Disney Vacation Club member creates website to air his grievances with the company


A disgruntled Disney Vacation Club owner is making his feelings known via a new website directed at Ken Potrock, the Club’s senior vice president and general manager. Back in April, DVC took away some of the “Membership Extras” perks for those buying DVC contracts through resale.

Those owners will no longer get discounts on shopping, dining, annual passes, or access to members-only events. Other perks that had been removed in recent years for those owners were the ability to use points to book Disney cruises, Adventures by Disney trips, or stays at the Concierge Collection hotels.

Timothy Delasandro was upset about these changes, so created the website www.kenpotrock.com, using the site to post his feelings on the matter. He wrote, “I am deeply distressed by your recent 4/4/2016 changes to our Club. You have effectively created 2nd class purchasers.”

The changes do not affect Delasandro personally, as he purchased his memberships previously, but says, “It’s the principle.”

He says, “They have to look at the bigger picture. Even a resale buyer is making a phenomenal commitment to Disney. If you are a new resale member you are not a member of the club.”

He paid $10 for the website and is planning to take it down in a few months once he’s gained the attention of Potrock. He said he has not yet received a response from Disney.

News source: Orlando Sentinel

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