The 2019 Grand Floridian Chocolate Easter Eggs are Now on Display

The giant chocolate Easter eggs that are ornately decorated and put on display are back at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa! This popular Easter display has become so popular that several guests who aren’t even staying at the resort stop by to check them out. This year there were over 30 eggs all inspired by different Disney movies including Dumbo, Moana, Lady and the Tramp, Star Wars, and so much more! These eggs will be on display until April 28! Check out the pictures we took of the eggs below! GrandEasterEgg9692 GrandEasterEgg8587 GrandEasterEgg8476 GrandEasterEgg8447 GrandEasterEgg8240 GrandEasterEgg7954 GrandEasterEgg7137 GrandEasterEgg7017 GrandEasterEgg6825 GrandEasterEgg6599 GrandEasterEgg6412 GrandEasterEgg5914 GrandEasterEgg5823 GrandEasterEgg5793 GrandEasterEgg5678 GrandEasterEgg5638 GrandEasterEgg5527 GrandEasterEgg5507 GrandEasterEgg5379 GrandEasterEgg4953 GrandEasterEgg4451 GrandEasterEgg4200 GrandEasterEgg3814 GrandEasterEgg3503 GrandEasterEgg3375 GrandEasterEgg3159 GrandEasterEgg2792 GrandEasterEgg2732 GrandEasterEgg2160 GrandEasterEgg1886 GrandEasterEgg1800 GrandEasterEgg1706 GrandEasterEgg1188 2 GrandEasterEgg0370

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