extended verandahs, the plexiglass was always coated with sea salt and never really clear, could not see through it if you sat down--there was also a lot of sea salt on the railings and verandah furniture, even on the first day, stuck to your arms if you leaned on the railing. Everything in the cabin worked properly with the exception of the sink drain in the toilet bathroom. I had to open and close the lever 5 to 6 times before I could get it to open and drain, and everytime the stateroom host cleaned, she left the drain in the closed position. Location was very good, we appreciated that there were not many people using that hallway and/or the forward elevators and that it was easy access to the adult areas. The problem was access to dining at the opposite end of the ship, but you can't have both. This cabin is located right over the theater, and this became a problem when they were showing "Thor Dark World" late at night and we could hear the sound affects thru the floor. I heard it two of the three nights. The muster station for this cabin is in the theater--sit down muster station. The cabin is also a connection cabin to 5542, which was not occupied on this sailing so I can't speak to the noise with a connecting door. Views were fine--the lifeboats were directly to the right and blocked the view a bit. We normally book mid-ship and will probably return to that location for future sailings, but would consider this location again.

Review by: luvdsny
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 3
Deck: 5 Category: 4E Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 11/18/12   

Notes: When booked this stateroom, Disney re-categorized, giving it a new category as well as price point. We are huge Disney fans and couldn't wait for our 1st Disney Cruise! Pros: Great over all apperance. Large and roomy. Love the split bath. Quiet area. Cons: Had some issues with toilet, had a funny smell and then overflowed. Disney quick to fix and some panel fixture had to be replace. Smell went away after replacement. Balcony was oversized, everytime we went outside there was a mist, thought this may have come from Aquaduck. Good room and area, may choose higher deck on another sailing.

Review by: magnolia-belle
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 5
Deck: 5 Category: 5 Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 09/04/11   

Notes: Great room for my husband and I,the room was very quiet we slept like a rock! It was very convenient to the shows.The verandah was awesome we had the best view you must bring your binoculars!!! The crew on board the Dream made our dreams come true!

Review by: DVC California
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 5
Deck: 5 Category: 5E Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 06/07/11   

Notes: Ginormous verandah � easily twice the size of all the verandahs along the sides of the ship. Because of this, the guests in upper decks cabins can see into half your verandah. There is also only a partial privacy screen with the cabin to the right due to ship�s railing curving in at this area. You might be able to see into each other�s cabin if you wanted to try but a plus was that it also opened up the view quite a bit. Pirate Night fireworks could probably be seen from the verandah as they are fired to starboard. Easy access to elevator for spa, gym, shows, movies, and adult quite pool.

Review by: ForKeeps
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 4
Deck: 5 Category: 5E Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 05/01/11   

Notes: Excellent room and location. It has an extended verandah and is well designed. We did not notice any noise noticed from theatre. The only downside was that sometimes it was hard to get from aft to forward easily.

Review by: tjctoy
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 5544 Condition: 5
Deck: 5 Category: 5E Location: Forward
  Sail Date: 03/06/11   

Notes: The room was dead silent,even thoughit was close to both theaters. The nicest thing was that the verandah is atleast 2 times larger then the normal verandah. 4 people can sit out there comfortably We will do this room again.

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