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Aquatica Water Park at SeaWorld Orlando

Aquatica Water Park at SeaWorld Orlando


Kids area (Kata’s Kookaburra Cove): 6 total Slides 79,000 gallons of water with fountains, slides. Water cannons

  • Slippity Dippity – winding body slide
  • Slider Rider – 2 identical straight body slide
  • Racer Chaser – 4 lane body slide with 2 very slight dips.
  • Zippity Zappity – 2 double inner tube rides.

Whanau Way (Runoff Rapids – BB, Keel Haul Falls & Mayday Falls) – Double tube ride, 4 slides, 2 of which are identical, mirror each other. We were able to ride twice within 20 minutes.

Dolphin Plunge: 17 seconds, 2 of which you can see.

Tassie Twister: 2 identical slides, toilet bowl, - 28 seconds, a little confusing on how to enter though. You have to enter the lazy river (loggerhead lane) and then wait for a single or double tube.

Walhalla Wave: Partially enclosed family raft ride, 40 seconds long Hooroo Run: Family raft ride, 8 seconds, downhill double dipper. Catch air

Taumata Racer: 8 lanes, 300-foot slide, ride on your stomach on a mat.

Walkabout Waters: Interactive water playground, one of the worlds largest, 15,00 square feet, 60 feet tall, several slides

- Lifejackets are free

- Lifejackets are required on some attractions depending on height

- Park is landscaped very well


The wave pools are split into 2 sections, one for a more intense diamond shaped wave, and the other for a calmer natural wave formation.

Blizzard Beach: 66 acres

Typhoon: 56 acres

Aquatica: 59 acres

Wave Pools: Blizzard Beach: one-acre Typhoon: 2.7 million gallons Wave Pool is 400 ft long and 600 ft at it's widest holding 2.75 million gallons of water. Guests ride waves up to 6 ft tall by body surfing. There is a 2 hour cycle of surf waves, bobbing waves, and calm water. Aquatica: Combined 860, 000 gallons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Mago Market: Wood fired flat bread pizza Chicken tender platter Salads, cold sandwiches, fruit

Banana Beach Cook-Out: cheeseburger, veggieburger, hot doges, BBQ chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw, fruit salad, watermelon, soft drinks. All Day Pass (adult - $19.95, child(3-9) - $9.95) One Visit (adult - $12.95, Child $7.95)

Waterstone Grill: Chicken Tender Platter, Fish Sandwich, Cuban Pork Sandwich, ($8 +-) Cheese smothered steak sandwich Chilled selections ($7-$8) – chick wrap, Italian wrap, cobb salad, grilled chicken salad

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