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Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available

Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available rsvlts-disney-100-series-5

Disney 100 can’t last forever and that means the Disney100 x RSVLTS collection also has to come to an end. Just in time for 2024, RSVLTS released FOUR brand new designs at available as Kunuflex button-down shirts for men, women, youth, and toddlers, as well as performance hoodies. The unisex and women’s Kunuflex button-down shirts retail for $72, youth for $45, and toddlers for $39. Performance hoodies retail for $75.

The previous Disney100 x RSVLTS performance hoodies sold out fast, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested in those. However, everything in the Disney100 x RSVLTS collection will only be available to purchase throughout the first half or so of 2024 while supplies last, so don’t wait long if there’s a shirt you didn’t previously pick up.

Let’s take a look at the collection!

Drawn to Life & Drawn to Life (Sketch)

It’s rare to see one design used twice unless it’s a convention or retail exclusive colorway, but this design is an exception. You can’t celebrate Disney100 without the characters and this design has plenty including characters from Beauty and the Beast, Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmatians, Dumbo, Aladdin, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and more. Heck, Mr. Toad and Robin Hood are being showcased front and center and that’s enough to sell the design. The color version of this shirt is vivid with sketch lines noticeable, but the Sketch version keeps the design simple in black and white with very prominent sketch lines visible.

Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available rsvlts-disney100-final-1
Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available rsvlts-disney100-final-2

Mickey Mouse Saves The Day

I’m a sucker for anything classic Mickey Mouse and this design pays homage to the second Mickey Mouse short, “The Gallopin’ Gaucho” with Mickey Mouse riding the ostrich, battling Pete, and more. The design even maintains a muted color to fit with the style of the cartoon and is accented with musical notes and ‘ha ha’.

Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available rsvlts-disney100-final-3

Pie-Eyed Party

I love a unique take on Disney characters that isn’t the standard art style and this design is exactly that. The black and white characters are set on a blue/grey background but the characters are much more modern with their animation style and feel like character designs from Gravity Falls or even a show on Cartoon Network. Characters from Toy Story, The Lion King, and Monsters Inc. are showcased in this design.

Disney100 x RSVLTS Final Collection Now Available rsvlts-disney100-final-4

Again, these designs are available now only at and won’t be around for a long time, so act fast and good luck!


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