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Pull Your Dress Down, Your Jealousy is Showing: Why I Will No Longer Feel Guilty About Going to Disney

Pull Your Dress Down, Your Jealousy is Showing: Why I Will No Longer Feel Guilty About Going to Disney Main-Street-USA-17

Maybe I’m the only one who faces this, but I’m willing to bet I’m not.  My family and I travel to Disney at least once a year, and most of the time, twice a year.  When I mention that I will be off from work, I get the usual question of “Where you going?” Everyone who knows me will follow it up with “Let me guess, Disney?”  Most people smile and give me a little grief, but it’s all in good fun.  Then you have that one person who turns up their nose and you can see the disgust on their face.  “You mean you’re going to Disney again?  I don’t see how you can afford to go there all the time.”  There are so many things wrong with that statement and the sentiment behind it.  And for some reason, this used to make me feel guilty, downright bad even.  But I have done some soul searching and finally realized, others being jealous is not my problem, it’s theirs.  So here’s why I will no longer feel guilty about my Disney vacations.

For starters, my vacation time is my own and I can use it how I see fit.  This is true for anyone. While one person’s ideal vacation is to go to the beach, others prefer a cabin in the mountains, and still others want to sit at home and read.  My choice includes a monorail and a mouse.  The point is, we all rest and recharge in different ways.  I work really hard at my job managing people and paper all day.  When I step off the plane at Orlando International Airport, I’m free.  I live in the Disney Bubble for the length of my stay.  And although I walk five miles a day in the parks, I come home recharged because I got to live in a world of magic where anything is possible for a time.  And that’s what I need in this crazy world, a little magic.

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Second of all, it’s my money!  We all have funds that have to go out each month: rent, car payments, utilities, etc.  Then there are the funds that we can use to our discretion.  Some hoard them away for a rainy day, others buy purses, jewelry, and have their nails done every week.  That’s what makes them happy.  I sacrifice those things and spend my extra money on Disney trips, because that makes me happy!  Why people feel the need to judge others on how they spend their money is beyond me.  Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves, or maybe they’re just jealous and like to make themselves miserable.  Just because you can’t afford to do something doesn’t mean you should be mad at others for doing it!  It has gotten to the point that I don’t even talk about my vacation until it’s almost time to go and that’s not fair to me.   

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My grandmother, Nanny as I called her, always used to say “Pull your dress down, your slip is showing.”  In her time, it was taboo for a woman’s slip to show under her dress.  I say we make it taboo for people to think it is okay for them to judge others on how they choose to spend their hard earned money and time.  It’s not okay to hold ill will towards someone who just wants to take a vacation and spend uninterrupted time with their family. So let’s band together, Disney fanatics.  Let’s take a stand and say “We will not feel guilty about taking the vacation we want to take!” Let’s feel free to talk about our vacation plans when we’re excited about them.  Let’s feel free to be excited about experiencing the magic we love and even thrive on.  Let’s be proud of our Disney side and show it regularly, and let the jealousy of others be damned! Let us not be afraid to tell someone: “Pull your dress down, your jealousy is showing.”


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