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The entire structure of theme park tickets changed on October 16, 2018. Guests now use an interactive online calendar to purchase tickets to the theme parks. The calendar will display different prices based on the dates a guest chooses to visit and it will also avise that those tickets will need to be used during a specific time period. The calendar allows guests to quickly see the lowest-priced days within a month. For example, prices may be lower during off-peak travel periods.

These prices are set in advance and will not fluctuate like airline prices - certain days are more or less expensive based on the perceived demand.

*NOTE: All Disney ticket media for the Theme Parks require that the "Ticket Tag" (finger scan) system be used for both entry and re-entry. In addition, guests will be asked to sign the ticket should they encounter difficulty using it for reentry. The Ticket Tag system is not in use for the Water Parks or the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Hand stamps will be used for readmission to these venues.

Disney offers a monthly payment plan for Florida residents when purchasing a Florida Annual Pass.

Florida residents must make a down payment equal to the current price of a full price 1-day ticket. After they make the down payment, the guest will make 12 recurring payments automatically and it must be charged to a credit or debit card. The first payment will be charged the same day the guest signs up. This can be done online or Florida residents that have an Annual Pass can now renew their existing AP with the monthly payment plan at a ticket window or Guest Relations location at WDW.

Still have questions about the theme park ticket structure? Check out this thread on the DISboards for answers on every ticket question you might have and be sure to read the first post!

Adding Days and Options onto a Ticket

What happens if you have already started your Disney vacation and realize you don't have enough days on your ticket?

Park tickets can now be modified through the My Disney Experience app or by calling the Disney reservation center. If a ticket is changed to a higher priced time period, the guest is responsible for paying the difference in price. If the guest changes to a lower priced period there will be no refund for that. If a ticket needs to be changed after the start date, guests can visit any Guest Relations location at Walt Disney World.

Exceptions - no Disney World ticket can exceed 10-days. If adding additional days would make the total go above 10, you cannot do that. You can add on extra days as many times as you want, as long as the total number of days never exceeds 10. Park Hopper Plus Option entitlements are not counted in the 10. 

You will be charged the current gate price for the new days added on.

Need to add on an option? (Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus)

Both of these options are a fixed cost, so the price is based on the original length of the ticket, not on what remains. For example, even if you only have 2 days left of a 10-day ticket, you would pay full price to add a park hopper option, not a prorated fee from the 10-day cost.

Have an old children's ticket, but your child is not a child any longer?

If you have a partially used child's ticket with remaining days on it, but your child is no longer between the ages of 3-9, you can bring the ticket and your child to Guest Relations. If the dates on the original ticket and the age of your child match (your child would have been child-age at the date of the ticket), Guest Relations will exchange the ticket for an adult ticket of the same length and charge you the price difference. 

Checking Days Left on a Used Ticket

If you have leftover park tickets from previous visits and can't remember how many days you have left on them, you can have your ticket checked while at Disney World at any of the ticket windows at the parks, concierge desks at the hotels or Guest Relations at Disney Springs. 


You can also call Disney to check their status: (407) 566-4985 - Option #5 or email [email protected]. If you email, include a photograph or scan of the front and back of each ticket, photograph or scan of a government-issued ID, your full name, and daytime phone number. Email size needs to be below 2MB and it may take up to 14 business days for a response.


NOTE: All park tickets before 2004 do not expire, so any unused days will still be valid. From 2004-2014, a non-expiration option was available, so some tickets from this time may still be valid.


Walt Disney World Ticket Prices
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On 10/16/2018, the Walt Disney World Resort completely changed their theme park ticket pricing structure.

Tickets for Walt Disney World are no longer priced on a value, regular, and peak season scale. Instead, Walt Disney World single-day and multi-day tickets are now be priced by the date guests intend to visit. The multi-day ticket pricing will be based on the arrival date.

A one day ticket from now until the end of 2019 varies in pricing between $109 to $129 per day depending on the exact date. These prices are subject to change, but hopefully that gives you a better sense of how much a one day ticket might cost. Like the previous ticketing structure multi-day tickets decrease in price per day, so as you might expect the more days you visit the less it costs per day.

When ready to purchase their tickets, guests will use a new interactive online calendar which will display the different pricing based on the dates a guest chooses to visit. To see Disney’s official calendar for pricing click HERE.

The calendar will state a specific time period when those tickets will need to be used by. Guests who purchase a 1-Day Ticket will only be able to use it on the start date they selected. Below is a breakdown of the multi-day tickets:

2-Day Ticket – Any 2 days within 4 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
3-Day Ticket – Any 3 days within 5 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
4-Day Ticket – Any 4 days within 7 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
5-Day Ticket – Any 5 days within 8 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
6-Day Ticket – Any 6 days within 9 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
7-Day Ticket – Any 7 days within 10 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
8-Day Ticket – Any 8 days within 12 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
9-Day Ticket – Any 9 days within 13 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase
10-Day Ticket – Any 10 days within 14 days beginning on the start date selected at the time of purchase

Additionally, guests looking to purchase the cheapest possible tickets can search for the lowest priced months. This new feature may help you plan a more budget conscious trip.

Guests that feel limited with this new pricing structure can pay more for Flexible Date Tickets. The Flexible Date Tickets pricing varies depending on how many days you are purchasing them for. The advantage with this type of ticket is that it allows guests to use the ticket whenever they want before December 31, 2019, and 14 days after first use.

Over the years, Disney has changed their pricing to reflect a higher, single-day price, but this is the first time that guests will have the opportunity to view the individual prices on demand based on their selected days.

The new pricing structure differs from the old one as guests will not only be able to plainly see the pricing for each date, but prices will no longer change based on which of the theme parks is being visited.

Disney experts have already began strategizing how to make the most of the new system. For some of those strategies, and even more information about the new ticketing system join in on the discussion on DISBoards.com!

Walt Disney World Annual Passes

Walt Disney World Annual Passes


Disney Annual Passes
Ages 3+
Florida resident/DVC member
Disney Platinum Plus Pass (previously Premium Annual Pass) $994 $849
Disney Platinum Pass (previously Annual Pass) $894 $749
Disney Florida Resident Theme Park Select Pass - $439
Disney Gold Pass - $609
Disney Silver Pass - $479
Disney Weekday Select Pass - $319
Epcot After 4 Annual Pass - $289
Water Parks Annual Pass $130 $130
Water Parks After 2 Annual Pass - $79
Premier Annual Passport $1,579.00 $1,579.00

Water Parks


Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach - 1-Day Pass
Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach - With Blockout Dates
Water Park Hopper Annual Pass


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