More troubling Disneyland Forever fireworks rumors


Following a rumor that gained traction a couple a weeks ago that the Disneyland Forever fireworks would be discontinued at the end of Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration due to budget cuts, comes a new rumor that suggests a different reason entirely.

The original rumor had the Disneyland Forever fireworks ending on September 5, 2016, to be replaced by lower budget and seasonal fireworks, but this new rumor indicates that guests might not see ANY fireworks following the end of the Diamond Celebration for at least 6 months, as Disneyland will be building a new fireworks launch site.

Currently Toontown closes early due to its proximity to the current backstage launch area and when the new Star Wars-themed land opens, it could be affected as well, so a change to the launch area would be necessary.

Disneyland has not commented regarding the end of Disneyland Forever, and the park entertainment schedule is only published 6-weeks in advance, so all of this is still rumor.


Source: WDW News Today

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