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Mysteries of the Midway Tour Photos

Some of these photos are very gruesome!!! Parental Discretion is Advised.

Mysteries of the Midway Tour: $39.99 + tax per person
Departs at 11am and 2pm daily from September 28th through November 3rd
  • Two hours long
  • Basic overview of this year's Halloween Horror Nights
  • A museum exhibit exclusively designed by the Art and Design Department
  • "Lights on" tour of 3 haunted houses - The tour that we experienced included "Dead Silence - The Curse of Mary Shaw", "A Nightmare on Elm Street - Dreamwalkers" and "Psychoscareapy - Home for the Holidays"
    If you are interested in booking an Unmasking the Horror tour, you can call 407-363-8295.
01-Front-Gate 03-Front-Gate Car out front Car out front 2
DSC01847 DSC01848 DSC01849 DSC01849-Jacks-chair
DSC01850 DSC01850-Jack close-up 2 DSC01850a-Jack DSC01852
DSC01853 DSC01854 DSC01857 DSC01858-The-Thing-Poster
DSC01859 DSC01860 DSC01861 DSC01863
DSC01863-Jac's-Stage DSC01864a DSC01865 DSC01867
DSC01867-Dead-Silence DSC01870 DSC01871 DSC01871-Dead-Silence
DSC01872 DSC01874 DSC01876 DSC01877
DSC01877-Dead-Silence DSC01877-Dead-Silence-3 DSC01879 DSC01882
DSC01882-Dead-Silence DSC01885 DSC01887 DSC01892
DSC01894 DSC01895 DSC01897-Psychoscareopy DSC01900
DSC01900-Psychoscareopy DSC01903 DSC01905 DSC01906
DSC01907 DSC01909 DSC01910 DSC01915
DSC01916-Psychoscareopy DSC01919 DSC01919-Psychoscareopy DSC01920
DSC01921 DSC01922-Psychoscareopy DSC01923 DSC01924
DSC01925 DSC01925-Psychoscareopy DSC01927 DSC01929
DSC01931 DSC01934 DSC01935 DSC01936
DSC01938 DSC01938a DSC01939 DSC01940
DSC01940 Bloody Bed on wall DSC01945 DSC01946 DSC01947
Flat Picture warning sign 2    

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