Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 6120 Report

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Review by: Disney Queen
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 6120 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 4C Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/28/22   

Notes: We were lucky to be assigned this room when we booked a discounted GTY rate. This room sleeps 4 and has the amazing round tub bathroom with a place to sit when showering as well as the rainfall shower head. For the two of us, there was so much space and even though this room location is considered aft, it is much closer to midship. We didn't feel any ship movement and this hallway was very quiet.

Review by: optional
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 6120 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 4D Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 11/06/11   

Notes: Large room, it does NOT have a murphy bed so there is a little extra floor space by the verandah door. Would sleep four with queen, upper berth pull down bed and sofa.

Review by: redheadmom10
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 6120 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 4D Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 05/22/11   

Notes: Wonderful room, plenty of space for 4 (our kids are 8 and 10) with a single sofa convertabed and a ceiling drop-down the kids loved. Your room steward/ess has to do this for you, but it was always taken care of while we were at dinner. Nice nightlight options with controls in the mirror surround and by the bed, we used the light by the kids each night. Only problem was our alarm clock would not set time (both DH and I tried, not operator error :) but we'd brought our travel clock along. Great service, great verandah with clear plexi shield front (not opaque). The split bath was ideal, with small shelves at each sink, extendable clotheslines in the round shower/tub, and lots of random hooks in the walls to hang stuff up to dry. Lots of storage in little trunk coffeetable, drawers and shelves, under the bed, and in 2 cabinet-closets. All our bags and shoes fit under the bed (1 large, 2 carryon size, and 1 small bag for our family). Fridge but no freezer in the lower cabinet nearest the bed. Everything worked great, no noise problems, lovely view of each port. Lights work with a key card insert into the slot by the door, we brought an expired giftcard and just pulled it up but left in the slot when we left the room, otherwise we kept forgetting where's my card...oh, in the light switch. Main room lights have a few settings, so if you want them brighter keep turning them on and off. We felt some motion on the first night when we were full speed ahead to Nassau, but no major ills. Very comfortable and enjoyable stateroom.

Review by: showe
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6120 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 06/18/06   

Notes: Great room located right off the aft elevators. Not noisy at all. No obstructive views from verandah. Very convenient as the aft elevators seemed to be easier to get and off of as everyone was using the mid and forward elevators. Would highly recommend this stateroom.

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