‘Dolphin Days’ at SeaWorld Orlando Focuses on Dolphin/Trainer Bond

SeaWorld Orlando held a dress rehearsal on Thursday for “Dolphin Days”, the new show that is set to replace “Blue Horizons”. The show will focus more on the individual attributes of the dolphins themselves, as well as highlight the bonding process between the animals and their trainers. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the rehearsal and the overall plans for the feature.

Nine dolphins and nine trainers performed for an audience composed mainly of SeaWorld employees. The individual animals were introduced and given the chance to show off their personalities and talents. “They’re all so unique. They’re so much fun,” said Laura Surovik, zoological manager of the Dolphin Theater team, “The guests, I think, can identify with each one.”

Creative director Steve Welch spoke about the broader purpose of the show, saying,“Not only do you get to meet the dolphins individually — we know these dolphins — we can speak about dolphins in the wild and their physiology and really help guests understand that dolphins are facing some danger, and their habitat is facing danger.”

During the show a trainer explained some of the procedures involved in the training process, while dolphins performed some of the stunts from “Blue Horizons”, minus the acrobatics and story line. “Dolphin Days” has kept the presence of tropical birds from the previous show as well. One segment of the show had a trainer teach an audience member hand signals they use with the dolphins, which the audience member then performed successfully.

Small changes will occur with the set, with removal of platforms, a new backdrop, and color changes to the set as well as trainer costumes.

The show’s focus on the animals and education is another example of the current direction SeaWorld is taking with their attractions. SeaWorld’s killer-whale attractions can expect changes in the future as well. According to Welch, “Finding ways to share the stories of these animals and share the animals with our guests is going to be our mission going forward, and finding new ways to do that, whether it’s through technology or through simple story-telling techniques like finding really fun music and engaging activities and behaviors. We’re going to find a lot of different ways to share this message.”

Source/Image: The Orlando Sentinel