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Disneyland Announces Opening Date for Adventureland Treehouse

Disneyland Announces Opening Date for Adventureland Treehouse disneyland-adventureland-treehouse-feature

Adventureland Treehouse inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson is set to open on November 10, 2023, at the Disneyland Resort with new storyline details and a new piece of artwork! The newly themed Adventureland Treehouse pays tribute to the original treehouse Walt Disney and his Imagineers built in 1962 in honor of the movie Swiss Family Robinson. Let’s read through what Disney has shared regarding the new story!

Disneyland Announces Opening Date for Adventureland Treehouse disneyland-adventureland-treehouse-02

Among the tree’s massive boughs, you’ll find the mother’s music den, the sons’ nature room and the daughter’s astronomer’s loft. Firm on the ground will be a kitchen and dining room, plus the father’s art studio that will display hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each room. 

As the story goes, the family fashioned an oasis among the trees inspired by nature and using objects found around them. Here, they can collaborate together while also pursuing their own individual skills, talents, passions and interests. 

Proud of what they’ve accomplished and eager to share their way of life with visitors from around the world, the family has rolled out the metaphorical welcome mat, inviting guests to climb up the stone stairway and explore their treetop abode.

Adjacent to the stairwell is the home’s iconic waterwheel, which is powered by a small brook that babbles nearby. The family created a pulley system to deliver water from the stream high up into the tree, generating the energy needed to activate many of their gadgets and inventions.

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Disneyland Announces Opening Date for Adventureland Treehouse disneyland-adventureland-treehouse-03

Nestled in the highest part of the home, you will find the daughter’s room, as she has illustrated it here in her own abstract style. An admirer of celestial bodies and their magnitudes, motions and magic, her room provides a clear view of the beautiful night sky. It is here where she spends her time tracking stars, planets and comets with her many telescopes, no doubt making new discoveries which she logs in her notebooks, sketches and artistic recreations.

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Disneyland Announces Opening Date for Adventureland Treehouse disneyland-adventureland-treehouse-04

In the mother’s room, you’ll find musical instruments including a harp, lute, guitar and organ, which she plays to fill the home with cheerful melodies. The twin brothers have packed their room with an impossibly large collection of plants and animals, all living in harmony with one another. Filled with gadgets, appliances and devices of his own invention, the father’s studio reflects the whole family’s affinity for exploring the unknown and designing the unimaginable.

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