Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Has New Fab Five Topiary Art

Some fun, new topiaries have been added to the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort celebrating Mickey and his pals.

The style of artwork in these designs was inspired by the series A Mickey Mouse Cartoon and the characters’ poses reflect their personalities.


The displays were built in pieces making them appear differently depending on the perspective you’re looking at. For guests who aren’t finding that perfect perspective, Mickey shoe markers have been placed around the planters to point out the best views.


Look at the two images below of the Minnie Mouse topiary and you can see how different each image looks depending on where you’re standing to capture it.

Next time you visit the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland, keep an eye out for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse having a picnic in a park, Donald Duck chasing his hat in the summer breeze, Goofy slipping while eating his ice cream, and some other fun summer icons.

Source: Disney Parks Blog