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How to Keep the Disney Magic in Your Life

How to Keep the Disney Magic in Your Life IMG_6999

A trip planned in late March is cancelled and you (and the kids) are quite upset. Months of planning is now for nothing, and you can’t even soften the blow by going to the mall or a trampoline park. Now that many are staying at home, what can you do to get your Disney fix?

Watch A Classic on Disney Plus
Of course everyone is excited about the recent release of Frozen 2 on Disney Plus, but use this extra time to get reacquainted with the classics (and I’m not talking princess movies). When was the last time you saw 101 Dalmatians, Robin Hood, Aristocats, or The Black Cauldron? If you have little ones, these movies are shorter so they can hold attention spans, and for those of you older individuals, you can watch in awe at the differing artistic styles. I also love trying to see what animation tricks they used from other movies (the same dancing sequences in movies like Aristocats and Robin Hood, for example). Pop some popcorn, sit back, and watch the classics.

YouTube Videos of Rides and Parades
Have you checked out The DIS YouTube channel? This can give you hours of park enjoyment without having to break social distancing! You can peruse various different rides, parades, and other events from all the parks! If you are a Christmas person like I am, might I suggest The Christmas Parade. Or, if you were going soon to ride the new Mickey and Minnie ride at Hollywood Studios, check this out to stay in the Disney loop!

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Make Disney Soundtracks the Background Music
The internet is so fantastic in that we can find anything at the top of our fingertips. You can find various Disney playlists on Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Pick a movie, or land of a park, or ride, and you can find a soundtrack to make mundane Corona cleaning a lot more fun!

Do some Disney art
Anybody can be an artist with Disney art projects. Disney Plus has quite a few that you can follow, or you can use Google and learn how to draw Mickey Mouse. If you aren’t a whiz at drawing characters, perhaps take your favorite Disney quote and do some designs around that!

Shop Til You Drop
While a mall might not be a good idea, you can still shop online! Grab your credit card and head to and find some cute outfits, a new plush to snuggle, or even a giant castle Lego set! You can find something fun to occupy your time with!

So, the Disney magic can still be alive even if you can’t physically be there!


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