Putting the Pieces Together

My Disney jigsaw hobby began pre-COVID when I discovered it filled a hole for me when I was away from the Disney parks. Call it a guilty pleasure or my downtime hobby; I was lucky and grateful to have many Disney-themed puzzles and truly cherished them during these homebound times as they were in high demand. Connecting each piece reminds me of the parks, or a classic movie, attraction, or song. Let me share them with you!

Styles of Jigsaw Puzzles

There are many types and sizes of adult Disney jigsaw puzzles to choose from. Kinkade puzzles are very popular. Reminiscent of Thomas Kinkade’s works of art, these puzzles create romantic, soft visuals of the American artist’s Disney animated paintings. I enjoy the castles, princesses, and whispy, calm Disney lighting and atmosphere of a Kinkade puzzle.

Disney’s own Signature collection puzzles have a unique look. Favorite characters, attractions and anniversary celebrations highlight this style with an often retro feel. They are some of my favorites and sell out fast.

The ultimate Disney puzzle fan with lots of patience, money, and time on their hands is the Ravensburger Disney puzzles. Yes, for $599 you too can enjoy their 40,320 piece puzzle of classic Disney themes! There are two to choose from and there’s a hidden Mickey in every scene! Ravensburger also carries less expensive Disney puzzles in their collection with less pieces to build.

Ceaco and Tenyo are other jigsaw puzzle manufacturers that carry Disney-themed styles. I love shopping and unboxing puzzles, especially when I want to feel connected to Disney in a tangible way.

Tools of the Trade

Prepping to build a Disney puzzle is important. Location, proper lighting and table/chair are considerations, and placing it in a communal setting will always attract my family members to congregate and help me.

I have found tools like the Disney jigsaw puzzle sort and go sorter useful and extra magical! A good magnifying light and glass is something to consider and especially helpful in those dark winter months. I use a sturdy board underneath the puzzle for flexibility when it’s completed.

All Done!

It’s like a good book: you want to get to the end but you don’t, and it’s a proud accomplishment, but also bittersweet. So…what should we do with it?!!

I always take multiple pictures of my puzzle when it’s finished, and posting pictures on your favorite social media platforms can be enjoyable as well.

Now, it’s decision time: dismantle or glue/tape it and place on a wall with or without a frame. A Disney wall of art can be a great addition to a Disney fan’s home, but deconstructing a puzzle is also an option. If you choose the latter, you may consider offering it to someone you know, donating it to a local charity, thrift shop, Goodwill or joining a puzzle swap.

One last thought: Look out for mindless tails that may get in the way, and good luck!

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