Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 7675 Report

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Review by: Redhead63
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7675 Condition: 5
Deck: 11 Category: 10A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 04/10/14   

Notes: The room is still in great shape, and noise was not a problem for us. We had our young son with us who enjoyed sleeping in the top bunk that pulls down from the ceiling. Every day by late afternoon, his bed was ready for him and there was a new fun towel sculpture. We did notice a fairly significant amount of vibration on the 2 nights that the ship needed to travel the bigger distances--Night #1 (Port Canaveral to Nassau) and Night #3 (Castaway Cay back to Port Canaveral). This is noticeable when you are trying to fall asleep, and may awaken you later in the night. The magical porthole is a fun bonus for those of us not willing to splurge on a "real" porthole room :-)

Review by: Believesinmagic
Ship: Disney Fantasy Stateroom: 7675 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 10B Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 09/07/13   

Notes: Connecting door with 7673. My brother's family was in the connecting room and the noise was minimal. You have your own little hallway which is nice but it may double as a place to keep things out of the main hall when your cabin steward is cleaning. They get things done really fast so it isn't a bother at all and nothing was ever in our way. Close to aft elevators but they do not go to deck 2. Easy access to Cabanas on deck 11, and deck 12 for Remy's and Palo's. Due to a stroke a few years ago I walk with a cane for balance. The step down from the shower was a bit for me as there isn't a bar to hold on to on the facing wall of the shower. I may have to request a handicapped room for the next cruise. It is a walk to midships and forward. Instead of walking the hallways to the midships and forward elevator I would take the elevator to deck 3 or 4 and walk to midships/forward from there and take in the sites. We would book these rooms again.

Review by: Dsnydaddy
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7675 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 10A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 10/20/11   

Notes: Connecting Room with limited storage. It was our first inside stateroom so we didn't quite know what to expect. Located in a quiet hall that branches off the main hall it was quiet. I'm not a prickly person so I'm not a great judge of things like engine noise or vibration but I really was never bothered. Slept well with that complete darkness though.

Review by: shelbell77
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7675 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 10A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 02/27/11   

Notes: Cabin itself was in fantastic shape. Sofa bed seems shorter in length than on the Magic/Wonder - I normally find it quite adequate and was less than thrilled. Did notice a clanking noise which I think was the hangers because it was worse when they weren't in use. Did not like the location. Going up to Deck 11 lets you out in Cabanas which I just find odd. And the walk to Midship (which you have to do to get to deck 2 since the aft elevators don't go down to 2) seems to take FOREVER. We did like the little private hallway this cabin was off of as it cut down on hallway noise.

Review by: KevieKev05
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 7675 Condition: 5
Deck: 7 Category: 10A Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/21/11   

Notes: The room was in a wonderful location in a side hallway near the aft elevators. Everything was in working order as far as we could tell. It's a connecting room. We heard the baby from the family staying next to us early in the morning (4am). We loved the magical porthole!

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