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Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

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Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar Information

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar Overview

This intimate space is located right off the lobby of Tutto Italia and seats only 96 people. Designed to look like an Italian wine cellar, Tutto Gusto features stone walls and floors, rustic wood beams and brick arches. It offers an appetizer-type menu, with six sections focusing on small plates with foods from all around Italy. Various cheeses, mini panini sandwiches, pastas and seafood are just some of the choices available. Guests can select from an extensive drink menu, including more than 200 varieties of Italian wine.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar Menu

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Entree/Main Course
    Bistecca - 12 oz. grilled NY strip steak, crispy rosemary potatoes, caramelized cipollini onions, herb butter - $36.00
    Carpaccio di Manzo - charred wagyu beef, arugula, parmesan cheese, lemon dressing - $20.00
    Fettuccine - Egg pasta, grilled Chicken breast, Parmesan Cheese - $30.00
    Gnocchi Sorrentina` - potato dumplings, roasted tomatoes, pomodoro sauce, burrata cheese - $26.00
    Gusto Plate - L'Alpina (for two or more) - Fontina Valdostana - semi-firm, alpine cow's milk cheese
    La Tur - creamy blend of cow, sheep & goat's milk
    Gorgonzola Cremificato - profoundly sweet, blue- veined cheese - $26.00
    Gusto Plate - La Campagnola (for two or more) - Carciofi - Olive oil-marinated artichokes
    Olive di Cerignola - marinated Cerignola olives, citrus zest, herbs
    Bruschetta di Capri - Tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil - $27.00
    Gusto Plate - La Maiala (for two or more) - Prosciutto di Parma - Emilia Romagna - aged dry cured ham
    Finocchiona - Toscana - fennel & pepper flavored salame
    Salametto - Veneto - small, dried, spiced pork sausages - $30.00
    Gusto Plate - La Serenissima (for two or more) - Asiago - semi-soft, butter scented
    Asparagi Bianchi - white asparagus, lemon, olive oil, parmesan
    Insalata di Mare - shrimp, squid, octopus, lemon, e.v.o.o. - $26.00
    Gusto Plate - La Siciliana (for two or more) - Fior di Latte Mozzarella - pasta filata, hand crafted, made from cow's milk
    Cacciatorini - black pepper, wine marinated, beef & pork cured sausages
    Caponata - Sicilian eggplant agrodolce salad - $27.00
    Involtini di Melazane - eggplant, ricotta, mushroom, pomodoro sauce - $26.00
    Lasagna - beef, veal, and pork ragù alla bolognese, béchamel, parmesan - $27.00
    Meatballs Parmigiana - pane di casa, tomato, mozzarella cheese - $16.00
    Panini (12.00 per two choices or 16.00 per three choices) - Prosciutto di Parma Panini - served with Caesar salad wedge. Order by per two choices or per three choices
    Fior di Latte Mozzarella & Pomodoro - served with Caesar salad wedge. Order per two choices or per three choices
    Carciofi & Fontina - served with Caesar salad wedge. Order per two choices or per three choices
    Gorgonzola Cremificato - served with Caesar salad wedge. Order per two choices or per three choices
    Fontina & Salametto - served with Caesar salad wedge. Order per two choices or per three choices
    Petto di Pollo - grilled chicken breast, fettuccine pasta, parmesan cream - $30.00
    Salmone - grilled salmon filet, oven roasted winter vegetables, citrus butter sauce - $31.00
    Spaghetti - beef, veal, and pork meatballs, pomodoro sauce - $22.00
    Tagliatelle Campagnole - arugula and basil pesto, spinach, burrata cheese - $27.00
    Tortellini Panne e Prosciutto - cheese tortellini, prosciutto, peas, parmesan creamy sauce - $28.00
    Chocolate Caramel - - $4.00
    Crema al Limone e Fragole - - $4.00
    Mocha Tiramisu - - $4.00
    Nutella Chocolate Cake - - $4.00
    Panna Cotta alla Vaniglia - - $4.00

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