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Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 6152 Report

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The information contained in these stateroom reports represent the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the DIS.

Review by: bruinspin
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 4
Deck: 6 Category: 6A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 03/24/23   

Notes: Be aware of the noise in the back of the ship!!! The room itself was in great shape, with the wear and tear of a 25 year old ship, always in excellent clean condition, with everything in perfectly working order even with extra charging ports at the desk! There is room for suitcase storage under the bed, my sister slept in the fold out couch and was perfectly comfortable as the room steward made up the bed every night, and put it away back to couch in the morning. Animal towels in their place every evening as well with the delightful chocolate treats. The noise was not good. I'd say it was terrible! 24 hours of creaking, rattling, shaking was a lot unless we were not moving at port or tendered off shore at Cabo. Too much noise in fact while moving. The only quiet night was the last night with the ship going very slowly back from Ensenada to San Diego. It was magnificent and how we wished it had been the other 4 nights. The ship was completely full, so nowhere to move. I stuffed Kleenex behind the big picture on the wall opposite the VERY comfortable bed to stop it from rattling. Folded up paper went up every night holding the doors still, except the bathroom door which instead had a folded up towel under it holding it still. Is the HUGE veranda worth it? Not to me, but if you have toddlers (and some ear plugs) it might be. The bigger veranda is truly amazing though. At least the noise is constant, so no big bangs/booms going on to startle anyone awake. We used the old system of hanging clothes between any empty hangers so they couldn't clank against each other or the closet wall. Just note, that until this ship goes into dry dock before it heads down to Australia, it is VERY noisy back there in the aft section on the ship. I likened it to riding in an OLD chevy pickup along a very weathered gravel road in the country. Noisy, rattly, and shakes.

Review by: CruisingSarah
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 3
Deck: 6 Category: 6A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 08/23/14   

Notes: After the recent Magic refit I was expecting that the staterooms might have also been given a refit but they hadn't, or at least this one hadn't. It was really fine but showing some signs of wear like the wardrobe door being bashed and scuffed and the grout around the tiles looking tired and as if it had been re-done several times. There was enough room and storage space for the three of us even though there was no steamer trunk. The old hairdryer was still in the bathroom but there was one of the more powerful new ones in the desk drawer. The power outlets are both US and Euro. There are three at the desk, plus two (I think) at each bedside, shaver ones in each bit of the split bathroom and I believe more behind the TV but I didn't look. The TV is new and flatscreen. The bed is the new style, high up double with loads of storage for suitcases underneath. The room is about as far aft as you can go and is the last one on the hall except for the accessible stateroom 6154 which is next door. The verandah is large and curved, this is a really good plus pount of this cabin. It had two regular chairs and a table and one lounger chair. It was so large that I was able to put out my travel washing line which is around 3m at full stretch. It has a whitewall balcony but the size makes up for that. Also the curved shape means you can look out straight and aft also. We did get water out there some days and it pooled for a while, I guess they were washing something above. Regarding noise, we were disturbed in the early mornings by noise and vibration from the bow thrusters as the ship was docking. Also there was a speaker in the hallway right outside the door and so all the announcements made were loud in our cabin and again this disturbed us in the mornings and sometimes when napping in the afternoons. They tried to turn down the volume of the speaker for us but it didn't make any difference. No foot traffic outside. Even given the noise issues I think I would stay here again as the verandah is way better than the regular ones. Hope this is helpful to some folks, I noticed most reviews were really old.

Review by: RemysMom
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 4
Deck: 6 Category: 5D Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 11/04/12   

Notes: Very convenient to elevators. Just upstairs from Animators Palette. Plenty of room with high beds that allowed luggage underneath to free up closets. Only thing we didn't like is being one deck above the verandahs with large balconies. We could look directly down on them, and them up at us.

Review by: turtleclanscott
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 5D Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 06/07/11   

Notes: It was convenient to the aft elevators. We had a great view of Nassau from our verandah and of the dock at Castaway Cay. It was good size for a family of four. We enjoyed being connected to our family next room over, especially on the Verandah.

Review by: mom x4,grandma x4
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 04/05/07   

Notes: We got a free upgrade to this room. it has a HUGE verandah that is curved, as this is the last room at the Aft of the ship accept for the handicap room. No steamer trunk in here but plenty of room for us to store our clothes. No foot traffic that far back on the ship. We did have some vibration when we pulled into port, but not enough to bother us. I would gladly take that room again. This room is the entire length of the hall to get to the elevators but there is a set of stairs right off the door, just up one deck to the secret deck 7 verandah. But it only takes a minute to walk to the elevators , so that wasnt a problem for us. We loved the room.

Review by: bywheel
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 4
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/20/07   

Notes: This room is a category 6 in the back of the boat. Because it is at the curve of the ship the verandah is wider than other room verandahs. A bit noisy but nothing that kept us awake. Very little foot traffic and we heard nothing from above or beside us. One flight of steps to "secret" overlook on deck 7, three flights to back stairs of Topsiders. Overall a good room.

Review by: motherofallfans
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 09/10/06   

Notes: of note: white wall verandah cuts out light BUT this verandah is large enough to make up for it. Also, because of the curvature of the ship, you're facing out at an angle and it gives the illusion that the ship is travelling on an angle (feels odd)

Review by: GuardMusic
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/22/06   

Notes: This stateroom is the next to last one on the deck. It has a solid white balcony railing, rather than the clear plexiglass. No trunk. We didn't have the issue of the upper deck being cleaned and having it "rain" on our verandah. Verandah was larger than others on the deck. Also, our steward, Grace, was PERFECT! It looked a long away from the elevator, but it wasn't. Being so far aft meant we had no traffic zipping past our room. Space was like all other staterooms. We docked starboard side at Castaway Cay & Nassau, so our views were great! Fold down bed in sofa was a like a rock. We'd definitely choos this location again.

Review by: mkymouse4ever
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 6152 Condition: 5
Deck: 6 Category: 6 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 03/03/05   

Notes: quiet location, Great balcony!!!!! But they power wash the outside resturant above and outside areas above and you get washed daily! We kept thinking it was raining. No trunk cabinet in room. Bed needed new mattress. Otherwise good working order. Ok housekeeper, but we where actually "kicked" out of room twice cause she had to clean it just then? View of some side and back of ship.

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