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Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Number 8094 Report

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The information contained in these stateroom reports represent the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of the DIS.

Review by: Shoes99
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 5
Deck: 8 Category: 4E Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 02/18/18   

Notes: Newly remodeled accessible on deck 8. Plenty of space and storage. No noticeable noise. We were under Cabanas but only heard an occasional chair move. No cabin noise except creaking when we were booking to another port. We had a veranda but seldom used it. Plenty of room for 2 adults with an ECV. This was the last cabin on port side so the veranda was not longated.

Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 4
Deck: 8 Category: 4E Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 03/31/14   

Notes: Booked a 4E Gty stateroom and was assigned this room for our family of 5. Was recently redesigned to be handicapped accessible. Very large room! Bathroom is one room with shower only. White wall verandah was not a problem. Lots of extra storage room. Easy walk up one flight to Cabanas and the pool deck. The "secret staircase" to cabanas is no longer accessible. Surpringly not noisy at all despite being under cabanas.

Review by: jnsma
Ship: Disney Dream Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 4
Deck: 8 Category: 4B Location: Mid
  Sail Date: 02/03/11   

Notes: We reserved this cabin to have both the murphy bed plus the sofa bed. Our kids are too young to sleep in the upper bed. We've always done catagory 4s on the Wonder and the cabin seemed the same size. The cabin is long and narrow. It is very convenient to the mid-ship elevators and stairs. It is a good location as it is in the middle between the pool up 3 flights and kids clubs that are down 3 flights.

Review by: Sarjik
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 5
Deck: 8 Category: 4 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 09/18/10   

Notes: Deluxe family stateroom with veranda, with steamer trunk storage. Space. As a family of 4 with 2 small children, we found this to be an excellent room, convenient to the shipboard activities we used the most but also quiet and secluded (within the bounds of being on a ship). We did not use the Murphy bed, but we did like having the extra space of the deluxe stateroom, as it enabled us to leave the couch made up as a bed for afternoon naps for our toddler, while still having a chair to sit in during other times of the day. The steamer trunk, closet, and various drawers provided more than adequate storage for all our things, and our empty soft-sided luggage fit under the bed quite easily. Note that we don't pack like some of the cruisers out there � so if you bring the kitchen sink and can't fit it in the cabin, that's your decision. The bathrooms were of perfectly adequate size as well, at least for normal sized folks. I'm 5'10�, 170 lbs, and while I could tell I was on a ship I did not feel cramped. Location. For families with small kids who plan to spend a lot of time with the kids (as opposed to mostly putting them in the clubs all day) the location is ideal, one quick flight of stairs up to deck 9 with the drink station, ping pong and foosball tables, and all the pools. It enables you to go back and forth for quick changes of clothes, etc, quite easily. For adults traveling without kids, however, the forward section of the ship would provide more convenient access to the Quiet Cove adult areas (which we viewed with a certain amount of envy, despite the fun we were having with the children). The �secret� stairway next to 8094 is surprisingly handy for access to Topsiders and coffee in the morning. It's definitely nice to be able to run up and grab a little breakfast without having to walk the length of the ship, or to refill a coffee cup without making a ten minute trek. Other times of the day we didn't use the secret stairway all that much. Hall traffic was minimal, and although we took the stairs rather than the elevators (our attempt to battle the effects of the excellent onboard food service) it appeared that the aft elevators were considerably less used than those amidship. Views during port calls were fine, though this room is on the wrong side to see the action during the Castaway Cay stop. Our cruise was a transatlantic crossing, and though shipboard motion was noticeable it was never excessive or problem-causing, even though the cabin is at the back of the ship and located high up. We all found it soothing, actually. Noise. Having neighbors on only one side is an obvious plus, and in our case we barely heard them at all. At most we heard very muted laughter a few times and it was rather pleasant as we became good friends with them over the course of the cruise. They were, however, considerate folks who probably didn't cause excessive noise, so I can't vouch for what the room might be like with noisy people next door � though that would apply to every room on the ship. Noise from Topsiders above, which we had worried would be a significant downside to this room, was nonexistent. I went upstairs and worked out where 8094 lies in relation to Topsiders, and it turns out to be underneath a small branch of the main dining room, with only one table and carpeted floor. We never heard a thing from above � no footsteps, no chairs dragging, nothing. During docking maneuvers the thrusters were distinctly noticeable, causing deep rumbling and some vibration � though undoubtedly less than in lower level rooms closer to the thrusters. And to those people who feel the need to complain about that sort of thing, I can only point out that a cruise takes place on a ship, duh. Overall, the sound dampening and noise level of this room were excellent. About the only negative to this cabin is the solid walled veranda. As has been noted elsewhere if you are sitting in the outside chairs you cannot see through the wall and have to stand up to see anything other than the sky. Both of our kids (ages 2 and 7) had to stand on the chairs to see over the railing. Both my wife and I were ok with it, agreed that having fresh air and a private outside space was mainly what we wanted, but also that yes, if given a choice it would be better to have the plexiglass wall. There is also a security camera that comes into play when you stand at the railing, but it is not a factor while you are seated. Nigel, the room steward, was excellent, professional and unobtrusive. All things considered, this was a very, very pleasant cabin to occupy.

Review by: Prose
Ship: Disney Wonder Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 5
Deck: 8 Category: 4 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 03/29/09   

Notes: We were upgraded to this room from one of the "secret verandah" rooms on Deck 6, and were worried that we wouldn't like the solid wall. Really, it never bothered us a bit! The extra space of a Cat 4 was great, and DD loved the pull-down bunk. This room is right at the bottom of an almost-hidden staircase from Deck 8 to Beach Blanket Buffet -- we called it "our" stairs. Running up to get lunch or a drink was super-easy. The room was quiet and we felt hardly any movement. We heard maybe one or two thumps from chairs moving overhead in the morning, but it was very muffled. You do have a security camera pointed almost right at your balcony, so keep your clothes on! We would rebook this room in a heartbeat.

Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 4
Deck: 8 Category: 4 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 02/24/07   

Notes: Not worth the $1000 upgrade from a ocean view. When sitting in the chairs you see a steel wall and sky. My kids couldn't see over the railing (5 and 7). When standing at the rail, a video camera is pointed right at you.

Review by: marycaym
Ship: Disney Magic Stateroom: 8094 Condition: 4
Deck: 8 Category: 4 Location: Aft
  Sail Date: 01/21/06   

Notes: Great room, alot of extra space, especially if you don't use the murphy bed. There was more than enough room for 4 people (2 adults + 2 kids). Loved the balcony but would prefer the plexi glass over the solid wall. In my opinion it was noisy being directly under topsiders, you could hear things being moved as they set up for breakfast in the morning. Deck 8 is a great location to run up & down to deck 9 for breakfast, drinks & snacks.

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