Matching Shirts in a Disney Park are a Good Idea


I’ve been going to the Disney parks for as long as I can remember. Until earlier this year wearing matching shirts in the parks was something my family never did on our twenty-plus years of Disney vacations. My perception of the “matching shirt families” was that it was purposeless, and just plain goofy looking. I was so wrong.

Earlier this year my attitude towards matching shirts totally changed. My amazing girlfriend proposed that she could make my family matching shirts for our trip to Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary. Hesitantly I agreed because I really did like the design of the shirts she was making. When the shirts were completed, my theory on matching shirts in the Disney parks started to crumble. I actually started to get excited. Each of our shirts were distinctly different because they had our favorite Disneyland attraction on the back, but we also all the same color blue to keep us coordinated. With the shirts being as wonderful as they were my opinion made a 180-degree spin. Now being full onboard with the matching t-shirt craze I began to not only embrace it, but now I am here to defend why you and your family should consider wearing matching shirts too!


Not Losing Each Other

Once we were in the parks the practicality of wearing similar shirts was genius. For one, we never got split up. With a distinct enough of a color we could spot each other effortlessly from far away. After bathroom breaks or finding a table at a quick service restaurant we could quickly regroup with these matching shirts. Yes, we all have cellphones in 2015, but it is just easier to walk up to your group than to pull out your phone every time your group splits up. This will also help you save your battery. As a family of one solid color it is easy to march through the park together because other guests of the park get out of your way when they realize that you’re just trying to catch up to the people in your group.


Don’t Be Embarrassed

Get over your social anxiety. Sure people can judge you, but who cares? You’re with the people you care about and those other people will never see you again. So throw on that tie-dye Mickey shirt, or the neon green shirt that has family reunion written on the front with a big Disney font, because when you’re in the parks the practicality is way more important than style. If you’re lucky enough to have someone make shirts that are stylish, then that is just one more reason why you have no excuse to not wear matching shirts with your family.


Great For Families With Small Children

I now can see why matching shirts for families with small children could be such a benefit. Not only will it be easier for you to spot your small child, but it will also make it easier for them to find you. Additionally for a cast member that finds a lost child it becomes a lot easier to identify who that child belongs to when their family is wearing the same shirt.

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