5 things you should do when first walking into your Disney hotel room

I would like to offer some suggestions that will make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable. There are some things you should do once you are in your resort room. You should have a room inspection routine when traveling. This would apply to Walt Disney World resorts or your favorite hotel. abeachclub001 I have been hearing a lot of stories lately about people walking into an occupied hotel room at Walt Disney World. They were surprised to see people in the room that had been assigned to them. You should always get in the habit of using the deadbolt and safety bar on the door while you are in the room. Do you really want someone walking in on you?


Also, notice the door peephole.  You should look through this before you ever open your hotel door. They also make portable covers to cover it up on your side of the door so someone trying to rob a room can't see inside. I hadn't heard of these but if you are concerned you could cover it up with a bandaid or a piece of tape.

While we are still at the door take a look at the fire escape map on the back of your main door. When was the last time you looked at one?  Being familiar with an escape route in the event of fire, etc. could save your life. Make sure that everyone in the room knows where to go and pick a spot where you will all meet in the event of an emergency.

You should also get into the habit of checking under the bed and behind the headboard for any articles that may have been left behind. You may be surprised sometimes by what you find under the bed that you don't want children finding. While you are checking out the bed you should do a check for bed bugs. Walt Disney World along with probably every hotel chain has had rooms infested and they move quickly to rid the room of these pests. Don't put your suitcase on the bed to unpack it.  You should put it on the luggage rack or put your luggage in the bathtub until you have inspected the room. You don't want to bring the little critters home with you from your vacation.

Some people like to bring disinfecting wipes and wipe down the TV remote, telephone, etc. Others like to remove the bedspread because who knows the last time it was washed. Most resort rooms now have a double sheet on the bed with the duvet between them.

You might want to think about unplugging the alarm clock in the room. I can't tell you the number of times I was awakened from a sound sleep because the alarm clock went off that I didn't set. Nowadays everyone has a smart phone where you set your own alarms. No worries about waking up the kids this way.  You can also ask the front desk not to call you on the phone if you have children sleeping, but that is not saying that someone won't try to call your room.

Did you know that you could ask for a late check out?  You should call housekeeping the day before you would like late check out. They will tell you if it is available. If it is available and you only need a few extra hours it is free, if you need it for longer there may be an additional charge.

Also you shouldn't leave your laptop, iPad or other electronic devices out when you leave the room.  I know people will tell me they do it all the time but it isn't a good idea.  It only takes seconds to steal something from a room. Don't tempt anyone to want to take your items. I also backup my computer before I travel in the event that something should happen.  Can you stand to lose all the information on your laptop, camera, etc.? Bring extra memory cards for your camera. Make sure that the first image on your memory card is your contact information in case the memory card is lost. If you have prescription medications, don't leave them out on the counter either.

If you don't care if your room is cleaned daily you can put out the do not disturb sign. Just keep in mind that they may need to come in and inspect the room every several days even with the sign out.

When you arrive at the hotel you should always be nice to the front desk clerk. If you start moaning and complaining you might find yourself in a less than desirable room. If you walk in with a big smile on your face it is amazing what can happen sometimes. At Walt Disney World I have been "pixie dusted" at check in because of my excitement at being there. Also, if they announce your room number while you are standing there, ask for another room. You don't want everyone in the lobby knowing what room is yours.

If you pack your patience, and your manners, along with some common sense you can come back with some wonderful memories. If you don't you may be spending precious vacation minutes dealing  with unpleasant issues. Don't let your guard down just because you are vacationing.

'Til next time, See you in the parks!


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