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NOTE: * Indicates buffet item and cost represents total cost of buffet. Menu is subject to change.

Snack (Updated: 01/30/14)
    Banana Cabana - Cruzan Mango rum, Cruzan Guava rum, Creme de banana, orange and pineapple juice - $0.00
    Caribbean Mango Punch - Cruzan Mango Rum, orange and pineapple juice, and pina Colada mix - $0.00
    Mango Margarita - Patron Silver Tequila blended with mango puree - $0.00
    Pina CoLava - Barcardi Razz rum blended with Pina Colada mix and raspberry puree - $0.00
    Mai Tai - Orange and pineapple juice, sweet and sour, light and dark rum, Amaretto and a splash of lime cordial served on the rocks. - $0.00
    Rum Runner - Light and dark rum, banana, and blackberry liquor, orange juice, pineapple sour and grenadine served on the rocks. - $0.00
    Poolside Lemonade - Bacardi O Rum, Bacardi Razz Rum, sweet and sour, Sprite and a spash of Grenadine - $0.00
    Selection of Draft Beer - 20-oz Budweiser or Bud Light and 20-oz Specialty Draft (ask bartender for price). - $0.00
    Selection of Bottled Beer - - $0.00
    Grand Margarita - Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Grand Marnier, lime juice,Sweet and sour - $0.00

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