BREAKING: Guardians of the Galaxy Coming to Epcot

It has long been rumored that a Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction will be coming to Epcot, but today at the D23 Expo it has been officially confirmed that the rumors were true! Guests will be able to join Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon on this thrilling attraction! The location for the new Guardians experience will be Epcot's Universe of Energy. Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 6.47.05 AM If you are wondering why this fits in well with the Guardians Universe, well, it turns out that as a child Peter Quill (Star-Lord) visited there. Due to the new Guardians project, Ellen's Energy Adventure will be closing; its last day will be August 13th, 2017. This is only one of many exciting changes to Epcot announced at the expo.

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