Disney’s ‘The Merlin Saga’ May Be Directed by Ridley Scott


Disney’s upcoming film about King Arthur’s magical mentor may have found a director in Ridley Scott. Variety just reported that their source close to the subject says The Merlin Saga is likely to be Scott’s next project.

The Merlin Saga is based on a series of twelve novels by T.A. Brown which follow the legendary character’s life before he became Arthur’s friend and adviser. Disney is also developing a live-action version of “The Sword in the Stone”, about which Variety’s sources say Scott also talked with Disney.

No deal has been confirmed yet, and representatives from neither Scott nor Disney have responded for comment.

2017 saw the release of two films directed by Scott — Alien: Covenant and All the Money in the World.

Source: Variety

Image: Gage Skidmore


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