It All Started When I Forgot My Underwear……

It All Started When I Forgot My Underwear...... acorn

We arrive at the Grand Californian Hotel and I am preoccupied with getting the chicken quesadillas from room service and reporting to bed immediately. The flight from Michigan was long. Have you ever had fresh guacamole at 9pm PST? If you haven’t then you are a damn fool. Never mind. Have Daddy order quesadillas, eat and go to bed. Shhhhhhh!

But first, to truly enjoy said quesadillas I’d like to shower off six hours and two airplanes worth of travel funk.

Upon my long, lush shower with H2O eucalyptus body wash and the freakishly happy smile I’ve had since buying the plane tickets, it occurs to me that although I selected all my outfits four months earlier, WHAT will I choose for my undergarments? Uh oh. Really? Shoot. I forgot my skivvies.

Time to make a move. Again, shhhhhhhhh. Ten year old and eight year old are passed out and open mouth breathing on the bunk bed. They’re both on the top bunk because I have to pick my battles (magic). There is one sad quesadilla triangle left.  Thanks family. Gorgeous husband zzzzzzzing gorgeously and I am quietly panicking. I packed for a family of four. Tshirts. Shorts. Sweatshirts. Sweatpants. Nice clothes for Steakhouse 55. Lots of socks. Flatiron (mama’s a hairdresser). What could I possibly forget? Yep.

Now I’m half wet with the sad quesadilla crumbs on my shirt, and taking the elevator from the 5th floor to the lobby of the GCH in search of underwear. Along the way, I call Quicksilver located in Downtown Disney.  They do not have underwear, but they offer bathing suit bottoms. Um, really?  No thank you. I call guest information.  Maybe I can get a “shopping pass” to enter the park and purchase undies from The Emporium of Disney Clothiers?

a. Shopping passes don’t exist anymore

b.The Emporium and Disney Clothiers do not sell women’s underwear.

Have I mentioned how creepy I feel asking for women’s underwear?  Very creepy.

Ping! The elevator opens to a small, lovely sitting area on the main floor of the hotel. A vestibule if you will. I’m pulled to the right and outside into the beautiful California climate. It’s mild and quiet. Flowers to my left and Storytellers Cafe to my right. I love this breezeway. This is the Disney feeling. Quiet, magical and all mine. There are only a few states that can get away with outside access as the norm. Or maybe just California? Who knows? I only ever want to go here.

The path leads back indoors to the main lobby. Have you seen this lobby? I have, but not without distraction (my very own loud, beautiful children). It’s high and rich and warm. It smells good and feels good. I hear a piano. A real person in a tuxedo is playing a grand piano in the center of the lobby. She is moving happily like I would if I knew how to play. Is that “Once Upon a Dream”? It’s beautiful!It All Started When I Forgot My Underwear...... Grand-Californian-028 Grand-Californian-028

But I still need underwear. To my right is Acorn Gifts and Goods. It’s framed by the same Arts and Crafts style that holds the entire hotel. It doesn’t stick out and I’m so glad I saw it. From the window I see lots of clothing adorned with evergreen trees, autograph books, pens, a fridge (ooooo, wine!), mini deodorants, Neosporin, oh my! If they have these luxuries they MUST have undies! But wait. What’s that I hear to my left? Glasses clinking. I’m a sucker for glass clinking. The Hearthstone Lounge.

It All Started When I Forgot My Underwear...... Grand-Californian hearthstone Grand-Californian hearthstone

Don’t mind if I do! I’m on vacation, darn it!

Like a true lady, I belly up to the bar with wet hair.  I order a glass of Edna Valley Vineyard’s Chardonnay.  It’s delicious!  The barkeeps are friendly.  Not only to me, but to each other.  I like that about Disneyland.  Everyone is having fun no matter what.  I believe the glass cost $9.50.  I’m not 100% sure because I charged it to the room and I’m on vacation (darn it!).  I suddenly realize that in order to be in top form for the parks tomorrow, I need to focus on the underwear situation and get some sleep.  The bartender transfers my wine into a plastic cup so I don’t hurt anyone on my way to Acorn Gifts and Goods.

It All Started When I Forgot My Underwear...... acorn acorn

I take the long way around the store admiring all the fun merchandise. Note to self: Ask husband for GCH robe for Christmas next year.  As I approach the register to creepily inquire about underwear, Tinker Bell swoops down in a cloud of pixie dust and guides me to a lovely three pack of Mickey Mouse women’s underwear!  Well, that’s not EXACTLY how it happened. I’ve had some wine.

The sophisticated skivvies were $21.00 for a pack of three. That’s not horrible, so I shall buy two packs!  The very nice woman at the register asked if I found everything I needed. So naturally, I gushed about how pleased I was to finally find what I needed steps away from my hotel room.  Her response? “That’s Disney magic!”

I couldn’t agree more.


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