Bob Iger Brought in $36.3 Million in 2017, More Expected in 2018

The Walt Disney Company compensated CEO Bob Iger to the tune of $36.3 million last year. Contingent upon meeting certain goals, his pay could more than double for the next fiscal year. 2017 saw a $15.2 million cash bonus for the CEO, compensation for results related to segment operating income and return on invested capital. Iger received a salary of $2.5 million and $17.3 million in equity awards. Here is what Iger can look forward to financially in 2018:
  • $100 million in stock awards: In conjunction with the major undertaking that is the Disney/Fox deal, a new contract will increase Iger's standard compensation and entitle him to the substantial stock benefits.
  • A $60 million cash bonus: To earn this bonus, Disney would need to bring in a total of $78.3 billion in adjusted operating income for a five year period. The period ends with the close of this fiscal year; Disney's fiscal year ends on September 30th. According to Bloomberg, Disney's operating income would need to grow by a third, reaching $20 billion for the year, to achieve that goal.
Alan Braverman, Christine McCarthy, and Kevin Mayer, all senior executive vice presidents for the Walt Disney Company, received around $8.5 million each in compensation. Source: Bloomberg Image: By hyku [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons