Disney Highlights New Villain Merchandise in Honor of ‘Villaintine’s Day’

Contrary to what the commercials tell us, not everyone is celebrating Valentine’s Day wrapped in the sublime embrace of their true love. In fact, some folks downright hate the saccharine celebration of smooches that takes place on February 14th.

Disney always find a way to be all inclusive it seems, so for those not feeling the love this Valentine’s Day they’ve compiled a hoard of merch that helps you celebrate your negativity in the most positive of ways — with Disney Villains.


To start, they’ve got a number of wearable containers to help you lug the rest of these products around the parks, like villain-inspired crossbody bags and backpacks.

Those bags can be slung over a slew of Disney Villains apparel, starting off with a special new dress option as part of The Dress Shop collection. Some Maleficent-inspired Mouse ears can be found, for those seeking head-to-toe villainy.


Additional clothing options can be found in every villainous variety. Fantasyland’s Bonjour Village Gifts is currently offering a Gaston’s Tavern t-shirt. Those in the Disney Springs area can pick up socks and shirts celebrating Maleficent or a Queen of Hearts ball cap at stores like DisneyStyle.


If you’ve committed some villainous crime and are looking for someone to pin it on, Disney has you covered with these new collections. (Yes, that pun was an act of pure evil.)

Pin trading is an essential part of Disney fan commerce, so for those who are new to the practice Disney has highlighted a new pin starter kit, with lanyard included.


The World of Evil pin set includes 5 randomly selected villains stylistically portrayed by Disney art superstar Jerrod Maruyama.


Ever feel like your morning cup of coffee is a little too goody-two-shoes? If so, you could always consider starting your day off with some personalities as bitter as your beverage. Disney has some Hades- and Ursula-inspired mugs to check out, as well as a Gaston’s Tavern stein for a nightcap to relax after your long day hunting tragic heroes.


Lastly, Uptown Jewelers is offering a Disney Villains PANDORA charm set.

These products are available at select locations throughout the Disney Parks as well as on shopDisney.com (search “Disney Villains”).

Source/Images: Disney Parks Blog


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