Critic of ‘The Last Jedi’ Calls for Disney to Take the Film Out of Canon, Receives Death Threats


The reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been fairly divisive among Star Wars fans, and even casual movie goers. According to The Telegraph, one Georgia man took his hatred of the film to another level by starting a petition earlier this week that argued for Disney to take the film out of official Star Wars canon.

Although his petition has reached 36,939 signatures (and counting) not everyone is happy with the attention it is getting. Some fans of the film are so adamantly opposed to the petition that the creator has received death threats (which is why we’ve kept his name out of this article). The Georgia man has now stepped away from the petition, suggesting that the signees do something better with their time than fight for a cause that Disney would never succumb to.

Some of the petition’s supporters believe the Georgia man was bought off by Disney to keep quiet, to which he responded with, “I wish I was bought off by Disney, I could use the money, but no I didn’t change my tune on the liking of this film.”

The Georgia man is also concerned that his petition is taking away awareness for petitions that truly matter saying, “My concern is that the popularity of this petition could pull the focus off of things that might be more important.”

Image: Disney

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