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Frontera Cocina

Frontera Cocina Information:

Frontera Cocina Overview

Frontera Cocina is the only authentic Mexican restaurant at Disney Springs and comes from celebrity chef Rick Bayless. The artful and flavorful culinary experience is something that should not be missed!

Frontera Cocina Menu

Prices Subject to Change: All prices you see are subject to change and may vary slightly during your vacation. Menu items are also subject to change without notice. Did you find menu discrepancies or corrections about Frontera Cocina? Please let us know!

Lunch / Dinner Menu

    Chipotle Chicken Flautas - Crispy chipotle chicken tortilla flautas, Chihuahua cheese, red beans, roasted tomatillo-avocado salsa, garnished with crema, Cotija cheese, fresh herbs (contains dairy) - $15.00
    Chips & Salsa - Smoky chipotle, herby salsa verde - $5.00
    Guacamole & Chips - Pineapple - (Seasonal) Grilled pineapple, pomegranate seeds, roasted poblano - $13.00
    Guacamole & Chips - Verde - Roasted poblanos, roasted tomatillo, toasted pepitas, cilantro and onions (contains seeds) - $13.00
    Queso Fundido - Queso Chihuahua melted with roasted poblanos and caramelized onions, warm corn tortillas (contains dairy). Add Gunthrop Farms Chorizo +2 - $14.00
    The Half & Half - Half guacamole, half toasted pumpkin seed “Hummus”, jícama, cucumber, homemade chips (contains seeds) - $14.00
    Toasted Pumpkin Seed "Hummus" - Creamy Yucatecan pumpkin seed habanero dip, crispy cucumber and jícama, warm tortilla chips (contains seeds) - $12.00

    Fall Ensalada - shaved brussels sprouts, shaved broccoli, kale, apples, mezcal cranberries, toasted pepitas, queso fresco and Pasilla de Oaxaca-apple cider vinaigrette (contains dairy) - $14.00
    Salad Add-ons - Add Grilled Chicken Breast to your Salad $9.00; Add Mojo Garlic Grilled Shrimp to your Salad $12.00; Add Creekstone Natural Carne Asada* to your Salad $15.00
    Tortilla Soup - Red chile vegetable broth, chipotle chicken, avocado, Chihuahua cheese, tortilla strips, cilantro and onions, lime (contains dairy) - $10.00
Entree/Main Course

    Carne Asada - Garlic and red chile-marinated Creekstone Natural Black Angus steak, black bean refritos with queso fresco, caramelized plantains with crema and Cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, warm corn tortillas (contains dairy, pork). Add mojo garlic grilled shrimp to your steak +12 - $45.00
    Carne Asada Tacos - Grilled steak, poblano rajas, black bean refritos with queso fresco, salsa verde, guacamole (contains pork, dairy) - $28.00
    Carnitas - Gunthorp Farms slow-cooked pork shoulder with garlic and lime, black bean refritos with fresco cheese, guacamole, pickled red onions, salsa verde, warm corn tortillas (contains dairy) - $26.00
    Chicken Tinga Tacos - shredded chicken in a tangy morita chile and onion sauce, black bean refritos with queso fresco, guacamole, cilantro leaves, warm corn tortillas (contains pork, dairy) - $22.00
    Cochinita Pibil - Achiote-marinated, slow-roasted tender pork, black beans, poblano rajas, pickled red onions, habanero salsa (contains pork) - $26.00
    Creamy Chicken Enchiladas Suiza - Just-made corn tortillas, chicken and poblano rajas filling, tomatillo-cream sauce, Queso Chihuahua, sliced red onion, cilantro leaves, warm corn tortillas (contains dairy) - $26.00
    Garlicky Mushroom & Eggplant Tacos - Roasted portobello mushrooms & eggplant in slow-cooked garlic-mezcal mojo, goat cheese, garlicky red bean refritos with poblano rajas, guacamole, and chipotle salsa (contains dairy) - $20.00
    Mahi Mahi Al Coco - Grilled Mahi Mahi with a creamy coconut sauce with tomato and jalapeño, plantain rice, Served with warm corn tortillas - $39.00
    Mole Coloradito Enchiladas - Just-made corn tortillas, black beans, roasted butternut squash and grilled onion filling, Queso Chihuahua, white onion and flat leaf parsley leaves, warm corn tortillas (contains gluten, pork, tree nuts, dairy) - $25.00
    Oaxacan Red Mole Chicken - Crispy half chicken, Oaxacan red mole, plantain rice, warm corn tortillas (contains gluten, dairy, seeds) - $30.00
    Shrimp Mojo de Ajo - Pan-roasted Florida Pink Shrimp with mojo de ajo (slow-cooked garlic, olive oil, lime, chipotle), plantain rice, grilled calabacitas, warm corn tortillas (contains shellfish) - $34.00
Side Dish/Snack

    Arroz con Plantains - White rice studded with plantains and cilantro - $8.00
    Esquites - Local Florida corn, queso fresco, mayo, chipotle, tajin, lime (contains dairy, eggs) - $8.00
    Fried Plantains - With crema and Cotija cheese (contains dairy) - $8.00
    Garlicky Red Bean Refritos - Creamy garlic and chipotle mashed red beans - $8.00

    Ancho Chile Chocolate Soft Serve - (contains dairy) - $7.00
    Cuatro Leches - Tender cake infused with four milks (coconut, condensed, evaporated, whole) topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut, strawberries & lime zest (contains gluten, dairy, seeds) - $10.00
    Featured Dessert - Chocolate Pigñata - Chocolate shell filled with cajeta mousse, tender cake (infused with Abasolo whiskey & vanilla), and crumble of candied orange and Maria cookies (contains gluten, dairy) (Serves Two) - $28.00
    Flan de Calabaza - Spiced pumpkin flan, Uruapan rum caramel sauce, Milk & Honey granola crunch with peanuts & cocoa nibs, orange zest (contains dairy, peanuts, eggs, seeds) - $10.00
    Mexican Vanilla Soft Serve - (contains dairy) - $7.00
    Swirl Ice Cream - Mexican Vanilla and Ancho Chile chocolate soft serve - $7.00

    Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water (1L) - - $6.00
    Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water (500mL) - - $4.00
    Agua de Jamaica - Tangy hibiscus flower tea (no refills) - $6.00
    Assorted Fountain Beverages - Coca-Cola; Diet Coke; Coke Zero; Sprite - $4.50
    Blackberrita - Tromba blanco tequila, Mezcal ilegal joven, LeJay creme de cassis, blackberry puree and a hint of mint. Served frozen - $16.00
    Cocina Gin & Tonic - Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, tonic water, fresh lime juice, cucumber - $16.00
    Como La Flor - Tromba blanco tequila, hibiscus flower tea, cucumber juice, Cappelletti aperitivo, Lejay blackcurrant cassis, The Community vodka, lime juice, pink pepper corns, hibiscus salt rim (contains treenuts) - $17.00
    Cucumber Negroni - Montelobos ensamble mezcal, Cocchi Americano aperitivo, Luxardo bitter bianco, cucumber bitters - $17.00
    El Dios Chinola - Gracias a Dios 100% de agave gin, Chinola passion fruit liqueur, agave nectar and fresh lime juice with Tajin Chile powder rim - $20.00
    Elote Old Fashioned - Abasolo ancestral corn whiskey, Nixta elote liqueur, orange bitters served in a smoked bottle • Serves two - $40.00
    Fiesta Mexicana Iced Tea - Black tea flavored with mango, melon and papaya - $4.50
    Frida - Casa Dragones blanco tequila, rose petal liqueur, lemon juice, pomegranate cordial, served with a rose petal popcorn salt rim - $25.00
    Frontera - Centinela blanco tequila, Gran Gala orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and agave. Topped with Foss Marai Prosecco +3 - $17.00
    Ilegal Paloma - Mezcal ilegal espadín joven and reposado, Fever-Tree pink grapefruit sparkling soda, fresh lime, Tajín chile-lime powder rim - $17.00
    La Cava Avocado - Centinela blanco tequila, melon liqueur, fresh avocado and lime juice, hibiscus salt rim, served frozen - $15.00
    Malumita - Contraluz reposado cristalino mezcal, pineapple, Ancho Reyes chile Poblano liqueur, ginger, Italicus, tortilla ash rim - $25.00
    Mentirosa - Lyre’s Agave, Lyre’s Italian Orange, homemade cucumber-lime juice, agave nectar, hibiscus salt rim - $14.00
    Mezcal - Contraluz reposado cristalino, Montelobos ensamble, Ojo de Tigre blanco - $20.00
    Perrier Sparkling Water (1L) - - $6.00
    Play With Fire - Fresh lime juice, agave nectar, cucumber- jalapeño juice, hibiscus salt rim. Your Choice of Ojo De Tigre mezcal or Tromba blanco tequila - $17.00
    Premium - Casa Dragones blanco, Clase Azul reposado, El Tesoro añejo The Laphroaig Edition - $42.00
    Topo Chico Sparkling Water (355mL) - - $4.00
    Topolo - Casa Noble reposado tequila, Gran Gala orange liqueur, housemade limonada, served straight up table side - $18.00
    Tradicional - Tromba blanco, Casa Noble reposado, Ambhar añejo - $23.00
    Viuda Negra - Ambhar blanco tequila, Ancho Reyes verde, lime juice, agave nectar and blackberry purée with black ant salt rim - $18.00
    Wine & Beer - Assorted

Frontera Cocina Child's Menu

Lunch / Dinner Menu
Entree/Main Course

    Kids' Tacos - (2) flour tortillas with chicken, Chihuahua cheese, served with plantain rice, and organic carrots - $12.50
    Quesadillas - warm flour tortillas, Chihuahua cheese served with plantain rice, and organic carrots. Add $3 for Chicken - $9.50
    Shredded Chicken - Served with plantain rice and black bean refritos (contains pork) - $9.50

    Mexican Vanilla Soft Serve - with optional chocolate sauce - $3.00

If you do not find a particular menu, please email us and we will get the menu for you.


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