Terralina Chef Tony Mantuano Shares Details on the Upcoming Disney Springs Restaurant

We’ve known for some time now that Portabello Country Italian Trattoria would be getting a name change and full redesign, but thanks to some words from one of the chefs behind the rebooted restaurant, we now have a glimpse of what Disney Springs‘ Terralina Crafted Italian will look like.

The Landing location’s upcoming eatery is being developed by Chicago-based Levy Restaurants Inc. and headed by James Beard Award-winner Chef Tony Mantuano and Executive Chef Justin Plank. Mantuano used a culinary demonstration at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival to share some insight regarding Terralina.

Guests at the restaurant can expect a unique start to their meal. Mantuano explained their slant on traditional bread service, which involves a dipping side made from pickled vegetables like peppers, carrots, and cauliflower preserved in oil.

“Everyone is used to having a plate of olive oil served with their bread. We want to serve Giardiniera. You can utilize vegetables that are in season, it’s super easy to make, and by doing it yourself, you can control what goes in.”

Mantuano stressed the importance of stellar service to a dining experience, quoting James Beard in the process.

“To me, the most important thing in a restaurant is the service. James Beard said, ‘The best restaurant is the one that knows who I am when I sit down.’ “

Lastly, Mantuano talked about how sustainability will factor into Terralina’s operations. Table scraps can be repurposed as feed for local farmers, and they have a unique idea on how to put their abundance of bread waste to good use.

“We go through so much bread, it all can’t be consumed. So, instead of just throwing it away, we’re working with a local brewer to make a beer, just for us, from that bread.”

One thing Mantuano didn’t do was give a set date for the restaurant’s opening, although we know it will be sometime next year. Until then, the chef said they were, “taking the time to develop new dishes and create a memorable experience.”

Source: Orlando Business Journal

Image: Terralina Crafted Italian concept art courtesy of Disney Parks Blog