Daytona Beach Man Arrested at Walt Disney World When Security Discovered a Gun in His Backpack

A 29-year-old man visiting Walt Disney World from Daytona Beach was charged last week with attempting to bring a concealed weapon into the Magic Kingdom via his backpack according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit.

The records state that Disney security discovered a “9 mm handgun in a holster and two loaded magazines” while the man’s backpack was being checked at the Ticket and Transportation Center.

Terry Bruce was charged with a third-degree felony and according to the Orlando Sentinel, he stated during an interview that he understood the seriousness of bringing his gun into“a place where families and children are.”

During the interview, Bruce also claimed that the incident “was an honest mistake” and that he usually leaves the gun in the trunk or glove compartment of his vehicle but this time, he “left it in his backpack because he and his girlfriend kept switching which car to drive to Orlando.”

“I completely forgot the firearm was in my bag,” said Bruce, who, according to the Orlando Sentinel, does not have a license to carry a concealed weapon.

In its written rules, Walt Disney World states that guns and other weapons are prohibited on their private property whether or not the owner has a concealed weapons permit.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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